Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Heart Burn and Indigestion

“Namaskar guruji,

Could you please help my daughter? She is gaining weight, having severe hair fall and always complaining about acidity and indigestion and throat infection. Now she is having pcod problem also. She is 26 years old. Last year only she got married. Please suggest some good medicine for her problems. Vit B12 deficiency is also there.”

Vaidya replies:

From what I can read, most of your daughter’s problems seem to be related to bad diet and bad routine. So first thing to do would be to fix her diet and routine. Please read the articles below that give you the basic guideline to restore balance to your body according to the SVA guidelines. I do ongoing research to bring the best of both worlds – ancient AyurvScreenshot 2015-09-17 15.40.26eda, and modern findings – to keep the SVA principles up-to-date on all health aspects. Diet will be a key factor for your daughter. Eliminating things that are bothering her physiology, and then adding things that will help her balance it. This should help some with all aspects. Read also the article on SVA Hair Care to see what further she can implement. After changing the diet and practicing it for 3 months, some of her symptoms should go away. At that point, please make a phone consultation appointment with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, in New Jersey. She will give you a more targeted protocol over the phone. Her number is: 1.856.786.3300. After practicing three months of this diet and routine some problems may go away then Dr. Teitelbaum can take over she can guide you by phone but all of these problems are always connected with bad diet and bad routine.


Alopecia Universalis

 This little girl (age 9) came to us, along with her twin, who had the same diagnosis, in February of 2014.  The hair in their entire bodies (including facial hair, leg hair and eyebrows in addition to their scalp) had fallen out entirely, at age 3 1/2.  They had been to numerous endocrinologists, dermatologists and family practitioners.  They were prescribed thyroid hormone (at age 6!) and had therapies directed toward the scalp, including steroids and laser therapy — all to no avail.

This case history is an excellent example of why the Ancient Doctors always said get to the hetu, or underlying problem, before determining how to fix any health problem.  It was true that their thyroid glands were weak, and it is quite common for the hair to fall out when the thyroid is weak like this.

But this wasn’t the underlying problem.  It was just a symptom.

So when I saw them, I had them discontinue their thyroid hormones.  Instead, our approach was to fix the REASON why the thyroid was weak, take away that problem, and allow the thyroid to heal, giving it every opportunity to make its own hormones again.

Here is what I found:  The thyroid was being attacked by the immune system.  As we’ve talked about in previous case histories, there is too much pharmaceutical intervention during the early childhood years — with 70 shots, flu shots every year, recurring rounds of antibiotics — so that the foundation of the immune system, the friendly bacteria in the gut, are killed with each round of new shots or each new antibiotic.  The friendly bacteria are the foundation for the rest of the immune system — so when they die off, the immune system starts spiraling out of control, and quickly loses its intelligence, going into the attack mode, and starts attacking the body.  In this case, the immune system was attacking the girls’ thyroid gland.

Another part of their hetu was that the girls were given soy formulas as babies.  It is a well-known fact that the isoflavones in soy depress the thyroid gland function.

So, once we regrew their friendly bacteria and a few other parts of the gut’s normal physiology, directed gentle support to the thyroid gland to help heal it, changed their diets, and gave them our beautiful scalp oils to 1) nourish the hair follicles and 2) regrow the hair follicles, the hair started growing back almost immediately!

I took their pictures every time they came in for their 2-month check-up — and they just continued to show steady progress, until this last visit, last week, which marks our one year anniversary of working together — as you can see the hair is fully grown back now!

I am very appreciative of Vaidya Mishra’s family lineage, and Vaidya Mishra himself, for their work in the field of dermatology and hair loss in particular.  Vaidya sat with me for 15 years, seeing these types of imbalances that are so prevalent in this modern day and age, and created hundreds of new formulas for everything he saw.  The ancient doctors left the chapters of Ayurveda open for any new practitioner to come along and cognize what was needed for these very types of things they couldn’t foresee.  

Vaidya Mishra is writing the new chapters of Ayurveda, to make it easy for us practitioners out in the field, to help our patients overcome these types of imbalances that the ancient doctors couldn’t have predicted would arise.  Thank you again Vaidya, for making our work not only

easy, but highly effective.

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

Cinnaminson, New Jersey 856-786-3176

SVA Summer hair tips

At the end of summer, the increased and accumulated heat in the environment and our bodies maintains our channels wide open and our physiology gets to release a lot of fat soluble toxins  through sweat as well as the scalp. This is a desirable natural detox, but most of the time, the toxins that are evacuated can be very irritating for the hair follicles, resulting in oily scalp or pimples, or too much dryness and flakes. It is always good to drink lots of water to help flush out the toxins, but here are some SVA  recommendations to help you balance things out and repair the side effects of the toxins locally.
If your scalp is dry and flaky: give yourself time to do a hair oil massage twice a week with the SVA HerbRich Hair oil. Warm the oil in your sink, apply, massage in with your finger tips, leave on for 20 minutes then wash off with HerbRich shampoo and rinse with the HerbRich conditioner. Do this protocol twice a week.
If your scalp is oily and itchy:  give yourself time to do a hair oil massage twice a week with the SVA Aloe with Vit D Hair oil. Warm the oil in your sink, apply, massage in with your finger tips, leave on for 20 minutes then wash off with HerbRich shampoo and rinse with the HerbRich conditioner. Do this protocol twice a week.
Otherwise: make sure you add a lot of leafy greens to your diet to help detoxify and nourish the hair follicles.
Make sure you consume Morinaga leaves in one form or another: either as a tea, as the moringa soup mix, or a nectar drop (www.chandika.com). Traditionally, in India Moringa is known to be very nourishing for the scalp and hair.
Summer time is the time to feast on coconut! Fresh is always the best! Here are some recipes from your SVA Kitchen
In South India, coconut is the number one food item for lustrous hair and healthy follicles.
Incorporate Bhring Raj nectar drops in your diet. The plant Bhring Raj is also known as “kesh raj” – the king of hair! It is famous for nurturing and supporting the hair.
Finally, you can use Vaidya’s SVA Lustrous Hair capsules that contain Bhring Raj along with other ayurvedic herbs in a balanced synergy.

A question about hair loss…

I have too much hair fall and an unhealthy scalp ever since I shifted to Dubai after marriage. White deposits on my scalp don’t go with any dandruff shampoo and hair fall out in bunches now whenever I do head wash. Please suggest some remedy.
Vaidya Replies: 
Dear Neha: your condition may depend on many different factors, and in Ayurveda, once you identify the root cause, then you can correct things fully. Having a an ayurvedic assessment is usually the first step towards identifying the root cause of any imbalance. You can have an ayurvedic assessment over the phone with SVA expert Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum in New Jersey: 1.856.786.3300). However, here are also some suggestions that may help improves things.
First thing: try to follow the SVA diet. If you are not familiar with this, you can email us and we will give you more details, but here are the basic guidelines:
avoid nightshade vegetables (tomato, potato, eggplant, bell pepper) – these increase inflammation and clog the channels. It is ok to have them once in a blue moon, but not on a daily regular basis. Replace tomato as a base sauce for your cooking with fresh thai tamarind.
Avoid left-overs: try not to consume anything after 4 hours of its being cooked. Do not eat leftovers from the previous day by reheating etc. Left-over food is inflammatory and generates free radicals.
Try to reduce/eliminate: coffee, vinegar, or other acidic ingredients. Favor lime over lemon.
Reduce/eliminate: onion/garlic – these contain a lot of sulfur and will not help in pitta imbalanced conditions such as hair-loss.
reduce eliminate soy and soy bi-products – tofu, soy sauce, etc
Hair fall is connected to stress. If you have a stressful daily life, try to correct things by incorporating some gentle breathing yogic techniques, or meditation. Yoga always helps.
Try to get at least 7 1/2 to 8 hours of sleep at night, ideally from 9:45pm to 5:45am.
Topically, there are a few things you can do to help support the skin on the scalp, balance it, so it nourishes the hair follicles and shafts. Every other day: apply the SVA HerbRich Hair oil. Warm the bottle in your sink, apply a few drops on the scalp, gently massage in with the tips of your fingers. Make sure you cover the entire scalp. Cover your head and rest for 20 minutes. Then wash off with SVA HerbRich Shampoo. Dry and style your hair then finish off with the Actifoll Plus scalp spray. After applying the Actifoll spray, expose your scalp to 10 minutes of sunlight to help support the regrowth of new hair and keep the existing hair healthy and in place.
The HerbRich Scalp oil (you can read up more on this on www.chandika.com)  will lubricate the scalp, nourishing and nurturing it, and removing any dryness that can cause starving and flaking of the hair follicles.
The HerbRich Shampoo has so many ayurvedic herbs put together in a synergy, so they support each other’s properties and work together to nurture, nourish, and balance the scalp, as they clean it of unwanted toxic residues. It allows the healthy friendly bacteria environment of the skin on your scalp to thrive – normal shampoos just deplete it. You can read about the ingredients on www.chandika.com.
The Actifoll Plus formula contains an herb called Psoralea corylifolia which carries the unique property of attracting and using up UV light that the scalp and follicles are exposed to; this helps activate the hair follicles so they are not dormant and new hair sprouts. In addition, this formula contains Gymnema Sylvestra, an ayurvedic plant that is used in many ways in my SVA lineage with great results. It will help with the flake residues of your scalp.
Use the Actifoll Plus every other day for a month. Let us know your results.
In general, please note that hair loss can be caused due to external and/or internal factors. Externally, you can make sure the water you are washing your hair in is of good quality, with a balanced pH. Otherwise, since you indicate that you moved to Dubai after marriage, you may want to minimize changes in your diet and lifestyle that you have recently adopted that may be causing imbalances in your physiology. Internally, hair loss is connected to toxins that get evacuated through the scalp and carry hair follicles with them as they exit through the skin of the scalp, so you want to make sure you minimize toxin intake through diet as well. Hope this helps.