Did you OD on Chocolate & Valentine’s Treats?! Detox: It’s A Community Thing! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 22, 2024, #6, Vol 13

Gymnema: IT REALLY WORKS - And IN MANY WAYS! - 10% Off         Did you overdose on chocolate and candy last week? Don't feel guilty - you deserved it! You know what else? Trying to NOT eat sweets this time of year is like trying to hide from the sun at midday! When Winter slowly transitions into Spring, our shrotas start to release toxins and accumulated heat(pitta) from the body, and we naturally experience greater cravings not just for sweet soma-full foods, but also heavier meals. The down side is this is the worst time to indulge because our agni will not cooperate and we will make fresh ama (toxins) that will blend in with older toxins that are getting released, which may overwhelm our immune system and we will … [Read More]

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