Hair Loss in Children – with Dr Teitelbaum; Update and Pics from SVA Events; and more! your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Dec 13, 2018, # 48, Vol 8

A Case Study with Dr Teitelbaum
We would need to conduct thorough studies to determine why so many children are losing their hair nowadays. But in my clinic the most common repeated root cause I encounter entails the body’s autoimmune reaction where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. Once the thyroid gland is weakened by these constant attacks, it loses its full functionality and the hormonal output from the thyroid decreases. There is also a preponderance of autoimmune conditions of the thyroid gland itself, mostly Hashimoto’s.
In the same way, there is no good explanation for the huge increase in the amount of Hashimoto’s disease. It has been steadily increasing since the 1950’s making it one of the most common autoimmune diseases and the most common hormonal disorder seen today.
Some people say it is genetic, however that cannot be verified due to the rapid increase in the number of people who have been diagnosed with this disease within the last several decades. 
In either case, whether one has hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s, mainstream medicine will give thyroid hormone supplementation so that the levels of thyroid hormone in the blood work normalize, but the person continues to be symptomatic, or in this particular case I am presenting, bald.
Doctors then inject the scalp with steroids which is the main treatment for baldness today. The treatment for these ailments is the same for everyone: doctors are trained in medical school to follow specific treatment protocols for the specific diseases/sympotms they identify.
This approach, however, does not take into account the underlying reasons each individual patient is experiencing. Ayurveda has always discussed figuring out the hetu or underlying reason for the physiology before attempting to provide a treatment protocol. And, as I usually write in almost every one of these case histories, it is true in every case we see. And virtually every case of any disease you can think of has to be treated individually, tailored to that patient’s unique set of problems creating that disease.  
In order to keep perspective on all this, whatever you or your patient has been diagnosed with, whatever the a “cookbook approach”!
Fortunately, Ayurveda provides us with an invaluable tool in each of these cases: the art of pulse diagnosis. In the pulse you can find the imbalance, which is often far removed from where the symptom is occurring.  
I have treated many cases of baldness in children. I’m sure there are many underlying causes, but it is very common, as in this boy’s case in this article, to see heavy metals disrupting the thyroid gland function, causing the hair to fall out. 
In some of these cases the thyroid hormones will be normal on blood work. But it doesn’t mean that the thyroid is OK — I have numerous discussions in my upcoming thyroid book, “Healing the Thyroid With Ayurveda,” so I will not go into detail here.
And in some cases the thyroid hormones will be low. When they are low and the doctors give the thyroid hormones the hair still does not grow back because the reason for the thyroid malfunction has not been addressed, namely the heavy metals.
In fact, I have taken numerous children off their thyroid hormone, figured out what was causing the imbalance, treated that, and miraculously the hair grew back, even without the thyroid hormone. 
In the case of this boy, and many many children I am seeing with weak thyroid gland and either the hair is falling or they have totally become bald, I find heavy metals. The most common metal we find is aluminum, which comes from their 73 immunizations. In a smaller percentage of the cases there is fluoride disrupting the thyroid. In years past mercury was seen depressing the thyroid gland, but now that they have taken the mercury out of most of the immunizations we are seeing mainly aluminum, which doesn’t really matter, because both are serious toxins which disrupt the brain and thyroid gland (and many other areas).
It turns out, because the thyroid gland is programmed to absorb iodine, it gets confused and absorbs whatever heavy metals come into the body, as they are similar in structure to iodine.
You can actually feel this very easily in someone’s pulse: you can feel a very heavy dead weight, almost metallic feel over udana. Sometimes it is throughout the pulse and sometimes you can feel it in ranjaka pitta, as the liver also absorbs these heavy metals.
The most common source of mercury nowadays is in the flu shots; aluminum is found in the majority of children’s immunizations and fluoride is found throughout much of the tap water in America.
In this boy’s case, he was overloaded with aluminum. I am currently treating several people right now who have overdosed in fluoride by drinking untreated tap water. Fluoride was used in the 1930’s to treat an overactive thyroid, but it was so poisonous to the thyroid gland that it totally destroyed it, so they had to discontinue its use. Then they started putting it in our tap water to prevent dental caries. Some people think this might at explain at least part of the reason for such a huge increase of the amount of autoimmune thyroid occurring nowadays. I would have to agree with this.
First, when you see heavy metals, you have to chelate out the metal using Rasa Sodhaka drops or cream. You can also instruct the patient to eat cilantro, which is a great chelator of heavy metals. However, just eat a tablespoon or two a day. Don’t go overboard as you could create a detox crisis.
Then, you have to support the thyroid gland — in this boy’s case we used “Shakti for Him” Drops, Ashwagandha Cream, Magnesium Cream and Vitamin D Cream.
We also used “Actifoll oil” on his scalp everyday for months to activate his hair follicles to start growing hair again. In these few pictures, you can see that his hair has started to grow back. I will give updated pictures as the months go by.
I have so many cases of Hashimoto’s I am seeing right now, with or without hair loss, and in many of these cases they are presenting with heavy metals stuck on the thyroid gland. I usually find too much mercury in the adults who get flu shots every year as the mercury hasn’t been removed in most of the flu shots yet.
We are so fortunate to have solutions to many of the current diseases for which mainstream medicine has no answer. We can thank Vaidya Mishra for totally revamping Ayurveda for this modern era, based on what he saw in the pulses of people living in developed countries, suffering from the dangerous toxins we allow in our pharmaceuticals, air, soil and water.
Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

on the
SVA Facial Marma Course
in Santa Barbara

Images from the
SVA Marma Course
Toronto, Canada
Students got to experience bliss and balance through SVA marma – Ayurveda’s ancient energy science as taught by Vaidya Mishra, over this past weekend. Here are some images.

Vaidya Mishra was present in spirit as well as in everybody’s hearts!
Attendees received a gift bag – hand-sewn by Purnima – containing SVA formulations and materials
Over the weekend, students got to delve into introductory as well as advanced teachings of SVA Marma. In addition, they had to opportunity to give and receive SVA Marma treatments, so as to experience the full benefit of this ancient powerful healing modality.
CONGRATULATIONS to the new SVA Marma Graduates! Onwards and forwards they will spread much healing and joy through Vaidya’s precious knowledge by helping others but also using the Marma protocols to stay balanced in their own bliss!
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Purnima Chaudhari

SVA Get-Away
Carol Nace
Puerto Vallarta
March 23-30, 2019

Ever since I spent a couple of days at Villa Ananda in 2017, I’ve dreamt of going back. The place is nothing short of breath taking. To sit at breakfast overlooking the ocean as the whales come up for air…. it was heaven on earth!
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We will be hosting this very intimate retreat for only 14 guests during the week of March 23 – March 30th, 2019. You can learn more at our website, by joining the Facebook Group and retreat email
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An Interview with Dr T on the Thyroid Epidemic
Listen to Dr Teitelbaum’s latest interview on the Thyroid epidemic that’s affecting our nation and how it can be addressed successfully through Vaidya Mishra’s SVA protocols
I am excited to be able to share with you my new book on treating the thyroid gland using the ancient science of Ayurveda. The book will be published early 2019 and can be preordered now through Amazon. Readers will learn our groundbreaking SVA approach for both detection and treatment of this very important gland, offering treatments that go beyond the use of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. I will update everyone as we get closer to its publication date.

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I am totally Blown Away by the difference using the Samadhi set makes in my meditation. I put them on right before I sit down to meditate and I could actually see the light coming in and it went from a gold curtain kind of thing to rainbow colors at one point. My whole body literally feels like it’s filled with light and my stress points from work get activated for a few minutes and then clear out, it’s just incredible! I also felt the silent mind of meditation staying with me well into my post meditation activities. As it turned out, it lasted the whole day. A client I did Reiki on felt the bliss and relaxation when we worked together. 

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Sri van der Kroef 

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Savitri M.”

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