Prana, HRT, & Menopause – with Dr T; and more! SV Ayurveda Newsletter July 12, 2018, # 26, Vol 8

Hormonal Balance Transdermally with Vaidya's Unique Formulations - on sale this week! CASE HISTORY Menopause, Prana, HRT, & Vaidya Mishra's SVA Protocols Before we begin our discussion about how to treat menopausal symptoms using our Ayurvedic herbs, let’s make sure you first understand what the word prana means. Many people have heard the word “prana,” and they know it means “life energy” or the “vital life essence” which keep us alive, but let’s examine this word a little further and practically apply it to our health, and in this case, how it may relate to our hormonal system. … [Read More]

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Lupus & Stage 5 Kidney Disease   CASE HISTORY:  LUPUS AND STAGE 5 KIDNEY DISEASE   This patient presented to our office 8 months ago. She had severe Lupus and was in Stage 5 Late … [Read More]

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Vaidya’s Unique Facial Creams For Summer Skin Care – on sale this week at 20% off

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First Time in Ayurvedic History A Facial Cream with Maha Rasayana Abhrak Bhasma

Abhrak Bhasma is an ayurvedic Maha Rasayana. A supremely rejuvenating substance that requires years to make through the controlled process of the repeated ‘burnings’ of mica - a shiny silicate mineral … [Read More]

Memories and Images from Vaidya’s new Prana Center Inauguration and Birthday Celebration

Thank you to ALL who joined us in person and via live webstreaming. We had a grand time on Saturday August 5, 2017, celebrating Vaidya's new Prana Center, as well as his birthday. We had a full … [Read More]

Inauguration of Vaidya’s New Center and Celebration of his Birthday August 5, 2017

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New Prana Center Inaugural Sale 25% Off

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Floral Herbal SVA Soaps for Luxurious Summer Skin

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Ayurvedic Formulations for Acne-Free Skin … [Read More]