Einkorn Flour?

What do you think of Einkorn flour (http://jovialfoods.com/einkorn/)? It is marketed as being the “original” wheat least or not processed. I personally find it much easier to digest — it is so delicious and light, but I wanted to double check with you.   Dear Divya: Eikorn flour is a great flour. It is very […]

Coconut Aminos vs Soy Sauce

Can we occasionally use it as soy sauce substitute – Coconut Aminos: http://www.amazon.com/Coconut-Secret-Seasoning-Frustration-Packaging/dp/B00P9I8U0U. Dear Divya: Occasionally perhaps, but keeping in mind that it will be pitta aggravating because it goes through heavy processing and derivation. If aggravating pitta is not a concern then by all means it is preferable over regular soy sauce. Pitta dosha […]

Nutritional Yeast VS B12

Nutritional yeast: I know it’s not a sattvic ingredient, but I sometimes feel really good when I eat it, maybe because of my acute vitamin B12 deficiency?   Dear Divya: nutritional yeast is pitta provoking in longterm use. You will get all kinds of pitta associated symptoms of heat, and even vata aggravation if you […]

Monk Fruit or not?

Monk fruit sweetener: http://www.lakanto.com/. Do you approve of it?  Divya A. Vaidya replies: Dear Divya:  Many of my SVA followers have been asking me about Monk fruit sweetener so I got a chance to look into it. I bought some. And did some research. I have not found a single brand that simply contains the […]

Dark Circles Around the Eyes Despite Yoga and SVA Diet

“I’m working too much on computer, I am a female, I am quite stressed out at work and nowadays I’m seeing I’m developing dark circles around my eyes although I am on the SVA Diet and I do yoga regularly. Please let me know what to do for dark circles under my eyes?” Cary T. […]

45 Years Old Healthy but Constipated: What Are My Options?

Dear Dr. I have been your follower for many years and have  been using your wonderful creations.  I have a question which I’ve been wanting to ask you for a long tome. I am 45 year old female well balanced with normal weight. I wanted to ask which supplements I can use for severe constipation. […]

Why Carrots and Not Cucumber?

Dear Vaidya, Thank you for this beautiful summer recipe! All of your continued efforts in sharing Ayurveda are greatly appreciated. I am wondering why you selected carrots as a base over say a cucumber which is such a soma rich food? Respectfully, Traci Vaidya replies: Excellent question Traci. Other easily available fruits or vegetables are […]

Ashwagandha for my 4 Year Old Daughter?

Namaste, Now a days we don’t get raw milk in the supermarkets, its pasteurized and homogenized. Do you still suggest to add all the spices mentioned while boiling the milk? Also I wanted to ask can I add Ashwagandha along with other spices in the milk for my 4 year old daughter ? THANKS Sheetal […]

Bhrajak, Alochak and Sadhak Pitta Out!

Dear Dr Mishra I am 51 and I suffer from Rosacea and pustules – please what would you recommend. My skin condition on my face is gradually getting worse. I am vegetarian and only have 2 cups of tea daily. Also drink jeera and sonf water also green tea. Drink Lassi as well. Eat lots […]

Depression and Sleeplessness

Vaidya ji I have been suffering from depression and sleep disturbance from last six months. The causative factor was fear of illness due to wrong diagnosis. The stress has affected my digestion and I get stomach bloating, gas and pain in the lower right abdomen and left chest. Please suggest some effective way to cure […]