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How do you Optimize Emotional, Mental, Physical and Vibrational Health?!; SVA in Puerto Vallarta with Carol Nace, and always more! SV Ayurveda Newsletter Sept 21, 2018, # 36, Vol 8

Nadi-s, Srota-s,
and your
Emotional, Mental, Vibrational & Physical Health!
In Vaidya Mishra’s Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda lineage, the health of the channels is very important. Circulatory channels have to be “in shape” – maintain elasticity and aperture for flow; in addition they have to maintain optimal intelligent functionality – sending and receiving messages. Wait! What does all this mean?! What “channels” are these?
In classical Ayurveda we find a discussion of two kinds of channels:
  • vibrational channels, called nadi-s; 
  • physical channels, called srota-s. 
The nadis carry the unseen vibrational energetic materials, including sound, that cannot, as of yet, be visible or audible through or experienced by our physical senses of sight or hearing; the srotas carry physical materials – microscopic as well as macroscopic.
You may be making the best of health promoting choices and decisions with the best diet, the best lifestyle and routine, but if you do not address the health of your channels – physical and vibrational – ensuring that they are in top shape and functioning optimally – you will not get the health benefits you are seeking.
Channels need to fulfill their task of circulating content – physical or vibrational – in terms of time-bound reception, time-bound circulation, and time-bound interaction. Things move in our body, and all things need to move harmoniously together, in relation to eachother, almost as in symphonic rhythm. Channels can be slowed down due to several factors. If some channels are slow, or blocked, or shrunk, and if they slow down the process in an even minimal way, it affects the health of the entire physiology. Maintaining the intelligence of our channels 100% is a too often overlooked disease-inducing factor. The reception, delivery, interaction, and elimination of materials has to happen in a timely and complete manner.
Both types of channels, physical and vibrational, have to interact with each other through a non-invasive natural flow, without overwhelming the body. The channel pathways and systems in our physiology are highly sophisticated and need optimum intelligence for full maintenance. “Intelligent maintenance” includes external and internal factors. We live in the midst of poisonous, toxic vibrational materials saturating the environment, such as: EMF, EMR, toxic fumes emanating from chemicals found in the raw materials are homes are made from, in the materials our cars are made of, in the clothes that we buy, or the clothes that we wash with toxic synthetic cleaners, etc. In addition to this, negative emotions and energies such as anger, stress, depression, disturb our vibrational channels, muting the agni in our emotional hearts, and further causing damage. Ingesting toxic food that makes ama, or amavisha, or that contains garavisha disturbs both physical and vibrational channels – all food that you eat nourishes and nurtures the brain and nervous system. When you ingest polluted food, you diminish the intelligence of your own nervous system and affect the functioning of your vibrational self.
But how can you tell that your channels are in trouble? 
The immediate response and reaction from clients whenever channels are mentioned is: “the doctor told me my veins and arteries are not clogged!” We are always happy to explain to them what we mean by the health of the channels in SVA by asking them the following questions:
1. do you ever feel that your breathing is not 100%? For example, you want to breath but feel a certain tightness in your chest – without having any known medical reason(s)? When you want to breathe deeper but are just not able to? When you feel your breathing stays shallow?
2. Do you wake up with stiff fingers, hands, joints overall? Achy muscles and body? Or even swollen hands and feet? (Keep in mind again this is only in the situation where you do not have a diagnosed medical ailment).
3. Do you feel foggy, emotionally and mentally unsettled and ungrounded? Seeking clarity and yet not being able to achieve it? 
If you answered yes – or even “maybe a little” to any of the above, then you are experiencing physical and/or vibrational channel clogging. Looking into your diet for culprit food items that are known to be physically and/or vibrationally clogging by nature, and eliminating them, would be your first step. Some of these food items are specific members of the nightshade family, such as: potato, tomato, bell-pepper, eggplant. Otherwise soy is also highly clogging, since it is derived from a large bean, the soy bean, that is known to carry heavy properties, like other larger beans, such as: garbanzo, lima, navy, kidney beans, etc. Avoid all large beans and favor lentils instead (mung, red lentil, French lentil, etc). ALL processed foods are clogging. All left-overs are clogging. So are large bananas! Try to eliminate or minimize their use.
Otherwise, doing some gentle daily yoga exercise to support overall circulation can only help you in all ways.
The Flex’n Flow cream will help support your health through a unique synergy of ayurvedic herbs. Apply the Flex’n Flow cream on your lower spine/back, as well as on your wrists, on the pulse, and then breathe deeply. You will notice a difference in the before and after of your breathing.
Or apply it on your cervical area to relieve mental stress – it will work within minutes. Some customers apply it on their cervical area whenever they wake up in the middle of the night with racing thoughts. It relaxes the mental channels and eases away sleeplessness caused due to stressful thoughts.
You can also use the cream as a regular thermogenic cream before or after work-out, or to minimize stiffness and muscle aches, by applying on your arms and legs. This cream is water-based so it is easier to use: it won’t stain your clothes and washes away fast and easy. It can be thus safely used even during the day at work or when wearing formal clothes. Use it no more than 4 times a day. Morning and evening is ideal to keep things running smoothly.
Vaidya made a wide array of creams, roll-ons, and sprays to help with physical and vibrational circulation. This week, explore and discover the one that works best for you! Enjoy experiencing the ancient knowledge of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda…

SVA Get-Away
Carol Nace
Puerto Vallarta
March 23-30, 2019

Ever since I spent a couple of days at Villa Ananda in 2017, I’ve dreamt of going back. The place is nothing short of breath taking. To sit at breakfast overlooking the ocean as the whales come up for air…. it was heaven on earth!
  • Our Retreat in 2019 is for Finding Bliss: An Ocean of it awaits YOU!  During your week with us, you will reconnect with your inner bliss, which can get lost in everyday living. We will share many ways to find that bliss and how to maintain it when you return home. Here is what you will experience: Set your intentions and connect with others during the Opening Fire ceremony
  • Open your heart with daily guided SVA Samadhi Marma & then yoga along the beach 
  • Create a state of balance and bliss with SV Ayurveda self care techniques that can be used everyday anywhere! 
  • Release tension and blockages with a complimentary spa treatment
  • Be awed by the graceful gentle giants during our private whale watching trip
  • Feed your soul with healthy SV ayurvedic meals and cooking demonstrations 
  • Celebrate your renewed connection with inner bliss as you sing from the heart during a closing kirtan held at sunset on the beach
We will be hosting this very intimate retreat for only 14 guests during the week of March 23 – March 30th, 2019. You can learn more at our website, by joining the Facebook Group and retreat email
We want you to as excited about the trip as Kathleen Wright of Garden of Yoga and I! We available to answer your questions about the retreat. Please respond back to this message with questions or requests for more information. 
Also, if you have a friend or family member who might be interested in attending, please feel free to forward this message to them.  Sign up for your opportunity to join us. 
Bliss awaits you….

Ward-off your Grief Transdermally
with Ashoka Roll-on

As a captive, Devi Sita waited for news from her beloved Ram, sitting under the Ashoka tree in Ashok Vatika – the garden of Ashoka. The divine tree alleviated her grief just through its presence. Now, you can experience the soothing and heart-healing benefits of the Ashoka plant through instant transdermal application! Vaidya Mishra’s unique & potent formulation delivers herbal synergy that travels immediately through the body to soothe and mend the broken heart!

Soothe & Refresh Tired, Dry, Itchy Eyes
with Soma Netra Eyedrops

Work at a computer all day long? Have extra sensitive eyes and low tolerance to light or heat? Or just want to refresh your tired eyes? Try our best-selling Soma Netra eyesdrops made with an herbal synergy of ayurvedic herbs that support eye health even as they soothe and refresh with organic rose essence!

Age-less Beautiful Face from 17 to 77!
with Lalita’s Facial Oil

Experience the power of SVA herbal synergies – with or without Collagen and Beta Carotene. 18 ayurvedic herbs working in tandem to supply gentle daily detox, rejuvenation, and re-enlivening of facial skin layers and tissue.
With a light floral aroma, Lalita’s best-selling Nourishing Facial Oil is sure to become your most favorite daily facial regimen formulation- we guarantee it!

Sleep Tight & Wake-up Refreshed
with Transdermal Jatamansi

Feel tired at night but can’t quite unwind and settle your mind to fall asleep? Don’t want to go down the route of any habit-forming sleep-aids? Then Jatamansi Transdermal roll-on might just be the thing you are looking for!
Apply on the nape of your neck, cervical area, lower back, as well as wrists, and soles of the feet. Inhale the aroma and let your mind settle down, and then lie down for a snooze! Make sure to give us your feedback the next morning – sweet dreams!!!!

Detox & Rejuvenate your Eyes
with Triphala Ghee

The power of Nature’s bounty through this ancient classical ayurvedic formula lies at your fingertips – to soothe, detox, and rejuvenate your eyes.
Apply 2-3 times a week around the eyes, gently massage the marma points or just around the eyes, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then wipe with a damp cotton clothe and apply ALA lotion(optional). Wait for the results the next morning and witness the cumulative benefits overtime!

“I see clients from all over Canada- from Halifax to Vancouver!! I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to Vaidya Mishra for this divine SVA knowledge. 
I am the current Manitoba Chair for Ayurveda Association of Canada. I was in Toronto last month and met with some graduating students from the Canadian College of Ayurveda. One of my jobs as the chair and AAC Standards, Practice & Ethics
Committee board member is to help new graduates establish their Ayurvedic practice. 
Although I have trained in many schools, my practice is mostly SVA based. I receive numerous testimonials from clients for different SVA treatments, protocols, and the formulations. I wanted to share this latest testimonial. This client saw a remarkable difference in her health with some transdermal marma treatment and some herbal nectars. She suffered from sever constipation and we addressed that as well.”
Purnima Chaudhury

SVA Marma Treatment

we are happy to share this testimonial from one of Purnima Chaudhury’s clients:
“As a caregiver for 10 years my health and energy had deteriorated to the point that the alternative health interventions that I had been using for 28 years, were no longer working. Friends encouraged me to have a marma therapy treatment with Purnima and out of desperation I did. From the point when she lay her hands on me and began working, I could feel the years of stress melt away. Energizing each area that was blocked allowed the energy to flow through me and for the first time in years I was in a state of complete relaxation and bliss. Afterwards Purnima told me that she could barely find my pulse. That confirmed my own experience. My condition improved over the next few days. With the addition of herbs for elimination my system is now functioning better than it ever has. Purnima is compassionate, gentle, sensitive and very caring. I highly recommend her.. 5 stars. 
Susan W.”

I am excited to be able to share with you my new book on treating the thyroid gland using the ancient science of Ayurveda. The book will be published early 2019 and can be preordered now through Amazon. Readers will learn our groundbreaking SVA approach for both detection and treatment of this very important gland, offering treatments that go beyond the use of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. I will update everyone as we get closer to its publication date.

What’s the big deal about Vaidya’s Samadhi Marma ?!

testimonial #1: totally Blown Away”

I am totally Blown Away by the difference using the Samadhi set makes in my meditation. I put them on right before I sit down to meditate and I could actually see the light coming in and it went from a gold curtain kind of thing to rainbow colors at one point. My whole body literally feels like it’s filled with light and my stress points from work get activated for a few minutes and then clear out, it’s just incredible! I also felt the silent mind of meditation staying with me well into my post meditation activities. As it turned out, it lasted the whole day. A client I did Reiki on felt the bliss and relaxation when we worked together. 

I’m so happy and grateful to have this new support in my practice and life.


I’m also noticing today that as this is the third day that I have used it right before meditation my body is so dramatically pain-free from its usual stiffness and pain from my everyday massage work, it’s really quite amazing! I’m also noticing my spirits are brighter.


Sri van der Kroef 

testimonial #2:

“AMAZING Samadhi Set

“I confess I approached the Samadhi Set with some doubt! I’ve been meditating for almost 30 years and I have a lovely full protocol. Did not really need to add anything. But I was intrigued when a friend invited me to try. And after a single application I am totally blown away!!!! The blissful experience of applying the roll-ons on the marma points in the palms was instantaneous – an experience of soft sweet settling down and softening of the heart accompanied by a silent peace in the mind. I just am literally shocked at how immediate this experience was – literally seconds. It takes a little longer to have a similar experience via meditation… And the aromas of these roll-ons – just incredible! It’s like being in a celestial garden – so uplifting and soothing. Vaidya Mishra – no words can describe what you have gifted us with! I look forward to exploring your other SVA formulations…

Saadar lak lak pranaams to you….

your new devotee,

Savitri M.”

~ announcing ~
SVA Certification for
Practitioners & Therapists
We will soon be announcing details for SVA certification. If you have taken one or more SVA courses with Vaidya, you will be a certified SVA educator who can teach SVA workshops using SVA protocols and educational materials. Be on the lookout for more information via our newsletter.
If you are new to SVA but would like to start learning and gathering credits towards certification, we will have details on that program shortly as well.
If you have question you can contact us any time:

~ announcing ~
by invitation only
Electronic Platform
SVA Health
Practitioners & Therapists
where we will exchange ideas, ask questions, update each other on all things SVA to support the practice and education of SVA for all!
if you are a certified SVA expert and/or practitioner and have attended courses with Vaidya in person or online, or have prior affiliation with SVA.
If you are new to SVA but would like to join, your application will be reviewed

Wholesaler & Affiliate
Are you a SVA wholesaler or affiliate? If so, you will be receiving a new contract with improved terms and conditions in the next few weeks. Revisions to the contract aim at improving your working relationship with Vaidya’s SVA formulations and services, to further support and augment the growth and success of your practice.
On the other hand, if you are not already a SVA wholesaler or affiliate but would like to become one, kindly send your request/queries to:

If you would like to organize a Samadhi Marma Workshop in your neighborhood to and receive educational materials and samples, or if you would like more information on joining one of ongoing workshops, please contact us at:

A Treasure trove
Vaidya’s SVA knowledge
now available
on-line on

As we continue to make the SVA Library of Knowledge more easily accessible, we are happy to announce that SVA Cafe Serieslive lectures by Vaidya given over a span of several years – is now available on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.
Join Vaidya Mishra and take a deep dive into the wonderful knowledge that distinguishes SVAyurveda from the rest. 
Enjoy 14-hour-long lectures on some of the most important topics in Ayurveda. Everything from Daily SVA Living to Marma Massage to Probiotics, Detox and more!
Absorbing this information will instill within you a much greater awareness of all aspects in the SVA Universe and help you to better understand your specific situation, what questions to ask your SVA Practitioner and to discover new products that could deliver a great boost to your vitality. 
If you do download and enjoy any of Vaidyas material, please give us a review to help spread the SVA Knowledge even farther!… Enjoy!!!

Vaidya’s Best-sellingToxin-Free
Devi Incense

Aside from chemical toxicity, there is another very important reason why you want to chose only 100% pure aromas – only natural aromas contain the subtle prabhavas, special divine properties, of the herbs. The artificial aromas in most incenses today add toxicity to your environment and your body in the name of spiritual purification. Do you really want to breathe in toxins while you meditate? Choose to use an incense that will open your mind and heart to the divine without creating toxins for your body. In fact, this incense is designed specifically to detoxify the lungs with the herbs contained in it. Pushkarmool and Indian Sarsaparilla both help to detoxify the lungs. There is a whole chapter of Charak Samhita, the oldest textbook of Ayurveda, devoted to the therapeutic effects of herbal remedies delivered in smoke form.
Ingredients & their properties
this incense comes in loose moist powder form and is to be used on a burner (charcoal) as shown in the image above
Pushkarmool: strengthens and detoxifies the lungs
Frankincense Pearl: divine aroma which opens the heart lotus and helps to connect the individual consciousness to the universal consciousness—this frankincense is collected directly from the tree and is delivered to you with no alteration;
Indian Sarsaparilla:  purifies the lungs
Camphor: highly aromatic and purifying—we use only natural camphor – not synthetic
Lavender oil : calms the mind
Himalayan cedar oil: aromatic, divine tree which opens the heart and expands consciousness
Grapefruit oil: adds a subtle aroma
Mom’s Ghee: divine vibration of cow’s ghee coordinates all of the other ingredients and adds sattwa.

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