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ALMONDS: Best Superfood; PLUS: Roasted Almond Chutney + Gluten & Fat-Free Almond Rolls – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 18, 2024, #14, Vol 13 - Shop Your Favorite Spice Blend - 10% Off All Masalas         ALMONDS: Your BEST Daily Superfood Edgar Cayce, America’s greatest 20th century psychic, gave more than 14,000 psychic readings while in hypnotic trances. He was also hailed as the father of Western holistic medicine since he could diagnose illnesses while at the… ... Read the Full Newsletter Here

NEW COURSE: Spring 2024 SVA Home Detox

Step-by-step once-a-week home detox and rejuvenation with full meal recipes to support body, mind, and heart: protein, grain, chutneys, drinks, and teas.

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COURSE: What is EMF & What You Can Do To Mitigate It

SV Ayurveda teaches us time-tested tools, recipes, and the science of Marma to help shield against and mitigate the modern toxic phenomenon of EMF – electromagnetic toxicity. Learn from Vaidya directly – through videos, and read further to discover additional tools and remedies.

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