Help: Can’t Fall Asleep!


” Hello,moon

I have hard time to get into sleep during night. Many times I was awake whole night, and in the morning I get headaches but I am very proper in following my bed time schedule. I take warm milk with some ginger and turmeric but no help.

I also don’t want to take any herbal medicines as I think it will work till I take those and after it won’t.

So please suggest some transdermal creams to get good sleep which will last for longer.



Vaidya replies:

Dear Nithya: first thing is you should stop mixing ginger and turmeric with your milk. Instead, make a recipe of milk date shake:date_shake_

Boil milk with a couple cardamom pods, a stick of cinnamon; take off the heat, pour into a blender and add 1-2 pitted medjool dates and blend. Drink warm before bed.

In addition to this, do a gentle self-massage with SVA Vata oil with Magnesium and Vit D before bed, focusing on your legs and arms and lower back. Then take a shower and wash the oil off.

Nighttime is  “soma time,” and our bodies need more soma to get proper sleep. Milk is somagenic, that’s why it is recommended in general in Ayurveda; but turmeric and ginger are agneya or fiery by nature, so instead of mixing milk with turmeric and ginger, prepare your milk with dates, as a milk date shake. This will give you more liquid soma from milk, and soma from dates as well.

Another thing is: you need to calm down your vata, pacify your nervous system before going to sleep. It will not help that you are going to bed on time if your nervous system is in a state of  disarray from the activities of the day. Some gentle slow yoga will certainly help, or gentle sow pranayam. And you should do a self-massage with SVA Vata oil with Magnesium and Vitamin D. Do whole body massage, leave the oil on for 20 minutes, and then take a nice long shower, using Soma Nidra soap. After your shower, you can also apply the Soma Nidra roll-on on your cervical spine area, and the sides of the neck. The herbs in the vata oil, the Soma Nidra roll-on and the soap, will help pacify your vata and calm you nervous system further, after you’ve done your Date Milk Shake. Try these remedies and let us know.  Thank you.

Mucuna Instant coffee

Does your morning cup of coffee act as a tridoshic body and brain tonic? Is it rejuvenating to all your bodily tissues? Nourishing for your nerves? Calming for your mind, and supporting your daily detox through your kidneys and colon? Is it a good source of prebiotic that will nourish the friendly bacteria in your colon? If it is not, then you are starting your day on the wrong foot!

We all know the side-effects of caffeine, but we also know how hard it can be to let go of old habits… But now you can have your coffee and drink it too! Vaidya’s latest cutting edge SVA formulation is a delicious blend of ancient ayurvedic ingredients that will not only give your physiology an immediate boost, but will also give you balancing and bliss-enhancing benefits with long term use. He has put together
  • Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruriens)
  • Wild date seed
  • Root Chicory
  • Haritaki
to bring us a cup of the richest caffeine free coffee substitute. Why does ingredients in particular?


Kapikachhu (Mucuna pruriens)
Wild date seed
Root Chicory
Mucuna pruriens beans are a natural rich source of L-Dopa: a chemical naturally produced in humans, some animals and plants via biosynthesis. L-Dopa is the precursor to the neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and epinephrine (adrenaline) that play important roles in the human brain and body. Dopamine is the bliss-giving neurotransmitter that our brains thrive on.
Unlike synthetic artificial Dopamine, the Dopamine contained in the Mucuna beans are free from side-effects, and they get secreted out of the body faster that synthetic dopamine. 1-3 cups a day are safe and ideal for regular consumption.
Health Benefits:
Your SVA Mucuna brew contains the following balancing and bliss-enhancing ingredients: o-CHICORY-ROOT-570
Mucuna: in Ayurveda, Mucuna has been recommended since the dawn of time as a brain and body tonic. It is particularly rejuvenating for the seven tissues and the reproductive fluid for men and women. It  nourishes the nerves, and calms the mind. Mucuna also helps supports the kidneys in their overall functions.
Wild date seeds: recommended in Ayurveda for detoxing and nourishing the muscle tissue.
Root Chicory (Cichorium intybus var. sativum) has been cultivated in Europe and the Mediterranean region as a coffee substitute, as well as used as a coffee additive in parts of Southeast Asia, South Africa and southern United States. The root contains up to 20% inulin – a great source of soluble dietary fiber and is thus added to yogurts as a prebiotic. Research finds that inulin may help with weight loss, constipation, improving bowel function, and general health. Chicory was found to potentially increase calcium absorption and bone density. It is a functional food. In Sanskrit, Chicory is called kashmard: that which helps the lungs through gentle detox,  nurturing and supporting them by eliminating daily build-up from environmental pollution.
Haritaki is known to have so many healing and balancing properties in Ayurveda, including restorative properties for the colon. Haritaki is often compared to mother’s milk – full nourishing benefits and no harm!  It is best known as a paatya plant – it helps us stay on the “path of health” by maintaining our body’s intelligence on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual.
Altogether, Vaidya Mishra has put together this delicious Mucuna blend to help ease the mind, support your nervous system against daily stress, pacify all three doshas; nurture your body and lungs.image description
You can brew this mixture like you would regular instant coffee, and enjoy it with or without milk, with or without a sweetener – depending on your preference. You will not believe how good it tastes! And how much instant waves of bliss it will procure, giving you immediate energy through better oxygenation to the brain and lungs. Regular consumption of this blend will have cumulative benefits for your nervous system and colon overall.
Help us name this newest SVA formulation. Join our naming contest, or Namkaran, by requesting your free sample of “Mucuna Coffee” (temporary name). Email us at to request your free sample and then email us back to give us your naming suggestions. Prizes will be announced shortly.