Castor oil and Toe-nail Fungus

I was very surprised to hear about the dangerous effects of repeatedly using castor oil on the skin.Castor-Oil-1

I have used castor oil packs on my body for years, and had very satisfactory results. Also I have applied castor oil to my feet to help combat nail fungus. Do you advise me to stop both these practices?

Thank you for your informative newsletter. Marcia

Vaidya Replies:

Dear Marcia: after having done extensive research on castor oil, in my opinion, long-term use of castor oil negatively impacts the health of the nerves. In your case, since you have been applying it on your skin, it may impact the nerve endings of your skin. Try to substitute castor oil with other oils, such as almond, or jojoba oil. For your fungus, I have formulated a Cassia tora Plus spray, and a Cassia tora lotion. You can first apply theCassia-Tora-Seed Cassia tora plus spray to clean the toenails gently. This can be done at night. After that you apply the Cassia tora lotion. This may help you, without giving you side effects in the long-term, without damaging your nerves and nerve-endings.  You can call our office and ask for a complimentary sample kit to try it out. Cassia tora seeds are very famous in Ayurveda for addressing fungus in a healthy way. Alternately, fungus occurs due to several reasons, but also due to poor circulation on our toes and finger nails where toxins can get stuck. May I suggest you adopt a good oil to massage your hands and feet twice daily, morning and evening, and keep circulation flowing.



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  1. Where can I buy this product? There is no link onn the website that takes me to shop. Thank you.

  2. We have not launched this product yet but you can call our office to pre-order : 1.818.7091005. Thank you!

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