Castor oil and Toe-nail Fungus

I was very surprised to hear about the dangerous effects of repeatedly using castor oil on the skin.Castor-Oil-1

I have used castor oil packs on my body for years, and had very satisfactory results. Also I have applied castor oil to my feet to help combat nail fungus. Do you advise me to stop both these practices?

Thank you for your informative newsletter. Marcia

Vaidya Replies:

Dear Marcia: after having done extensive research on castor oil, in my opinion, long-term use of castor oil negatively impacts the health of the nerves. In your case, since you have been applying it on your skin, it may impact the nerve endings of your skin. Try to substitute castor oil with other oils, such as almond, or jojoba oil. For your fungus, I have formulated a Cassia tora Plus spray, and a Cassia tora lotion. You can first apply theCassia-Tora-Seed Cassia tora plus spray to clean the toenails gently. This can be done at night. After that you apply the Cassia tora lotion. This may help you, without giving you side effects in the long-term, without damaging your nerves and nerve-endings.  You can call our office and ask for a complimentary sample kit to try it out. Cassia tora seeds are very famous in Ayurveda for addressing fungus in a healthy way. Alternately, fungus occurs due to several reasons, but also due to poor circulation on our toes and finger nails where toxins can get stuck. May I suggest you adopt a good oil to massage your hands and feet twice daily, morning and evening, and keep circulation flowing.


Depression and Sleeplessness

Vaidya ji

I have been suffering from depression and sleep disturbance from last six months. The causative factor was fear of illness due to wrong diagnosis.

The stress has affected my digestion and I get stomach bloating, gas and pain in the lower right abdomen and left chest.

600x600_0009_19_Heart_Lotus__41178.1376010264.1280.1280Please suggest some effective way to cure this condition.

Prabhakar M.

Vaidya replies:

Dear Prabhakar:

Learn to do the SVA Samadhi Set Marma Massage (it takes 5 minutes) along with creams or roll-ons (with Ashoka). Also, apply the Super Sport roll-on on your lower spine. I will also suggest you recite or listen to some mantras. Sound vibrations have powerful restorative and healing effects on the nervous system. I suggest the “Heart Lotus Mantra.” Play or recite this 11 times morning and 11 times before going to bed.  and if you believe in mantras do heart lotus mantra 11 times in the morning and 11 times in the evening before bed , eat on time  easy to digest food , if you prefer non-vegetarian diet start eating chicken broth cooked with mums masala, soma salt, olive oil everyday. Do early massage with ashwagandha and magnesium oil every other day.


Salt Now or Later?

Is it better to add salt to the dishes at the beginning or towards the end of cooking?soma_salta__79943__03841.1340580089.1280.1280

Vaidya replies:

It is best to add the salt at the beginning because it gets to interact with and penetrate into the molecules of the food with a head-start. In SV Ayurveda we always recommend to add the salt at the beginning so that it becomes part of the molecular structure of the food. So when you minerals, such as sodium, they do not overwhelm your blood stream immediately because they get broken down with the rest of the molecules slowly and in a longer sequence. So, in general for a healthy person, it is best to add the salt at the beginning and cook with it.

Typical Case of “High Pitta and Low Agni?”

Hey Vaidya Mishra,

I have a high pitta but low agni and I’ve been trying to treat it for the last 5 years of my life. Hence, I only knew about my ‘what I think is my exact condition’ (the high pitta, low agni; specifically low pachak agni) like 2 months back.pain-under-left-rib-cage When I started adding spices to my food: ‘ginger, black pepper, fennel, coriander, cumin,’ and felt much better, but ended up being constipated. I’ve been taking liver bitters (livo map) for the last 3 years of my life, but I found out lately, that those bitters, actually end up cooling me too much and lowering the pachak agni too much, so food end up being remained in my stomach for long time and resulting in burning sensation under my right rib cage (which I think my congested gallbladder). I’m wondering what shall I do? If I stop the liver support (livo map), I end up feeling that I REALLY need it and I end up back to it, because it really relaxes me and cools me down, and get my bowls moving, but when I add those spices, like ginger and black pepper to support my stomach acid, I end up being constipated and my bowls stop moving (because eventually they are carminatives). Coriander is really turning off my stomach acid. I’m a pitta person (diagnosed by an ayurvedic doctor). I’m as well wondering if Turmeric (since you said it is really good for high pitta low agni situation) does increase stomach acid? (the pachak agni), because, I think this is what I at first really have to take care of, because no matter what food I’m eating, it end up remaining in my stomach for long and after I’m starting to feel the pain under my right rib cage. I know that I have weaknesses in both parts, the digestive juices from gallbladder and pancreas and as well a low stomach agni, but when i higher the stomach acid as well too much, then the pain under my right rib cage, as well starts. so I’m guessing this pain starts whenever there’s too much acid, whether from long remaining undigested food in the duodenum and remaining of undigested food in the stomach because of low stomach acid and low digestive juices, or because of high stomach acid (after adding acid producing factors like ginger, black peppers, lemon and apple cider vinegar) and low digestive juices (biles), that not end up neutralizing the acidic food entering the duodenum. I know that balance is the solution, but I’m always end up failing and end up by whether un-floating bowels (if no acid available in my duodenum/stomach) or my bowels are fine (slightly constipated let me say), if acid remains in my duodenum & undigested food in my stomach.liver-detox

As well, I would like to know your address if it happens that you live in India, since I might be giving India a trip anytime soon.



Vaidya replies:

Dear George: It looks like you are self-diagnosing and self-treating. Please call Dr. Teitelbaum in New Jersey at 1.856.786.3300 and schedule an ayurvedic over-the-phone consult with her.  But in the meantime, because I can see you are very curious and have a passion to learn Ayurveda, and to help yourself, here is a bigger picture of what might be going on in your physiology ayurvedically speaking, according to your questions and comments.

When we try to take care of physical liver organ, trying to detoxify, the liver will leech out toxins that may end up disturbing your stomach and colon. When you trying to fix your colon and stomach, you get constipated. According to SVA, and you might have already read this in my newsletters or on my blog, I use the image of a ghee wick, and the ghee flame, to explain the relationship between a burner and the gap, or space (sandhi) where metabolism or Screenshot 2015-09-25 13.58.02transformation occurs in our physiology. In that gap or sandhi, the transformation of Pitta (the fuel) into the agni (the flame) occurs. When that sandhi is encountering a problem, then you may experience some or all of the problems and symptoms that you list. So along with trying to support the physical liver, the physical stomach, the physical duodenum, or physical colon, one has to address the more subtle and vibrational aspects of digestion, the gaps.  So my suggestion will be, until you see or have a phone consult with Dr.Marianne Teitelbaum, try to adopt or do the following SVA protocols to clean and support your gaps:

-Apply SVA DGL transdermal on the liver area – this is on your right side, just below the last lower rib. Do this at night before going to bed. Then apply Pro Pachaka Transdermal in a clockwise motion, on your stomach, as if the clock was on your stomach – so 9pm would be on your right side, 12 correspond to your neck area, etc. Apply Pro-Pachaka on your stomach after breakfast, after lunch, as well as after dinner.

The DGL cream will re-establish the intelligence of your liver by supporting all the 5 burners of the liver. You see, in the liver we have one pitta, that’s ranjak pitta (fuel); but in the liver we also have 5 burners, and each burner supplies a different kind of flame each flame. Each flame is assigned to address one of each of the panch mahabhuta-s: space, air, fire, water, and earth.tsmith_100317_0391__88222__68529.1340153919.1280.1280

The Pro-Pachaka cream carries all the herbs and spices that vibrationally address the energy of all these burners which help transform the pachak pitta into pachak agni. With this cream, the “freezing effect” that you are experiencing in your stomach or duodenum should be slowly addressed.

Next, you will try to enhance communication between mind, stomach and colon, by applying the DGL transdermal cream, and the Prakrit Transdermal cream on the lower bottom half of your spine, in the morning after shower, and at night before going to bed. This will enhance the vibrational communication between mind and stomach, so eventually your mind will be in charge again of properly commanding when and how much enzymes need to be released after and during your meals. The DGL and Prakrit will help do this. In addition, the DGL and Prakrit creams will also enhance the communication between mind (prana vata) and your colon (apana vata).

SV Ayurveda is a different kind of Ayurveda where in addition to food and spices taken orally to address imbalances on a physical bio-chemical level, we also support things on a subtle vibrational level as you can see. I have not seen your pulse but this protocol that I just gave you should help you, based on my decades of experiences and from the symptoms that you indicated having. Try it and write back to us. Thank you.

Knee Pain: Surgery or Ayurveda?

Namaskar once againkneepain

Misra ji: my husband is 41 years old and he is having lots of knee pain. Some doctors recommended him to have knee replacement, while few recommended some kind of injection. Please suggest if through Ayurveda or diet changes we can heal his knees.


Vaidya replies:

Dear Gurmeet: it would be advisable to have an ayurvedic consultation with a SVA practitioner. But in the meantime, here is some advice based on SVA principles you can start incorporating that might help alleviate the symptoms.

In general, we use our knee and elbow joints extensively, that’s why they become a target of pain, specifically if the body is acidic. This may happen even at a young age. So first of all, you need to look into the diet he is consuming and eliminate and change anything in the diet that is causing his body’s pH to be acidic rather than alkaline. AdopScreenshot 2015-09-25 20.43.59t the main tenets of the SVA diet which is all about neutralizes the PH of the body otherwise, if you eat acidic food to maintain AVAILABLE HERE. When your body’s pH is low, it eats away at the bone tissue, and the calcium in order to create balance. That’s how our bone tissue gets depleted and we experience inflammation and chronic condition related to inflammatory pain. The bone tissue needs raw material, or soma. Acidic food is full of fire or agni, so acidity of the body attacks the cartilages. Thus changing/amending your diet and adopting SVA principles will be step one. Then step two: in the morning apply HN Cream on the knees, and at night apply Maha Kanchenar and Healthy Joints Transdermal creams. The herbs encapsulated in these creams may help more once we also do whole body massage with Vata oil with Magnesium and Vit D. In addition, add Soma Cal capsules, 1 capsule twice a day. This will supply the best most easy to digest calcium to treat and nourish the bone tissue. The magnesium and Vitamin D oil will enhance the synthesis and absorption of calcium from the Soma Cal capsules as well as from the food. But, without dietary changes, none of these creams, herbs, capsules, nothing will not work!


Is it ok to cook Avocados?

“Dear Vaidyaji,

Is it OK to cook Avocados or it should be had raw always?AVOCADO-hass



Vaidya replies:

Dear Pavithra: cooking avocados is not a good idea because avocado oil and other nutrients in avocado are very heat sensitive. However, raw avocado has a lot of soma, and if your digestive agni is low (pachak agni), and you consume raw avocados, you may make ama (semi-digested material or toxins) from avocado. For high pitta and high agni individuals, raw avocado is a great treat, because their overactive digestion can fully metabolize the raw avocado, but if you tend to have slower digestion, here is a recipe you can try. It will help you in transforming the soma of the avocado into ojas.

You will need:

1 ripe medium avocado – take out the seed and keep the pulp

1/4 tsp. Mum’s Masala

1 tsp. lime juicesoma_salt__84355_thumb

Soma Salt per taste

½ teaspoon olive oil

Mix altogether to make a rich creamy texture. If you like chilies, you can add 1 fine shredded green thai chili.

The spice mixture of Mum’s Masala supports digestion and overall metabolism and will help process the richness of avocado so you get the most out of its nutrients without making any ama.


Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Heart Burn and Indigestion

“Namaskar guruji,

Could you please help my daughter? She is gaining weight, having severe hair fall and always complaining about acidity and indigestion and throat infection. Now she is having pcod problem also. She is 26 years old. Last year only she got married. Please suggest some good medicine for her problems. Vit B12 deficiency is also there.”

Vaidya replies:

From what I can read, most of your daughter’s problems seem to be related to bad diet and bad routine. So first thing to do would be to fix her diet and routine. Please read the articles below that give you the basic guideline to restore balance to your body according to the SVA guidelines. I do ongoing research to bring the best of both worlds – ancient AyurvScreenshot 2015-09-17 15.40.26eda, and modern findings – to keep the SVA principles up-to-date on all health aspects. Diet will be a key factor for your daughter. Eliminating things that are bothering her physiology, and then adding things that will help her balance it. This should help some with all aspects. Read also the article on SVA Hair Care to see what further she can implement. After changing the diet and practicing it for 3 months, some of her symptoms should go away. At that point, please make a phone consultation appointment with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, in New Jersey. She will give you a more targeted protocol over the phone. Her number is: 1.856.786.3300. After practicing three months of this diet and routine some problems may go away then Dr. Teitelbaum can take over she can guide you by phone but all of these problems are always connected with bad diet and bad routine.


What to Avoid During Pregnancy


Thanks for your reply. If you happen to have a recommendation list of what herbs to avoid during pregnancy please let me know.

Thank you! Sara”

Vaidya replies:

Dear Sara: any herb which is known to be detoxifying, as well as any herb or plant which is highly estrogenic like fennel; or shatavari. Most famous detoxifying herbs are: neem, guduchi. Stay away from these. But any other herbs with the biScreenshot 2015-09-10 15.33.54tter taste as well will be detoxifying – like milk thistle.

Of course, it all depends on how strong an individual is and whether the herbs are being administered orally – transmucosally – or transdermally, through the skin. But in general, any crude herb which is detoxifying and estrogenic in nature should be avoided by pregnant women. Remember, you should also avoid bitter vegetables like bitter melon, or bitter leafy greens (kale, collards, etc) and estrogenic fruits like pineapple, papaya, or asparagus, fennel sprouts, and anything made with/from soy. Also avoid licorice – it is estrogenic. In addition, at any stage of the pregnancy, it is best to avoid hot pungent foods that use too much red chillies, asafetida (or hing). Green chilies and ginger in moderation are ok, depending on whether the mother’s constitution is high pitta or not.

Vit D and Iodine Deficiency

“Dear Dr. Mishra,

I have a question regarding your magnesium/vitamin D oil. I recently received the test results of my blood work and my doctor says I need to take 5,000 units of vitamin D. How much is in your oil? I am not sure I am receiving enough from your oil. I am dark skinned and do not spend a lot of time in the sun.Cod-Liver-Oil1

The doctor has also advised me to take additional iodine. I have purchased your Soma Salt. Does it have iodine? Are there any other natural ways of receiving iodine? 

Finally what do you think of organic cod liver oil from fresh water fish? I took this for 3 years to increase my vitamin D levels which are now at 30. I recently stopped after purchasing your vitamin D/magnesium oil because I did not want to have too much vitamin D. 

I look forward to your response.


Rhonda J.”

Vaidya Replies:

Dear Rhonda, my Vit D transdermal cream will deliver 3400 units of Vit D per 1 gram, while the roll-on will deliver Screenshot 2015-09-11 21.04.521400 units of Vit D per 10ml of the liquid. The same applies for the roll-on. The key is to supplement these transdermal products with a balanced alkaline diet. If you lead a stressful life-style, inflammation and acidic toxins adversely affect the levels of Vit D in your body as well. Try to correct things holistically, not just by supplementing what is missing. Otherwise, Cod liver oil is also a good source of Vit D that you can take in addition to the transdermal creams. If your diet is balanced (alkaline, nourishing, fresh, and timely), and you are using the Vit D Transdermal creams, you will see improvement over time. Many have.

The SVA Soma Salt does not contain any iodine. You can get iodine through food. For example, seaweed. If you regularly eat seaweed (multiple times a week), you will probably receive enough iodine. However, the availability of iodine from seaweed is variable so that sometimes you may end up getting too much iodine, which you also don’t want.

Cases of iodine toxicity reported in scientific journals are often from excessive amounts of kelp and kelp tablets. Iodine toxicity may develop when intake is > 1.1 mg/day. Consuming too much usually does not affect thyroid function, but it may, causing the thyroid gland to become overactive and produce excess thyroid hormones (hyperthyroidism), particularly in people who used to consume too little iodine. However, sometimes excess iodine can decrease production of thyroid hormones (causing hypothyroidism). As a result, the thyroid gland enlarges, forming a goiter. Goiters can form when the thyroid gland is underactive or overactive.

If people consume very large amounts of iodine, they may have a brassy taste in their mouth and produce more saliva. Iodine can irritate the digestive tract and cause a rash.

When iodine is deficient, the thyroid gland enlarges, forming a goiter, as it attempts to capture more iodine for the production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland becomes underactive and produces too little thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism). Fertility is reduced. In adults, hypothyroidism may cause puffy skin, a hoarse voice, impaired mental function, dry and scaly skin, sparse and coarse hair, intolerance to cold, and weight gain.seasweed

Infants, children, and adults with iodine deficiency are treated with iodine supplements taken by mouth. Infants are also given supplements of thyroid hormone taken by mouth, sometimes throughout life. Children and adults may also be given thyroid hormone supplements. But before taking the path of supplementation, unless your medical doctor has already advised you to do so, in which case you should not hesitate to follow his recommendation, it is good to try to correct your diet to include more iodine from natural sources. I do not recommend using regular table salt with iodine, as that salt impairs health by retaining toxins and water in the body. Sea salt that may be a better source of natural iodine might also be too sharp and pitta aggravating according to Ayurveda. So I would try to incorporate food items that can support and boost your iodine levels naturally.

What foods are naturally high in iodine? Iodine is a component of almost every living plant and animsbluefinal. No standard measurements of iodine in food exist because iodine concentrations vary across the world. In general, foods from the sea contain the most iodine, followed by animal foods, then plant foods. Of all foods, seaweed (like kelp), is the most well known and reliable source of natural iodine. Egg and dairy products can also be good sources.

Other than fortified salt, the concentrations of iodine in these foods can vary widely and this table should be taken only as a rough guide.

Food Serving Size Iodine
Dried Seaweed 1 gram 16-2984µg (11% – 1989% DV)
Cod 3 ounces* 99µg (66% DV)
Iodized Salt (Fortified) 1 gram 77µg (51% DV)
Milk 1 cup (8 fluid ounces) 56µg (37% DV)
Shrimp 3 ounces 35µg (23% DV)
Fish sticks 2 fish sticks 35µg (23% DV)
Turkey breast baked 3 ounces 34µg (23% DV)
Tuna canned in oil 3 ounces (1/2 can) 17µg (11% DV)
Egg boiled 1 large 12µg (8% DV)

Help: Can’t Fall Asleep!


” Hello,moon

I have hard time to get into sleep during night. Many times I was awake whole night, and in the morning I get headaches but I am very proper in following my bed time schedule. I take warm milk with some ginger and turmeric but no help.

I also don’t want to take any herbal medicines as I think it will work till I take those and after it won’t.

So please suggest some transdermal creams to get good sleep which will last for longer.



Vaidya replies:

Dear Nithya: first thing is you should stop mixing ginger and turmeric with your milk. Instead, make a recipe of milk date shake:date_shake_

Boil milk with a couple cardamom pods, a stick of cinnamon; take off the heat, pour into a blender and add 1-2 pitted medjool dates and blend. Drink warm before bed.

In addition to this, do a gentle self-massage with SVA Vata oil with Magnesium and Vit D before bed, focusing on your legs and arms and lower back. Then take a shower and wash the oil off.

Nighttime is  “soma time,” and our bodies need more soma to get proper sleep. Milk is somagenic, that’s why it is recommended in general in Ayurveda; but turmeric and ginger are agneya or fiery by nature, so instead of mixing milk with turmeric and ginger, prepare your milk with dates, as a milk date shake. This will give you more liquid soma from milk, and soma from dates as well.

Another thing is: you need to calm down your vata, pacify your nervous system before going to sleep. It will not help that you are going to bed on time if your nervous system is in a state of  disarray from the activities of the day. Some gentle slow yoga will certainly help, or gentle sow pranayam. And you should do a self-massage with SVA Vata oil with Magnesium and Vitamin D. Do whole body massage, leave the oil on for 20 minutes, and then take a nice long shower, using Soma Nidra soap. After your shower, you can also apply the Soma Nidra roll-on on your cervical spine area, and the sides of the neck. The herbs in the vata oil, the Soma Nidra roll-on and the soap, will help pacify your vata and calm you nervous system further, after you’ve done your Date Milk Shake. Try these remedies and let us know.  Thank you.