What’s MORE to Love About Vaidya’s Formulations? – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Nov 23, 2023 – #45, Vol 12

STOREWIDE SALE + FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING (minimum purchase required) – Happy Thanksgiving!         This week we share some product reviews – everybody has their favorite “Vaidya Mishra formulation”! If you have yours and have not let us know yet, look up your favorite product and then click on “Write A Review” to […]

All you DID NOT KNOW About the Lung Microbiome – with Dr Teitelbaum – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Nov 16, 2023 – #44, Vol 12

Strengthen & Nourish Your Lungs – Explore Vaidya's Full Line of Formulations – ALL 10% OFF         THE LUNG MICROBIOME ~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum The word micro biome means the vast array or organisms that live in and on our bodies whose cells and genes carry out many functions necessary for life. […]

Tangy Paneer Recipe with Vrikshamla; PLUS: Samadhi Your Marma with Carol! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Nov 9, 2023 – #43, Vol 12

Garcinia Spice Blends, Tea, & Chutney – ALL 10% OFF         Hailed as the “holy grail of weight loss,” Garcinia cambogia, or Garcinia indica, has actually been a known remedy for different imbalances for thousands of years in India. In Sanskrit, Garcinia cambogia is called “vrikshamla.” It is mentioned in the ayurvedic […]

COLONICS: Pros & Cons, with Dr Teitelbaum – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Nov 2, 2023 – #42, Vol 12

Gentle, Safe, & Effective Elimination Through Oral, Transdermal, & Transmucosal Formulations – ALL 10% OFF         COLONICS What You Need To Know! ~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum Colonics are a way of flushing large amounts of water and possibly other substances, such as herbs or coffee, through the colon. Fifteen to 20 gallons […]

What’s to Love About SVA! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 19, 2023 – #41, Vol 12

STOREWIDE SALE 15% OFF – Free Ground Shipping (USA & Canada)         We ship Vaidya Mishra’s pranic formulations, lotions and oils, delicious spice and herbal tea blends, and so much more – GLOBALLY. We’d love to get your feedback – Click on the product you love on www.chandika.com  and leave us […]

EMF Toxicity: What Does Ayurveda Say? Consult with Dr Raskin; Plus: Come See SVA in Florida: Join Us! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 12, 2023 – #40, Vol 12

Unique Products to Support Circulation: Shrotas & Nadis – ALL 10% OFF         The market is inundated with EMF shielding products. Some are better than others. But did you know that the best thing you can do for your body against EMF is bring in more prana? And keep it flowing! As […]

CONSTIPATION – with Dr Teitelbaum; plus: Come See SVA in Florida: Join Us! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Oct 6, 2023 – #39, Vol 12

Which Colon Care Product is Best for You? – ALL 10% OFF         CONSTIPATION An SV Ayurveda Answer ~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum I see so many cases of constipation in my busy Ayurvedic practice, and just like everything else I treat, the underlying causes need to be addressed — we don’t just […]

Vedic Astrology: Study with the Best! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 28, 2023 – #38, Vol 12

Chyawanprash: Sugar Free Syrup or Classical Paste Recipe? – ALL 10% Off         Why You Need Chyawanprash EVERYDAY! Chyawanprash is a great tonic for the lungs, it can take care of chronic cough, and helps alleviate breathing trouble. It supports and helps older physiologies, helps reverse aging, and it nourishes the growth of […]

Address Cellulite Ayurvedically – with Dr Teitelbaum; your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 21, 2023 – #37, Vol 12

Ayurvedic Cellulite Creams: Detox, Nourish, Tone Up! ALL 10% Off         Cellulite is very hard to get rid of, because we never really understand what it is and how it comes to be in the first place! Vaidya Mishra formulated unique effective ayurvedic creams that address the mechanism of adipose or fat […]

Cool Off Summer Heat Inside Out In Minutes; your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 15, 2023 – #36, Vol 12

Nature's Full Potency in Drops – Discover the Full Line of Herbal Nectars: ALL 10% Off         Summer is about to conclude, and while some of us may regret the end of the hot season, others might be looking for a reset through cooler temperatures. If you feel exhausted from the Summer […]