Sale Extended! – Vaidya Mishra’s Newsletter #6, Vol 8, Feb 15, 2018

  In today's world, more than ever, we need the silence of deep meditation to counteract the effect of our continuous exposure to stress and electromagnetic radiation.  If you are spiritually inclined, you probably have discovered a form of meditation or spiritual practice that works for you. Ayurveda is all about supporting the physical body to connect with its subtle self. Vaidya Mishra's Samadhi Set carries high vibration satwic herbs that help you slip into that experience effortlessly. When applied on the marma points the way he taught us, you can experience the peace and bliss of the heart lotus within minutes - it is all always within us, we just need to quiet our mind and guide it to that experience. Samadhi Set Supports Yogic Experience Meditation, or chanting, or … [Read More]

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