“Prana Is Maha Rasayana” with Shaka Vanshiya Ayurveda – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter April 11, 2024, #13, Vol 13

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“Prana Is

Maha Rasayana…”

Vaidya Mishra’s voice still echoes in our hearts… All we really need is Prana to address ANY/ALL ailments. Prana can help where the most sacred most divine herbs may fail – for without prana NOTHING can help. In the Shaka Vanshiya tradition of Ayurveda that is thousands of years old, we learn what Prana is, in its integrality, the most fundamental and constitutional building block of EVERYTHING under the sun – INCLUDING THE SUN! Prana, truly is ALL THERE IS! Without Prana there can be no life of any form or substance in the universe. Prana is the first most refined most subtle manifestation of the dormant universe. And it is the best rasayana: that which re-juvenates, re-stores life in every cell, tissue, organ, and organ-system in the body… No detox, no herbal protocol, no healing program, no-thing (!), AT ALL will work unless there is prana involved first and foremost…

Are you intrigued?! Want to learn more? We have made a treasure-trove of SVAyurveda knowledge available to you through Vaidya Mishra’s Podcast channel – scroll down. In addition, you can learn more specifics with Dr Marianne Teitelbaum’s YouTube videos. The SV Ayurveda knowledge will shed new light on common conceptions and teachings, and offer new avenues of always MORE BALANCE AND BLISS, because that’s how life is meant to be lived and we are destined to live a life that is nothing less than always more balanced – and blissfully so! Then Vaidya Mishra’s beautiful legacy of time-less vedic teachings will be forever upheld in and through our lives… In honor of the great teacher and healer that he was, we owe him that much as a token of deep gratitude, on this April 13th, marking the 7th anniversary of his maha-samadhi… Namaste!

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