OET-E inside-out: why now?! plus Dharma Summit; Navaratri; Dr T Public Lectures; DARSHAN tix- your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 19, 2019, #36, Vol 9

Gandush, Karna, Guda, Nasya, Abhyanga Oils & MOM'S GHEEEEEE – ON SALE THIS WEEK! ‌ ‌ ‌ ‌ O-L-E-A-T-E: inside-out! Autumn’s here! The excess heat of the summer accumulated in the environment – and our bodies – results in dryness. We see it around us in nature as trees shed dry leaves, and we feel in […]

Einkorn Flour?

What do you think of Einkorn flour (http://jovialfoods.com/einkorn/)? It is marketed as being the “original” wheat least or not processed. I personally find it much easier to digest — it is so delicious and light, but I wanted to double check with you.   Dear Divya: Eikorn flour is a great flour. It is very […]

Coconut Aminos vs Soy Sauce

Can we occasionally use it as soy sauce substitute – Coconut Aminos: http://www.amazon.com/Coconut-Secret-Seasoning-Frustration-Packaging/dp/B00P9I8U0U. Dear Divya: Occasionally perhaps, but keeping in mind that it will be pitta aggravating because it goes through heavy processing and derivation. If aggravating pitta is not a concern then by all means it is preferable over regular soy sauce. Pitta dosha […]

Nutritional Yeast VS B12

Nutritional yeast: I know it’s not a sattvic ingredient, but I sometimes feel really good when I eat it, maybe because of my acute vitamin B12 deficiency?   Dear Divya: nutritional yeast is pitta provoking in longterm use. You will get all kinds of pitta associated symptoms of heat, and even vata aggravation if you […]

Monk Fruit or not?

Monk fruit sweetener: http://www.lakanto.com/. Do you approve of it?  Divya A. Vaidya replies: Dear Divya:  Many of my SVA followers have been asking me about Monk fruit sweetener so I got a chance to look into it. I bought some. And did some research. I have not found a single brand that simply contains the […]

Dark Circles Around the Eyes Despite Yoga and SVA Diet

“I’m working too much on computer, I am a female, I am quite stressed out at work and nowadays I’m seeing I’m developing dark circles around my eyes although I am on the SVA Diet and I do yoga regularly. Please let me know what to do for dark circles under my eyes?” Cary T. […]

Is Yerba Mate healthy? Is it Tridoshic?

Dear Vaidya Mishra, We are so blessed and humbled to receive SVA knowledge and guidance from you. Thank you so much for guiding our family and friends in a happy journey of well and whole being. We treasure all of the SVA teas and especially love Vaidya’s Cup. Would you please let us know if […]

45 Years Old Healthy but Constipated: What Are My Options?

Dear Dr. I have been your follower for many years and have  been using your wonderful creations.  I have a question which I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long tome. I am 45 year old female well balanced with normal weight. I wanted to ask which supplements I can use for severe constipation. […]

Why Carrots and Not Cucumber?

Dear Vaidya, Thank you for this beautiful summer recipe! All of your continued efforts in sharing Ayurveda are greatly appreciated. I am wondering why you selected carrots as a base over say a cucumber which is such a soma rich food? Respectfully, Traci Vaidya replies: Excellent question Traci. Other easily available fruits or vegetables are […]

Ashwagandha for my 4 Year Old Daughter?

Namaste, Now a days we don’t get raw milk in the supermarkets, its pasteurized and homogenized. Do you still suggest to add all the spices mentioned while boiling the milk? Also I wanted to ask can I add Ashwagandha along with other spices in the milk for my 4 year old daughter ? THANKS Sheetal […]