Chyawanprash; 52 Herbs for daily detox and rejuvenation

The Rishi and The Princess The intriguing story of Rishi Chyawan is documented in the ancient epic tale of India, the Mahabharata. Rishi Chyawan was a great seer. He was fully enlightened and thus carried no desires in his heart, except for union … [Read more...]

Mucuna Instant coffee

Does your morning cup of coffee act as a tridoshic body and brain tonic? Is it rejuvenating to all your bodily tissues? Nourishing for your nerves? Calming for your mind, and supporting your daily detox through your kidneys and colon? Is it a good … [Read more...]

Sweet Summer Juice Blend

It's too tempting not to have a drink, or two specially in the hot days of summer! How long can you steer clear of the sweet, juicy, refreshing experience of a smoothy or a juice blend?  But you have to beware. Smoothies and juices can dilute your … [Read more...]

Pumpkin your Pie!

Ingredients: Filling: Carrots - 6 oz. (cooked/boiled in water) Sweet yam - 8 oz. (cooked/boiled in water) Soma salt - 1/2 tsp. Raw sugar - 1  1/2 cup Arrow root - 1 Tbsp. Kid's Masala no.2 - 2 tsp (may replace with a pinch of vanilla powser or … [Read more...]

Chocolate Quinoa Laddus for Valentine

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Rose Petal Sesame Bites/ladoos

70% Toasted sesame seeds, first toasted then powdered 30% SVA Rose Petal Preserve Add both to a bowl and mix in together with your fingers until you get a soft dough, then shape them into little bite size balls and enjoy! Optional: can add some … [Read more...]

Intro to Coconut

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Scrumptious Coconut Chutney

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Ayurvedic Crepes? With home-made lime pickle? Plus Date-coconut spread to top it off? Bring it on!

We always welcome your contributions to Vaidya's newsletter, specially when they come to enrich your SVA kitchen! Total health starts with delicious satwic food, made with the proper "samskar" and "samyog" - proper preparation steps and proper … [Read more...]

Coconut Matters! Classy Coconut Chutney

You will impress family and friends with this simple but so delicious coconut chutney recipe. It replaces your Ranch dressing or any other creamy tasty satisfying sauce any day! It is rich in flavor and nourishing, with added protein (when you add … [Read more...]