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“It Just May Be The Tomatoes!” – with Dr Raskin; plus: FREE SVA Skincare Workshop in Fairfield This Weekend! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 25, 2023 – #20, Vol 12

STOREWIDE SALE 15% Off – Commemorating Those Who Have Given Their All…         It May Just Be the Tomatoes! ~ with Dr Lisa Raskin (D.C.) They are delicious, right? So sweet and juicy. But guess what: if you are having joint pain or gut issues that won’t improve no matter how fancy […]

Eat More Karela? You’ll Want to! – with Dr Teitelbaum; Plus: Karela Tapenade Recipe – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 18, 2023 – #19, Vol 12

Optimize Sugar Metabolism with Unique SVA Formulations – Including a 3 Minute Karela Soup Mix !         Eat (More) Karela! ~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum Most people’s instinct upon first tasting it is to immediately spit it out due to its extreme bitter taste! But if you can slowly develop a taste for it […]

“At What Cost?” – with Dr Raskin – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 11, 2023 – #18, Vol 12

Lalita's Facial Creams for Mom – 15% Off         Lalita is the goddess of bliss and beauty in the vedic pantheon, and this is why Vaidya’ ayurvedic beauty products are named after the most divine of all goddesses – Lalita. Vaidya Mishra’s Lalita skincare line is formulated using guidelines from the ancient […]

Missed Detox? Take A Bath! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 4, 2023 – #17, Vol 12

Bathing NEVER Felt So Good: Choose from 6 Different Blends! – All 10% OFF         BATHE TO DETOX? Morning showers or bedtime baths are reinvigorating as well as relaxing activity for us. Sure: hot water running down our back in the morning, or soaking in an aromatic bath are very soothing and […]

Herbs VS Vitamins – What’s Better? Plus: Meet Dr Raskin: Women’s Health At Its Best; – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 27, 2023 – #16, Vol 12

Herbal-Memory Nectar Drops: Nature's Intelligence At Your Fingertips – All 10% OFF         Meet Dr Lisa Raskin SVAyurveda Practitioner & Educator “As many know I have been a health practitioner and “health investigator” for decades. I’ve learned so much, been trained in so many healing modalities and therapies,  and garnered so much knowledge […]

Bust the Cholesterol Myth: with Dr Teitelbaum – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 13, 2023 – #14, Vol 12

Enhance Sugar & Fat Metabolism: Brews & Sugar-Free Sweeteners – All 10% OFF         Busting the Cholesterol Myth through SV Ayurveda ~ Dr Marianne Teitelbaum It will take several generations before we get it out of our minds that cholesterol clogs our arteries. There has been so much research that has been […]

TRIPTI TEA: Curb Your Cravings! SPRING DETOX EARLY BIRD – Ends Monday! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 13, 2023 – #14, Vol 12

HERBAL TEAS: Discover Your Cup of Tea – ALL 10% OFF         The Sanskrit word Tripti means contentment or bliss, and hence denotes “lack of craving.” Vaidya Mishra’s Tripti Tea strengthens your metabolic system to help you curb your sugar and other cravings. It is a blend of 16 divine herbs, flowers, […]


Find Out More About SVA Detox & How to Sign Up         ~ SPRING DETOX COURSE STARTS TODAY ~ Join us at 1:30pm for the FREE session Meet our educators, ask questions, find out what SVA Detox is all about, and whether it’s for you! kindly RSVP to receive the link INFO@PRANA-CENTER.COM […]

Why Detox in the Spring? Plus: 11 FAQs about SVA SPRING DETOX & TESTIMONIALS – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 6, 2023 – #13, Vol 12

STOREWIDE 15% OFF – Happy Easter!         Why is Spring the BEST time for detox? Click the video below for some answers …. Did you know that NOW is the time to do good on your New Year resolutions? Did you know that NOW is the time to lose the weight you’ve […]

All You Really Need is Guduchi! Plus: 11 FAQs about SVA SPRING DETOX PLUS TESTIMONIALS – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 30, 2023 – #12, Vol 12

Guduchi In All Delivery Methods: Transmucosal & Transdermal, and more! 10% Off This Week         GUDUCHI Sacred Plant Dr Marianne Teitelbaum My teacher and mentor Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra had an encyclopedic knowledge of over 700 herbs. In fact, he was sent to America to develop formulas for one of America’s first […]