Vaidya R.K.Mishra (1952-2017) was an Ayurvedic health practitioner, product formulator, researcher, and educator, born into a family of Raj Vaidyas that boasted a 5000-year history of healing. His familial lineage is traced in the ancient Vedic text, the Puranas. His in-depth theoretical knowledge of the classical ayurvedic texts was accompanied by his unparalleled compassionate practical healing skills.

He held a GAMS (Graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) degree from Bihar University and a Sanskrit degree from KSD University. Upon completing his formal institutional education he interned with his father, Kameshwar Mishra, for seven years, mastering the art and science of diagnosis and specialized remedy formulation as handed down in his ancestral lineage.

After leaving his father’s training, he conducted extensive research in Ayurvedic Dermatology, for which he was awarded the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Science in Ayurveda from Vikramshila University in Bihar.

As a professor at JD Modi College, Vaidya RK Mishra focused on teaching Ayurveda directly from the ancient texts. His current teaching in North America continues to be based on these original Sanskrit texts, which he translates into English to ensure that his practitioners are well rooted in the pure, unbroken tradition of Ayurveda.

While working as a Director of Research for Maharishi Ayurveda Products Inc. (MAPI USA) as well as MAPI India, Vaidya RK Mishra formulated many effective, top-selling products. His practice of pulse diagnosis in North America during the last 17 years has given him a deep understanding of the vast new burdens imposed on the modern physiology and mind/body-heart/soul connection.

The stress of modern lifestyles, environmental pollution, toxic diets, and poor personal routines exert more and more pressure on the physiology’s coping mechanisms. Therefore Ayurvedic therapies must adapt to meet the needs of the modern times while maintaining the bio-energetic purity and integrity of ingredients.

For that purpose, Vaidya formed two companies, Chandi and Adishakti. Chandi (www.chandika.com) ensures the supply of pure pranic formulations, while Adishakti (www.svayurveda.com) makes the ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom, in particular the SVA tradition of health, available to doctors and laymen seeking to improve their lifestyles, health, and spiritual wellbeing through Nature.

In the spirit of his lineage, Vaidya Mishra has developed an alternative delivery system that:

  • protects both the liver and digestive system from being overwhelmed
  • merges ancient wisdom with the modern demand for fast-acting and safe results
  • protects against herb/drug interaction commonly caused by unprocessed herbs
  • provides formulations that incorporate multiple approaches of Ayurveda to heal from without as well as within
  • uses Herbal-Memory Nectars™, Transdermal Marma System™, Toxin-free Personal Body Care, and organic tri-doshic spice mixtures

Vaidya Mishra has contributed over sixty articles for well-known publications, including American Spa and Dermascope. Television appearances include “Live on ABC,” New York; News on NBC and ABC; “Total Health Talk,” Los Angeles; and “Breakfast Television” on CITY-TV Toronto, Canada.

He has co-authored Answer to Cancer with Dr. Hari Sharma, and will soon publish his definitive book on the Transdermal Marma System™.

Vaidya Mishra currently trains health care professionals and offers consultations at his Prana Center in Southern California and with his practitioners throughout North America.

Vaidya Mishra’s Shakha Vansiya Ayurveda Tradition

According to the Bhavishya Puran, Lord Krishna’s son, Sambh, contracted leprosy due to a karmic debt. Sambh traveled to the Shakha Island in search of the Shakhadwipi Brahmins who were renowned for their ability in the ayurvedic healing of leprosy.

Their healing protocols were also known to be intimately connected with the rituals of Sun worship. Interestingly, modern science today acknowledges the positive relationship between sunshine and the leprosy bacterium.

Ten Shakhadwipi Brahmin couples were invited to move to India to treat Sambh. Complementing their herbal protocols, they built sun temples, performed sun worshiping rituals, and cured Sambh. These families then settled in Jharkand, Bihar, Eastern Uttarpradesh, Rajasthan and various other states of India.

Most of the Shakhadwipi Brahmins who settled in India still practice Ayurveda today. Just as Acharya P.V. Sharma, a famous ayurvedic scholar, is of Shakhadwipi descent, Vaidya R K. Mishra’s ancestors issued from these migrant Shakhadwipi families.

Vaidya Mishra’s paternal ancestors have always been Ayurvedic physicians serving the Kings and Royal Families of India. His immediate paternal ancestors lived in a village called “Vaidya Chak” (literally: small village of healers) in the district of Bhagalpur in the state of Bihar, India for at least the last ten generations.

Although Vaidya Mishra has completed his formal training in institutional Ayurveda he also practices according to the guidelines of his ancestry. His practice is informed by modern ayurvedic scholarship as well as modern western scientific medicine, in addition to the ancient knowledge held in his tradition.

He refers to his practice as “Shakha Vansiya Ayurveda– SVA”. Vaidya RK Mishra’s lineage never strayed from Carak Samhita’s ancient school of Ayurveda.

Their practice was augmented by handed-down secrets and recipes, always formulated and kept in the spirit of the original classical teachings, not contradicting or subtracting from the essence.

Vaidya RK Mishra’s lineage has always held a complete understanding of:

  • The vibrational body and its relation to the physical body
  • How the vibrational body influences/impacts the physical body
  • Vibrational communication between the universe and the physical bod
  • Nourishment on the physical level
  • Pacification of the three doshas on the physical level
  • Balancing the three doshas from the source
  • Detoxification beyond the simple pacification of disease
  • Detoxification without creating new imbalances SVAH (Shakha Vansiya Ayurveda Health) Practice
  • What is SVA Health? How is it different? Who can learn it? Why should one learn it?
  • The Whole Picture of You: physical and vibrational
  • Understanding the physical body in light of the vibrational body
  • Understanding the imbalances and balancing factors of the physical body in light of the vibrational body
  • Practising Tri-sutra Ayurveda as taught by the Carak Samhita
  • Understanding the etiological causes both from the perspective of ancient wisdom as well as modern day principles and factors
  • Detailed understanding of physical and vibrational channels, what they carry, and how they communicate with each other
  • Four kinds of toxins and how to identify them
  • Proper detoxification protocols – how to prepare different channels, margas or routes through which these toxins came in, how to re-direct those toxins to evacuate the body
  • Preparing the channels, pacifying the reactivity of toxins, binding the toxins, eliminating the toxins, repairing the physical damage and reestablishing the intelligence of the channels
  • Deeper understanding of the liver
  • Specific guidelines for liver detox minus the detox crisis
  • Special thoughts on connecting the mind with the enzymatic system, the liver system and colon
  • Ayurvedic understanding of marma points with special insights from SVA
  • Ayurvedic understanding of pre and pro-biotics
  • Understanding modern day etiological factors like EMF (electro-magnetic frequency)