the one-and-only plant you ever need! SVA at NAMA with Dr T; and more! Vaidya Mishra’s Newlsetter #15, April 19, 2018, Vol 8

Guduchi in Unique Transdermal and Transmucosal Formulations on Sale this week only! "Amritavalli" Is there was a plant that has it and does it all - detoxes you and reverses aging, helps you process your emotions, supports your immune system, protects you against internal and environmental toxicity, and imbibes you with its divine vibration to elevate your satwa? YES, and it is known as "amritavalli" - she who bestows everlasting health and life - or Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia). Guduchi is the queen amongst plants. Like the rishis who have perfected their siddhis and can live for as long as they chose without food or … [Read More]

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Vaidya’s Unique Facial Creams For Summer Skin Care – on sale this week at 20% off

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First Time in Ayurvedic History A Facial Cream with Maha Rasayana Abhrak Bhasma

Abhrak Bhasma is an ayurvedic Maha Rasayana. A supremely rejuvenating substance that requires years to make through the controlled process of the repeated ‘burnings’ of mica - a shiny silicate mineral … [Read More]

Memories and Images from Vaidya’s new Prana Center Inauguration and Birthday Celebration

Thank you to ALL who joined us in person and via live webstreaming. We had a grand time on Saturday August 5, 2017, celebrating Vaidya's new Prana Center, as well as his birthday. We had a full … [Read More]

Inauguration of Vaidya’s New Center and Celebration of his Birthday August 5, 2017

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New Prana Center Inaugural Sale 25% Off

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Floral Herbal SVA Soaps for Luxurious Summer Skin

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