Black Sesame Seed Oil: Next Best Thing After Ghee – for All?

blacksesameimages“Dear Vaidya,

What about cold pressed (black) sesame oil, Caraka mentions this as next best after ghee? 


Vaidya Answers: 

Dear Martin: yes, this is a good question you raise, as the Charak Samhita states that the next best thing after ghee – in case one cannot consume ghee – is cold pressed black sesame oil. However, again, here we have to take into account the fact that sesame oil, when used as is on its own, can be too heating for high pitta type people. One alternative to correcting this tendency would be to carefully cook tScreenshot 2015-09-14 15.26.00his oil with soma-predominant vegetables – such as toru, or loki. These vegetables will balance out the heating tendencies of the sesame olokiil. Sesame oil is a very unique oil because it can adapt to and adopt the properties of the ingredients it is mixed with. In general, it is ideal for kapha type people, or for people with kapha aggravation, who are experiencing ama production in the stomach due to low-agni and high kledak kapha. In this situation, cooking with sesame oil can be therapeutic.