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Cholesterol, Migraines, Arthritis and more

September 2013

This I will tell you is the ” Rolls Royce” of all toothpastes! A MUST have in your survival, health and wellness kit..the fennel Svadanta can not be topped by any other… as if you went to the dentist in heaven..but you are still here on Earth! Thank you for creating this beauatiful product!
Nyee Moses

July 2013

I have been practicing SVA Ayurveda for almost 15 years and have experienced great results! My father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. When he saw me healing, he also chose to use Dr. Mishra’s remedies and his allopathic drs were amazed at his improvement and they said, “keep doing whatever it is that you are doing because your disease should have progressed further by now, but it hasn’t”. I am grateful that Vaidya’s remedies helped my father live well longer. My partner was experiencing gall bladder attacks so severe that allopathic drs wanted to remove it. He took Dr. Mishra’s remedy and in one month his gall bladder was healed and working properly again. He is so grateful not to have surgery, he still talks about it! Thanks, Dr. Mishra♥♥♥ (C. Adams)

“Dear Vaidya Mishra thank you] for helping me reduce my Hemoglobin A1C from 14.9 to 6.3 in three months. My blood glucose went from an average of 389 to 134 in three months! All this was accomplished without taking any medication. My blood sugar continues to go down. This is a miracle. I used Vaidya Mishra’s Tripti Tea, SVA Organic Gymnema and Indian Kino to support my pancreas and reduce my blood glucose. In addition to twice, a week massages with Vaidya Mishra’s Pitta oil with magnesium. Moreover, I cannot forget to mention Vaidya Mishra and his wife’s food recipes, these recipes are tasty and healing. It is a blessing to know and to love Vaidya Mishra. He has a big heart and a loving and caring light. May God bless and watch over him and his family. My allopathic western medical doctor was amazed by how my body was able to heal without western medication. Thank you sincerely!” (by Gina T., Madison, WI)

March 8, 2013

Testimonial by Rahul Singh

February 1, 2013

“Dear Dr Raskin,
I have suspected since I was a teenager that something was not right, possibly with my adrenal glands or my thyroid. I am now into my 50’s and so happy to have started working with you last year. You did a great job zooming right into the challenges that I have experienced my whole life, particularly related to low energy and weight struggles. I love your approach of using Western diagnostics to confirm what’s going on and using the gentle approach of ayurveda to treat. In many ways, I feel better than I ever remember feeling. I also appreciate that you offer many suggestions and encourage your patients to focus on the things that feel right. It is really empowering to meet a Dr who sees her patients as their own experts with their own bodies. Through your experienced guidance, I continue to find new ways to improve the quality of my life, my energy levels and just a general overall feeling of well being. The world could use more of you and those like you. And you confirmed something I always felt was true about me, both my adrenals and thyroid needed support. How did I know this? I can’t say for sure, but I think that there are many others like me who intuitively understand their own bodies better than anyone else ever could. Traditional medical tests have always shown my results as “normal” and I’ve come to learn that normal means based on a sometimes very wide average range of tests done on “sick people”. There is not much room in Western medicine for individuality.
I am grateful to you and Vaidya Mishra for faciliating the gentle and natural healing techniques of ayur veda and making it accessible to so many. I love that ayur veda seeks to treat the whole person in a unique way tailored to that person’s needs. As you and others like you bring these ancient healing traditions into Western main stream, I am confident that you can guide many away from the imbalanced approach of pharmaceuticals and into a state of more natural balance where true healing takes place.
Lisa B.”

January 25, 2013

“Hello, I am a friend and student of Patricia Layton.
I helped to host Vaidya’s visit to LaGrange in the Fall of 2012. We enjoyed his visit very much.
Pat suggested I tell you about an experience with the Transdermal “Supersport” roll-on. I do a form of massage therapy called Erawan. It is basically known as “elephant walking”. In this form, pressure is applied to the limbs with the feet and hands and techniques are used to mobilize the joints.
I have been incorporating using “SuperSport” on the feet of the receiver before starting the therapy. Yesterday about 45 minutes after using the “Super Sport” for the first time on the receiver, the receiver had a release of toxins that smelled and felt like poisons from smoking especially nicotine. I asked her if she had ever smoked as she said she had stopped smoking in 2003.
This woman is very overweight and I believe the toxins must have been stored all this time! She receives massage therapies elsewhere on a regular basis!!!
After the session she said she felt like a new woman.
Thank you for the wonderful healing knowledge and the wonderful healing products.

January 18, 2013

by Rita Schill from Dr. Teitelbaum’s clinic

November 17, 2012

From Ayurvedic practitioner Ivy Amar in Santa Fe, NM:

“Dear Vaidya and Malavika,
I felt you would also like to hear this wonderful and inspiring feedback. It’s always nice to hear what is working, and believe me, this is working!! I have been incorporating the Samadhi Set in my PK treatments and the results are getting deeper and more profound as time goes on. My assistant and I do it together bi-laterally and we walk out of the room afterwards also in that deep space of peace.
Today my client was grilling me on the subject of the TD cremes , wondering ‘what’s in them?’.
She keeps seeing them on my shelf and couldn’t help but to ask if there was some electric-conductive current or infusion or something because of what she was experiencing or maybe there were metals in the cremes that were conducting electricity.
She had the image of being wired up with electrodes and her body being re-charged. She described: ” I felt like there are little silver plates (electrodes) on my body where you put the cremes, and that energy is working outside my physical body just above the skin. The first time was very powerful and the second wasn’t as surprising but went deeper.”

I explained a little about the intelligent pranic delivery system but, actually, her direct experience described it better than my explanation.
Namaste and much love and gratitude,
For Radiant Health,
Ivy Amar, www.ivyamar.com

From Karnatic fusion composer and performer Aditya Prakash, Los Angeles, currently on tour in India
“Vaidya Mishra’s SVA products have been a God-send for me and my music. For about a year or more I was having extreme congestion and over production of phlegm which was really bothering my singing and not allowing me to produce my natural, clear voice. I was getting frustrated because I did not know what the reason was, since I was taking good care of my voice and eating properly (or so I thought).

Vaidya checked my pulse and right away said my liver is over-heated and that the excess phlegm is due to the inefficiency of my liver. I began switching over to the SVA lifestyle and right away noticed things were getting better. When I was following the diet and taking the supplements without cheating much, I felt more energy and saw the clarity in my voice again. All the benefits kicked in within a very short time! The knowledge of SVA ayurveda has also helped me live with more awareness of what is worth eating and what is beneficial to my body and mind. The benefits of SVA are not only on the gross, physical level but on the subtle vibrational levels! Vaidya has really changed the way I think about what I put in my body and has shown me the importance of following the SVA lifestyle.


September 15, 2012:

Darci!S.: Vaidya Mishra: This statement is to attest that I am very happy with the results of Ayurvedic Vit D cream prescribed by you and wish to state the following: I visited my regular doctor and she requested my lab tests for Vitamin D, which were as follows: Result: 25, Standard range: 30K100. My regular medical doctor had prescribed Ergocalciferol, Vit D2, (Drisdol) 50,000 unit oral cap. I did purchase it and after reading about the side effects on the internet, I was surprised to know about the adverse effects on the body so, I refused to take it.

I asked Vaidya for his opinion and he confirmed that the side effects indicated are not good but that it is up to each person to decide whether or not to take it. Vaidya Mishra offered me his Ayurvedic Vitamin D cream. I accepted it and followed his instruction for use. After three months of its use, I went for a new lab test for Vitamin D and it was found to be normal. I wish to thank Vaidya for his recommendation.

Darci S.

Charlene!D: Vaidya your new Roll on Deodorant is simply amazing! It smells even)more divine than the first kinds called Sugand, and it is smoother, with no residue, plus it has Vit D. It is the best. I am simply hooked!

Robert Z: Vaidya, thank you for this new generation of Roll On deodorants, I was hesitant to use the previous ones because of the white film it left on my shirts. This one is totally light, very aromatic, and easier to use. Thank you.

About Vaidya Mishra’s new book: SVAyurveda – Sutra to Science – Vol. 1, 2011:

From: Judy Paulino
Sent: August 9, 3:43pm
Subject: Happy Birthday!

Dear Dr. Mishra,
Bookbrowsing What a wonderful evening! Thank you so much for allowing us to help you celebrate your 60th birthday. The food was delicious, the entertainment fabulous and all of the people we met were delightful. It was truly an evening to remember. Craig and I purchased a book and have been enjoying it immensely. The information within is presented in such a way that makes it easy to understand… and as a result we have already made some changes in our daily routine. (getting up and going to bed much earlier and getting back to the diet) Having seen Dr. Mishra recently we are feeling re-energized about cooking in the way that we already know is best for us. We keep the book on our coffee table so we can pick it up and read anytime. The format lends itself to being very useful as opposed to a regular book style. Each individual article can be completely read and given some thought. The color and photos really add an element of interest. We haven’t pulled out the DVD yet, but are looking forward to that also. Thanks again for putting this beautiful book together. I can linger longer on the articles which I tend not to do in the Internet. With much love and appreciation, Judy Paulino and Craig Sorensen (Santa Barbara, CA)

Marma Treatment Experience

Dear Dr. Beech,
Todays marma treatment was very special for me. I walked into your office in a frazzled state from yelling at the traffic and stressed for being late. You graciously accommodated my tardiness and I am grateful and apologetic. The treatment was very deep. When you did the marma in the center of my chest at the heart chakra I felt almost like something awoke. After treatment I drove home very peacefully and taught all my students with patience and understanding. Then I played at my usual wednesday afternoon gig and something happened. First, my fingers were more nimble and adept than ever; the music flowed out effortlessly. Then, after I had warmed up, I played a note that hit me right in that same center of the heart and transported me to a state of bliss. I don’t know how to describe it but the rest of the evening I was playing in an ecstatic state, returning to that sound that would massage the heart area as if it was a very tender area. The sounds were gently soothing and stimulating the heart chakra. My playing was no longer rushed to play fast notes and sound impressive. I kept in perfect time because that was the only way to hit that sound again.
It was truly a remarkable experience. From now on, before any big performance, I hope I can schedule a marma treatment.
Thank you
Richard www.dcjazz.com/richardmiller

I have a lady who is quite ill. Many years ago a dentist left some dental material in her mouth. Years later she began losing her teeth one by one. Pain throughout her body. Skin conditions. Almost total insomnia. Zero digestive ability. Inability to handle any smells. She is getting better slowly but I have found that marma has made a huge huge difference for her.
Thank God for you, Vaidya. She has told me that she has been to every type of doctor over the years and nothing has made the difference that we have!
– Dr. Lisa Raskin, Holistic Chiropractor and Ayurvedic Physician, Austin, Texas

Case Histories from Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

  1. A Mother brought in a 2 1/2 year old little girl who had just just received her MMR (measles, mumps, rubella shot). The mother had delayed immunizations due to fear of the child coming down with autism. She had watched the child develop in her speech, motor skills, etc, and was right on schedule with every level of development.

    However, after the MMR shot, she reverted backward developmentally – she refused to interact with people around her, she stopped speaking and sat in a corner all day sucking on her thumb clutching a blanket.

    She brought her to see us two weeks after the shot. We put her on a protocol for autism, which includes autism marma therapy (Bal-Mano-Shakti cream), cilantro chutney stirred into her food, as well as a few other dietary recommendations.

    Her mother called us in two weeks, saying the autism had cleared up in less than two weeks and she’s been fine ever since. (It has been 4 months now).

  2. A woman told me she was very upset that her father had to have his bladder removed due to bladder cancer. I told her to try a regime of our herbs before succumbing to such an operation. We gave him probiotics, Tulsi cream, herbal water with marshmallow root, fennel and Soma Cal in it and Geni-support tablets for his bladder.

    Three months later, I got a phone call from his daughter. They were on their way back from Sloane-Kettering. He was going there for a second opinion on his operation for his bladder cancer. When they examined him, they found all traces of bladder cancer gone. His daughter was thanking me over and over again over the telephone.

  3. A 24-year old girl came in complaining of symptoms of MS. She had had a cat-scan which showed lesions in the brain and was diagnosed with early stage MS. She could barely stand up and had passed out. She felt numerous mental symptoms, such as inability to concentrate, dizziness, etc. she had seen rheumatologists, neurologists, and other doctors before she came to our office.

    I detected parasites and when I questioned her further she stated that she had been vacationing in Cancun two years prior to all this. We treated her for parasites, put her on remedies to heal the nerve tissue – Sensitive Plant restored her bowel flora with a probiotic and treated her bowel with Apana Agni Balance. All her MS symptoms disappeared within two months and she has been fine everysince.

  4. We have had numerous patients (too many to count) who have had recurring sinus infections. When we clean up their diet, put good flora back in their gut, give them herbal water to remove ama and put them on Sinus Formula, they never get any more sinus infections.

  5. We have had similar results with babies and small children with recurring ear infections. It only takes about 6 weeks in just about every case to stop the cycle of ear infections followed by yet another round of antibiotics. We have treated hundreds of these cases and have had great success keeping all these children off repeated doses of antibiotics.

  6. We have also treated numerous cases of eczema, both in adults and children (and infants). We have wonderful new remedies, such as Dr. Mishra’s herbalized Skin Clay to pull the excess pitta out of the skin, the Coral Calcium to neutralize the acids in the blood, the DGL cream over the liver to cool the source of the heat down, as well as the various ingredients for the herbal waters, such as Guduchi, Pushkarmool, marshmallow root, DGL powder, to name a few.

    Parents are so grateful when we clear up their child’s eczema since the medical doctors tell them there is no cure for it.

  7. We live in a valley with high humidity and a lot of air pollution. As a result we see numerous cases of recurring bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma. After treatment in our office, within less than four months, 99% of the patients are off of their lung medications. The parents love the Shleshmagni (Cough ‘n Cold) cream which they rub on their child’s chest. It is great at preventing chest colds. In one case, the patient (a 49-year-old heavy-set woman) was on 12 lung medications. She has been off of all these medicines for the past four years thanks to all of Dr. Mishra’s brilliant formulations.

  8. We treated a 29-year-old woman with fibrmyalgia. We used marma therapy with Vedana Har (Pain-relief), Pro-Stamina Muscular formula, Sandhi-Swasthya (Joint Health), Brahmi, and Tulsi Creams. We also formulated a dietary regimen, herbalized water specific to her imbalances and early bedtime guidelines. All her symptoms disappeared within three months.

  9. A woman with severe shoulder pain (for many years) said it cleared up after only one month of treating the shoulder with Vedana Har (Pain-Relief). It did not recur and she has no need to continue using the transdermal pain-relief cream. The woman was 34 years old.

  10. A patient with liver cancer (seen on MRI) told us after a 6 month ayurvedic treatment with us, that his live cancer was gone! It did not appear on his subsequent MRI. He also had a regime of herbs, herbal water, Soma Cal tablets, Amalaki Rasayana, and was drinking Trinity water (to keep his tissues alkaline).

Dr. Mishra: I have thousands of other such case histories but time does not permit me to go on. Thank you Dr. Mishra for your supreme knowledge of herbs and your ability to understand the stressed physiology of the American pulse. Before you came we only had the traditional formulas, but in ancient times, people did not have the reactivity in their pulses that now results from the modern stressed lifestyles, intermingled with the environmental pollutants and the air, water, and diet that is consumed.

Thank you for training me. It gives me tremendous pleasure to help people get well, as I am sure it does for you too.

– Marianne Teitelbaum, D.C.

What other people have to say about Vaidya Mishra

April 2012:

Judith A. Finn, PhD , J.D. wrote:SuperSport TD cream

“Dear Dr. Mishra:I purchased the SuperSport TD cream from you on a visit to your office about a year and a half ago. I did not use it until several weeks ago (…). I had fallen and severely damaged my left knee. My hobbling caused a sever pain in my right hip, making it difficult to walk at all,SuperSport TD cream and almost impossible to get up out of my office chair. I really didn’t expect any results. However, the next day I was shocked to find myself pain free. I am continuing to use it, as I don’t want the pain to come back. This product is amazingly effective. What a blessing. Thank you for your prodigious efforts on behalf of all who need your help.” – Oklahoma

March 2012:

Vaidya Mishra’s name is mentioned in the video MECFS Alert Episode 16. Click here to watch. The episode talks about CFS (Chronic Fatique System) from www.whchronicle.com

About Vaidya Mishra Oral Care Products: March 2012

“Two patients mother and daughter. I think it is also a combination of the diet and herbs…..BUT The daughter had gum and teeth problems her whole life. She is almost 30 now. Root canals. Gums separating from teeth. Always inflamed and very painful. NOTHING worked. After one week on your toothpaste she felt better. ALL the inflammation is gone. Her dentist even commented. Mother has had the same experience. They cannot live without the dental products.”

– Dr. Lisa Raskin, Holistic Chiropractor and Ayurvedic Physician
Austin, Texas

“To have seasonal consultations with Vaidya Mishra is to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Over the past several years Vaidya Mishra has slowly and skillfully released deep-rooted toxins, as well as mental and emotional toxins from my body. His latest introduction of Transdermal products along with his daily pH guidelines have greatly accelerated my re-balancing process. I now enjoy high energy, mental clarity, an expanded heart, a sense of lightness and an incredible feeling for this “fullness of being.” Vaidya Mishra has greatly improved not only how I feel but also how I am. I am deeply grateful to him for this transformation.

– Helen T., Southern California

“I was born without eardrums and with highly infected mastoids. My hearing ability was 20%. Repeated mastoid operations – with ether used each time the dressings were changed -led to massive ether trauma over the years. My resistance to ether created a double-bind. The infection was trapped by the ether, and the ether trapped by the infection. Slowly over time Vaidya Mishra loosened the toxins and my head began to clear. Recently one morning I was up before dawn. Suddenly I heard birds singing. Surprised, I put my hands up to my ears to feel if I had my hearing aids on. I did not. Tears of joy ran down my face. It is no longer Spring and the birds can no longer be heard. However, last week, while having my hearing aids on, I heard the opening and closing of garage doors from a neighboring condominium. Those doors have been opening for a long time, and now I can enjoy their sound too. There is not way to tell what wonders may happen under Vaidya Mishra’s guidance…”

– Helen T., Southern California

“I cannot praise the Transdermals highly enough – they work on all levels. Physically, they eased my pain, and at least in my case, there has also been definite “spiritual enhancement.” I began using them six months ago along with “spice water” and a new diet to treat a lower back injury that had not only taken me off work, but that was also causing major upheavals in all areas of my life. Being fifty-four years old, and supporting myself, I was no longer able to perform at my former job, and having no other training or prospects, I was beginning to fear I would be in pain for the rest of my life. The back pain was so acute I was not even able to sit comfortably in order to meditate. Everything had changed. The instability of my back, along with the pain, made me feel very vulnerable and powerless. It was with the Arjuna transdermal cream that I first began to notice an improvement. It felt as if my heart was opening up, awakening with a courage I had never experienced before.

I experienced waves of great love coming through into my heart – a powerful and very “knowing” feeling. Now I literally feel like I’ve experienced the awakening of a “brave new heart.” The feeling is more powerful than my fears. As my fears have subsided in the presence of this love, new vistas have appeared, on all levels. The Ashwaganda transdermal cream has not only strengthened my back and knees physically, but I am also now able to stand on my feet longer, to be in “my own power.” The cream has helped to strengthen my whole being. The Brahmi has helped with my meditation, they have become much deeper. The Joint-Pain Relief and Pro-Pain Relief soothe and remove my physical discomfort and pain.

The more I use the transdermals the more effective they seem to become. They seem to resonate on deeper levels. They open-up vortices that keep getting deeper and wider. My life is now the best it has ever been and it keeps getting better all the time.

Eternal gratitude to Vaidya Mishra.”

– Janis T., Southern California

“Dr. Mishra has helped me manage the effects of stress on my physiology with the Transdermal creams and their application on strategic locations throughout the body. I highly recommend a consultation with him – he tailors his recommendations to the individual’s needs rather than just giving general recommendations.”

– Marie-Louise M., Southern California

“Vaidya Mishra is an outstanding teacher”. You will all benefit from his Transdermal Marma course so much – I have been using his products for the past 10 years and have had tremendous results in my practice. The Transdermal Marma creams are especially easy to use, even if you do not know how to take the pulse. Just go by the patient’s symptoms. We have treated a variety of diseases with these creams – everything ranging from aches and pains to autism, fibromyalgia, MS, digestive problems, hormonal problems, fatigue, etc etc. Both the standard Transdermal Marma course (levels 1 and 2) as well as the Spinal Marma (level 3) can benefit your patients – all levels are easy to learn and apply by Monday morning in your office! Look on Vaidya Mishra’s website (www.vaidyamishra.com) for some of my testimonials and you’ll see how effective the treatments are.

– Marianne Teitelbaum, D.C.

“(…) one of my favorite parts was in the late afternoon when the sunlight began pouring through the yellow stained glass window behind the presenters (…)(,) Dr. Mishra, bathed in yellow light, seemed to be downloading information from the heavens. You can’t replicate that (…).”

– an attendant at the 2006 annual CAAM conference held at the Hare Krishna temple in Venice Beach California

Video Testimonials

These video testimonials are from Vaidya Mishra’s Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment Course.

Pulse and Marma Course Testimonials, October 2011

Svetlana Pugach

Phil Osborne

Elizabeth Carlisle

Shambhavi Kriyaban

Lorna Cheng


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