Typical Case of “High Pitta and Low Agni?”

Hey Vaidya Mishra, I have a high pitta but low agni and I’ve been trying to treat it for the last 5 years of my life. Hence, I only knew about my ‘what I think is my exact condition’ (the high pitta, low agni; specifically low pachak agni) like 2 months back. When I started […]

Knee Pain: Surgery or Ayurveda?

Namaskar once again Misra ji: my husband is 41 years old and he is having lots of knee pain. Some doctors recommended him to have knee replacement, while few recommended some kind of injection. Please suggest if through Ayurveda or diet changes we can heal his knees. Gurmmet Vaidya replies: Dear Gurmeet: it would be […]

Is it ok to cook Avocados?

“Dear Vaidyaji, Is it OK to cook Avocados or it should be had raw always? Thanks, Pavithra” Vaidya replies: Dear Pavithra: cooking avocados is not a good idea because avocado oil and other nutrients in avocado are very heat sensitive. However, raw avocado has a lot of soma, and if your digestive agni is low […]

Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Heart Burn and Indigestion

“Namaskar guruji, Could you please help my daughter? She is gaining weight, having severe hair fall and always complaining about acidity and indigestion and throat infection. Now she is having pcod problem also. She is 26 years old. Last year only she got married. Please suggest some good medicine for her problems. Vit B12 deficiency […]

What to Avoid During Pregnancy

“Hi, Thanks for your reply. If you happen to have a recommendation list of what herbs to avoid during pregnancy please let me know. Thank you! Sara” Vaidya replies: Dear Sara: any herb which is known to be detoxifying, as well as any herb or plant which is highly estrogenic like fennel; or shatavari. Most […]

Vit D and Iodine Deficiency

“Dear Dr. Mishra, I have a question regarding your magnesium/vitamin D oil. I recently received the test results of my blood work and my doctor says I need to take 5,000 units of vitamin D. How much is in your oil? I am not sure I am receiving enough from your oil. I am dark […]

Help: Can’t Fall Asleep!

  ” Hello, I have hard time to get into sleep during night. Many times I was awake whole night, and in the morning I get headaches but I am very proper in following my bed time schedule. I take warm milk with some ginger and turmeric but no help. I also don’t want to […]

Black Sesame Seed Oil: Next Best Thing After Ghee – for All?

“Dear Vaidya, What about cold pressed (black) sesame oil, Caraka mentions this as next best after ghee?  Martin” Vaidya Answers:  Dear Martin: yes, this is a good question you raise, as the Charak Samhita states that the next best thing after ghee – in case one cannot consume ghee – is cold pressed black sesame […]

MCT, Coconut, or Ghee?

“Dear Vaidya: My students have been asking me about this relatively new product glorified as being very healthy. I’d be very grateful to get your opinion on it: I’ve never used it myself: https://www.onnit.com/onnit-mct-oil/ Thank you! Divya A.” Vaidya responds: Dear Divya, MCT vs LCT: Sometimes more is less! This new tendency to prefer oils […]

Is Bitter Better for Pacifying Pitta?

“I read online that for pitta people, particularly in the summer time, in order to keep things cool, bitter things are good. So I ordered a bitter ghee preparation called “pancha tikta ghritam” and I started using it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. I immediately developed nausea and felt like I […]