SVA Conference Highlights

One never really sees the big picture until it has fully unfolded, probably because it is never predetermined. We shape every bit of the world as we progress in time, step by step, through our actions and thoughts – as well as Divine intervention – towards the fulfillment of our desires…

And so it is, that 10 years ago, Chandi LLC and Adishakti LLC were established in New York city, 2 separate ayurvedic entities, to offer unique SVA products and services. Since then, thousands have witnessed the unfolding of SVA healing knoweldge through countless seminars, workshops, consultations, and hundreds of cutting edge powerful SVA formulations.

We marked the beginning of the anniversary celebrations with an inaugural conference.

During the Inaugural SVA conference held in Winnetka, California, this past week on August 2-3, 2013, more than a hundred people attended to mark not only the 10th anniversary of the companies but to celebrate a man and his vision of bringing long-lasting healing to the world through SV Ayurveda. Attendees enjoyed in-depth yet practical knowledge, along with ayurvedic exquisite food, sharing in a growing community of SVA healers and aficionados.

Here are a few moments captured from the event.

The conference was held at the non-profit OIA Banquet Hall in Winnetka, CA. Speakers shared their powerpoints via two projection screens. The talks were interspersed with practicums, demonstrating the application of the knoweldge and its impact.

The audience also got to hear several testimonials from attendees who had tried so many other diets and health packages only to walk away disappointed, until they finally found their way to a SVA expert and SVA lifestyle guidelines and experienced inside-out rejuvenation and improvement.

The conference organizers had designated a meditation room for attendees to relax in-between talks and sessions. Many walked into the silent room to come back out refreshed and ready for more vedic activities! Aditya Prakash and his APE ensemble performed to standing ovation and a delighted audience, songs new and old that inspired and up-lifted.

Undoubtedly the highlight of the Gala Dinner was the Shakti Dance Company under the expert guidance of Smt. Viji Prakash, who gave a powerful 6 minute narration of the entire Ramayana through “hasta”-s or symbolic, ritual hand gestures. She then invited the talented Shakti dancers to perform the Ramayana, and specifically the episodes that focused on the battle between the 10-headed King Ravan and Shri Ram and his army of bears and monkeys. The dance was dedicated to the Guduchi or Amrita plant, favorite of the SVA lineage. When Lord Indra rained down the Amrita to rescussitate the defeated bears and monkeys and the behest of Shri Ram, the droplets that fell to the ground sprouted into the life-bestowing plant, Guduchi.

As attendees marked the 10th anniversary of Vaidya’s endeavors to bring SVA knowledge and healing over the past decade, all shared in the uncanny feeling that this was just a milestone marking the beginning of greater things that are yet to unfold. Join us, on your path towards greater balance and bliss, as the SVA journey has only just begun…