Einkorn Flour?

What do you think of Einkorn flour (http://jovialfoods.com/einkorn/)? It is marketed as being the “original” wheat least or Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.11.10not processed. I personally find it much easier to digest — it is so delicious and light, but I wanted to double check with you.


Dear Divya: Eikorn flour is a great flour. It is very healthy, it is tasty, and I personally have adopted it in my diet. What’s even better is if you can get a grain grinder and pulverize the Eikorn into flour in your own home. You will taste the difference even better!


Coconut Aminos vs Soy Sauce

Can we occasionally use it as soy sauce substitute – Coconut Aminos:



Dear Divya: Occasionally perhaps, but keeping in mind that it will be pitta aggravating because it goes through heavy processing and derivation. If aggravating pitta is not a concern then by all means it is preferable over regular sketchup8ozlowres__03783__99566.1340154497.1280.1280oy sauce. Pitta dosha is a very sensitive dosha that can trigger all other imbalances in the physiology so you want to steer clear of any ingredients that can bring that about. Of course, as the ayurvedic texts explain, we always tends to gravitate more towards what we already have plenty of: high pitta individuals will crave food items that will further elevate their pitta dosha! My wife is a good example of this! She loves soy sauce and she had to stop eating it being a high pitta and prone to migraines in her youth. To make-up for it, together we have developed a recipe using my Amla Tamarind preserve that comes very close in taste to chinese dishes using soy sauce. I will share it shortly.

Nutritional Yeast VS B12

Nutritional yeast: I know it’s not a sattvic ingredient, but I sometimes feel really good when I eat it, maybe because of my nutritional-yeast-620x399acute vitamin B12 deficiency?


600x600_B12__97857.1377214947.1280.1280Dear Divya: nutritional yeast is pitta provoking in longterm use. You will get all kinds of pitta associated symptoms of heat, and even vata aggravation if you use it on a regular basis. Try to supplement your B12 by consuming more freshly home made paneer, more yoghurt, or use my B12 cream. Once in a while is ok to do nutritional yeast, specially in colder weather, but don’t keep it as part of your regular diet.


Monk Fruit or not?

Monk fruit sweetener: http://www.lakanto.com/. Do you approve of it? dfd14980ef60

Divya A.

Vaidya replies:

Dear Divya:  Many of my SVA followers have been asking me about Monk fruit sweetener so I got a chance to look into it. I bought some. And did some research. I have not found a single brand that simply contains the monk fruit. All I could come across are different brands that had the monk fruit extract in addition to either: Dextrose; Maltodextrine; or Erythritol. This tells me one thing for sure: that the Monk fruit itself is not sweet enough to be able to stand on its own. It actually has somewhat of a subtle bitter aftertaste that’s being masked by the additives. I know it is the big rage now because it’s promoted as a zero calorie sugar substitute that you can use exactly as regular cane sugar for your drinks, baking, etc, that will also not affect the health of those who may be type 1 or type 2 diabetics. But I suspect in a little while we are going to hear of new research that lists the side-effects of consuming the Dextrose, or Erythritol on a daily basis like that. Screenshot 2015-10-02 09.24.21

I have been giving a lot of thought to sweeteners, as they are such an important aspect of our diet, and crucial for helping us maintain physical and emotional health. And I am very happy to say that I have finally put together a truly great sweetener that will contain ZERO additives of any sort and is made purely from natural plants and ingredients, it can be used for all your daily consumption or baking needs safely, it is 100% alcohol free and totally absorb-able and digestible by the body with no residue. I will be launching it in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more!

Dark Circles Around the Eyes Despite Yoga and SVA Diet

“I’m working too much on computer, I am a female, I am quite stressed out at work and nowadays I’m seeing I’m dark-circlesdeveloping dark circles around my eyes although I am on the SVA Diet and I do yoga regularly. Please let me know what to do for dark circles under my eyes?”

Cary T.

Vaidya replies:

If you have already check things out medically and there is no specific identifiable medical reason for your dark circle, then you can follow the following steps or tips which may help you.

Using the computer for long periods of time drains out the soma or cooling energy of the eyes, wemf-protection-warninghich the eyes need more of, because the eyes are a predominantly pitta fiery organ (agneya organ).  So when you stare at the computer screen, or any other electronic device (TV, cell-phone, tablet, etc) for long periods of time, you are using up and burning the lunar energy, or soma, of your eyes, your eyes are now left depleted, and the agni of your eyes, further aggravated not only by soma depletion but by overexposure to electronic synthetic agni, gets further aggravated, creating the dark circles around your eyes.

Another point related to this is the EMF charge of these electronic devices disrupts the flow of pranic energy of your eyes. Due to the lack of circulation, dark circles also emerge.

What can you do? The answer is to replenish the soma reservoirs of your eyes. You can try to do the following things:

Get a double layered piece of cheesecloth and cut it lengthwise to be able to cover your eyes – from temple to temple. Add a few drops of fresh water to the SVA Skin Clay Powder to make a thin but consistent paste. Take a spoonful of the paste 91qCMH1gREL._SL1500_and place on the cheesecloth strip. Lie down and place the cotton strip with the clay on top of your eyestsmith_100323_0474__61770__85225.1339638069.1280.1280 – the clay should be situated to fit the orb of your closed eyes. Make sure you do not get any clay into your eyes. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes – you can take off earlier if your eyes start to feel cold.

Then rinse your eyes and face with warm water, dry it, and apply SVA ALA cream – this cream is water (not lipid) based. You may feel a little thermogenesis and tingling around your eyelids or surrounding areas – this is a sign that circulation is improving. ALA (alpha lipoid acid) is highly effective for improving microcirculation without heating the area. You can do some research on the scientific findings about ALA. You can also use my SVA Triphala Ghee: apply it in the mornings, massage in and leave on. But ALA cream is the best product for this protocol and it will target your dark circles. Do this every night for 15 days. This protocol will also calm you down, you will feel very relaxed after a long day, it may even improve your sleep, and calm your mind. Screenshot 2015-10-02 10.33.28

600_Triphala_Ghee_1.5_oz__06149.1405391159.1280.1280A very important point is to go to bed by 10pm. You are certainly aware of the different energies that are at play during the day. Between 10pm and 2am, we have an agneya period. If we are awake during this time slot, our pitta dosha is prone to going out of balance. If our body is enjoying somagenic sleep during this time, then the pitta organs in our bodies get to do their job without further aggravating our pitta dosha. This is why many people who have been going to bed late at night for years without necessarily overexposing their eyes to EMF devices also get dark circles around their eyes. Staying up late throws off all the pitta sub-doshas, just like over-exposing the eyes to too many EMF devices does. So make sure you target a 9:30pm bedtime and are asleep by 10pm. Nature is your best healer

Is Yerba Mate healthy? Is it Tridoshic?

Dear Vaidya Mishra, We are so blessed and humbled to receive SVA knowledge and guidance from you. Thank you so Yerba-Matemuch for guiding our family and friends in a happy journey of well and whole being. We treasure all of the SVA teas and especially love Vaidya’s Cup. Would you please let us know if drinking Yerba Mate is healthy? As a tea made from the dried leaves of an evergreen shrub in the holy family that grows in Central and South America – We’ve been told that Mate contains a xanthine called “mateine” that is unlike caffeine and while it is a stimulant it doesn’t trigger jitteriness associated with caffeine and actually induces sleep. Would you agree with this? We’ve also heard that it is good for bones and may protect against colon cancer. We will not drink until we know of your brilliant recommendation! Namaste

Greg J.

Vaidya replies: 

Dear Greg: I am very familiar with this product and have been observing it for the past ten years. What I have seen is that predominantly kapha body type people with kapha aggravation are particularly liking this tea: it isIMG_2176 helping open their channels, addressing their fatigue, and energizing them. However, it may not be ideal for pitta or vata predominant body types, as well as vata/pitta and/or and pitta/vata predominant types. I’ve seen that yerba mate increases pitta and vata doshas. In fact, after regular long-term consumption I’ve observed sky high symptoms, such as: excessive dryness and heat in the body. A greater down side, however, has been, they these body-types develop an addiction to it. By the time they pitta/vatas realize that yerba mate is drying and heating them up, they are already addicted to drinking it and it’s hard to kick the habit.

So I can say with certainly that it is not tridoshic, as per ayurvedic precepts, unlike for example my “Vaidya’s Cup”! I would have it occasionally as a treat, but not as a regular drink for daily use.

45 Years Old Healthy but Constipated: What Are My Options?

Dear Dr. I have been your follower for many years and have  been using your wonderful creations.  I have a question which I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long tome. I am 45 year old female well balanced with normal weight. I wanted to ask which supplements I can use for severe constipation. I eat healthy but nothing helps. My stool is heavy and sticky. Please help.pomegranate


Vaidya replies:

Dear Alexa: looks like you might be eating something which is enhancing absorption in your column; or it could also be that stress in your daily life is disturbing the communication between prana vata that governs the mind, and apana vata that governs the colon. So first step would be for you to find out if you are using too much cumin or pomegranate in your diet? Or any other dry or drying foods – too many salty snacks would be a good example for this. If you are, then   stop doing so.


  • Add more vegetables to your diet, specially zucchini squash and yellow crookneck squash. Make sure you have them in some form with at least one meal a day.
  • Make a drink with 20% yogurt and 80% water, mix in well and drink with your lunch.
  • Eat on time! Never delay or skip your meals.
  • Use balanced tri-doshic spice blends such as Mum’s Masala.zucchini-small-300x225
  • Soma Salt will be best for you, switch to use only that, because common table salt can increase absorption and may cause constipation.
  • Make sure you have enough water during the day.
  • For you condition, instead of giving you a powerful purgative, I would first try to gently initiate changes that can restore your body’s natural ability to discharge your bowels normally. So I would recommend using my SVA Prakrit Transdermal cream on your lower spine at bedtime, to improve the communication between your apana vata and prana vata. Then, apply the SVA  Anushudhi cream on your lower abdomen. This will further support the downward flow of apana vata.
  • Adding prune and tamarind chutney to your dinners at night. This chutney will enhance the balance between absorption and elimination. Finally, you can also take one or two tablets of SVA Prakrit, to re-ignite the intelligence of elimination in your colon. Do all these things and let us know.



Why Carrots and Not Cucumber?

Dear Vaidya,

Thank you for this beautiful summer recipe! All of your continued efforts in sharing Ayurveda are greatly appreciated. I am wondering why you selected carrots as a base over say a cucumber which is such a soma rich food?



Vaidya replies:

Excellent question Traci. Other easily available fruits or vegetables are widely used in Summer smoothies and juice drinks. Both carrots and cucumbers are rich in vitamins and nutrients: carrots are a very good source of biotin, vitamin K, dietary fiber, molybdenum, potassium, vitamin B6, and vitamin C. They are also a good source of manganese, niacin, vitamin B1, panthothenic acid, phosphorus, folate, copper, vitamin E, and vitamin B2; while cucumbers have vitamin K and molybdenum; pantothenic acid; copper, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, biotin, and vitamin B1. They also contain the important nail health-promoting mineral silica. But there is a reason why, in ayurvedic terms, we can elect one over the other, as I did, in my reccarrots1ipe.

I chose carrot because, unlike cucumber, it has both soma and agni – water and fire! It is not as cold or somagenic as cucumbers. In addition, in this specific recipe where I use orange, it helps balance against the sharpness and acidity of the orange juice. This recipe was made and meant to be cooling – but not freezing. The greatest error that is made all the time when trying to cool off pitta or heat is to freeze it. The greatest skill and in-depth knowledge is illustrated when one is able to cool off pitta without totally freezing it and then further aggravating it due to that freezing. Pitta is a very delicate dosha to balance, it needs the exact amount of coolness but also needs to maintain some heat. Remember that pitta is made up of fire and water. It is not fire through and through.

In general, however, when I give out recipes, I want to make sure that they are tridoshic. For example, if someone is experiencing a mild kapha imbalance, they should also be able to use the recipe without suffering further kapha aggravation. Pitta pacifying recipes should not be freezing for the channels and tissue agnis.

This juice recipe is very balanced but it also tastes good. Using cucumber instead of the carrot will alter the taste and it may not taste that great. This is a time-tested recipe from my family that has received a lot of recognition, because it does not cause any bloating after drinking. In general, drinking raw juices dilute your digestive enzymes and can immediately result in bloating and/or gas. Some people will experience this earlier than others based on the strength of their digestive system. This recipe carries a balanced ratio of some and agni ingredients so it rehydrates from the heat, stokes digestive agni, and maintains and supports soma for further cooling. But it is a great favorite because it also tastes great! Enjoy it!

Ashwagandha for my 4 Year Old Daughter?


Now a days we don’t get raw milk in the supermarkets, its pasteurized and homogenized. Do you still suggest to add all the spices mentioned while boiling the milk? Also I wanted to ask can I add Ashwagandha along with other spices in the milk for my 4 year old daughter ?



Vaidya replies:ashwaganda-root

Dear Sheetal: I would not suggest using Ashwagandha for your 4 year old daughter. It is too pitta provoking and energizing for her. For your four year old girl, the milk with pods of green cardamom, add a tiny chunk of cinnamon stick. Cardamom will enhance the digestion of the protein molecules of the milk; and the cinnamon will enhance the digestion of sugar molecules of the milk. These two spices are very good for young children.

As to your other question, boiled raw milk is the best thing to consume; however, if you are not able to get it in your area, try to find organic milk that is only pasteurized but not homogenized – this is your next best option. There are several dairy companies who makes this available these days, nation-wide. One particular brand I can think of is called the Strauss Dairy Family Farms. Their pasteurized non-homogenized milk should be available in most health food stores and supermarkets nation wide. Try to get that one.


Bhrajak, Alochak and Sadhak Pitta Out!

Dear Dr Mishra

I am 51 and I suffer from Rosacea and pustules – please what would you recommend. My skin condition on my face is rosacea-treatmentsgradually getting worse. I am vegetarian and only have 2 cups of tea daily. Also drink jeera and sonf water also green tea. Drink Lassi as well. Eat lots of fruit and veg and have cut back on bread, fried foods, spices and chillies. What else can I do to help myself. Also I have a creaky knee and dry eyes sometimes watery with floaters. Can ghee with triphala help my eyes?

Many thanks


Vaidya replies:

I think you would greatly benefit from an over-the-phone ayurvedic consultation with SVA expert Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum. But, in the meantime, from what you write, it looks like you are doing some things that are provoking your pitta dosha. As per Ayurveda, both rosacea and your eye problem are due to pitta aggravation. Your rosacea indicates bhrajak pitta aggravation, which gets further aggravated when you expose yourself to the sun. Your eye problem is due to alochak pitta aggravation. Both these pitta sub-doshas are rooted in the pachak pitta of the stomach, and the ranjak pitta of the liver. Anything hot and spicy, foods or drinks, will aggravate your bhrajak pitta of the skin, and alochak pitta of the eyes.

  • My first recommendation would be for you to stop eating hot and spicy food. spicy
  • Second: always eat on time – eat every 3-4 hours.
  • Then: pacify your pitta by using my SVA Pitta Masala in your cooking.
  • You can also try out my SVA pitta tea instead of the “jeera and saunf tea” you are drinking. The pitta tea is a balanced mixture of herbs and spaces that will target all your pitta subdoshas and give cooling relief.
  • Mind the sun: when bhrajak pitta is aggravated, your sensitivity to the sun increases. When pachak pitta and ranjak pitta are aggravated you will experience additional pitta imbalances affecting other organs, as well as your overall mood, and setting things into a circle of imbalance that may be hard to break out of or reverse, unless you use the proper steps. In this picture, the key is to cool your liver without freezing it! Less exposure to the sun will definitely help with this. Along with the list of all these other tips I am giving you.
  • Eat warming foods and spices that will not freeze your pitta organs. This is a very delicate balance to achieve, but that’s the objective of my SVA Pitta Masala and SVA Pitta Tea. For the Pitta Tea, use 1 teaspoon per 8 oz water, drink a cup twice a day.
  • In addition, apply DGL Transdermal Cream on the stomach area and the liver (on the right side below your rib cage) after lunch and dinner.Screenshot 2015-09-25 14.57.42
  • Also apply DGL Transdermal cream on your liver before going to bed.
  • Make sure you have good bowel movements daily, because good bowel movements release the toxic pitta accumulated in your physiology on a daily basis. If your bowel movements are not good, if they tend to be slower, use Triphala for high pitta – 1 or two capsules at night before bed. Ideally, you should have at least one if not two good bowel movements every day.
  • Never skip or delay meals – as this will unnecessarily further aggravate your pitta.
  • Don’t go out in the sun for extended exposure. Protect yourself when you do.
  • Specifically don’t go out in the sun  when you are hungry or thirsty or emotionally upset! In SV Ayurveda, we capitalize on a total holistic approach. Although rosacea and your eye problem are manifesting in the skin and the eyes, you need to address the root of your problems rather than the symptomatic expressions of it. The root lies in your stomach and your liver.
  • The third main factor in your situation is your “sadhak pitta” – the pitta subdosha which governs the emotional heart. When your sadhak pitta is high, it also aggravates your alochak pitta, as well as your bhrajak pitta. This is one reason why, when people are angry, their face and eyes turn red. To pacify your sadhak pitta, use the SVA Samadhi Set with Ashoka (not Arjuna). Apply some Ashoka cream or roll-on on your talahridiya marma, or heart marma points. You can also apply the SVA cooling Aloe Sandalwood cream  on your rosacea areas on your face –  a very thin layer. At night, apply a very thin layer of Triphala ghee on your temples and eyelids before going to bed.

Try these and let us know. To reach Dr. Teitelbaum for an ayurvedic consult, call: 1.856.786.3300. Thank you.