Ayurvedic Crepes? With home-made lime pickle? Plus Date-coconut spread to top it off? Bring it on!

We always welcome your contributions to Vaidya’s newsletter, specially when they come to enrich your SVA kitchen! Total health starts with delicious satwic food, made with the proper “samskar” and “samyog” – proper preparation steps and proper combination of ingredients.

Today we share recipes from Sarah M. and Daria S. They are classical recipes from the indian continent, now adapted to our modern lifestyles and confirmed SVA by Vaidya!

Sarah M. sends us a north indian favorite, the “cheela” or crepe! It is a delicious way of consuming protein predominant mung dahl, to have a sustaining yet light meal. Also easy to combine with other dishes and fillers. We leave it up to your imagination!

Sarah writes:

“Dear Vaidya,

“I love your newsletter and am always so grateful for the information you send out. I just wanted to send a recipe that I’ve been making regularly and am really enjoying- perhaps others will like it too. Thank you for always inspiring me towards greater health and wellns.

Blessings, Swati J*

Easy Cheela (Daal Pancake)

Soak 1 cup washed organic split yellow mung daal in water for at least two hrs. Overnight is best.
AC-imgStrain daal. Put in a blender with a bit of churna (Mum’s Masala is best), salt and any other herbs (like cilantro, ginger etc.) that you might want to add. Sometimes a bit of turmeric is nice for a golden yellow pancake. Make sure the mix is pourable. Adding more water will make the pancakes more crepe-like, thicker batter is better for smaller and thicker pancakes. mung cheela Heat up cast iron griddle on medium + heat and use a little ghee to make it nonstick. Pour batter onto griddle in desired sizes. Flip when small bubbles appear. Voila! Cheela.  Excellent with a simple Palak Paneer or just a good chutney. Larger pancakes make excellent wraps. I usually eat mine with my “Vaidya approved” green protein which creates a very simple, light and wholesome meal. I have been keeping a bowl of daal soaking in the fridge at all times so that I can make a quick daal pancake at any meal. Enjoy!”

Lime Pickle to go with your cheela

Here is a delicious Lime Pickle recipe from Daria S. that can go with your cheela, approved by Vaidya! As you know, in our SVA diets, we always favor lime over lemons, due to their alkaline rather than acidic after-effects.  lime pickle Lime
pickle is a delicious way of pacifying Vata, alkalizing your body, while you sharpen your taste-buds and hone your digestive agni. You will also get the pleasure of preparing it yourself through simple easy steps. Here’s what Daria sent us.


Fresh organic limes (20-25) washed and completely dried
½ – ¾ cup Soma Salt
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 Tbsp fenugreek
1 tsp turmeric powder – make sure you toast this and not use it raw so it is gentler on the liver
Glass jar with plastic or glass lid (DO NOT use metal lid as the lime and salt will corrode/rust); best to sterilize the jar and thoroughly dry before use


  1. Slice limes into thin lengthwise slices (slice in half, then 3-4 slices from each half) preserving the juice; remove any seeds, stems, etc. I wear latex or vinyl gloves when slicing to prevent bacteria from getting into the mixture.
  2. Place slices into clean, dry jar and add salt
  3. Shake jar to coat all pieces, and keep aside. Try to expose to sunlight – place on your counter where you receive daily sunlight – for 5-7 days until the limes become tender; shake the jar well at least twice daily.
  4. Dry roast cumin and fenugreek, then grind to powder
  5. Add ground spice mixture and the turmeric to the jar of salted lime slices, mix well
  6. Continue to shake the jar and mix well at least twice daily for 2-4 weeks (depending upon the temperature; the warmer the temperature, the less time it will take to be ready) until the mixture is thick and the limes soft
  7. Preserve in dry airtight jar; does not need refrigeration.


And top it all off with a delicious date- coconut spread, another SVA approved recipe from Daria: this is a delicious cooling recipe,  coconut specially for the hot summer months, and particularly if you tend to be more of a pitta and vata constitution, or have more agni and marut by birth. If you are endowed with a more soma physiology, a fresh date, or a piece of coconut will work best for you for now….


10-15 large organic dates (double the number if they are small)
1/3 cup dry organic, unsweetened shredded coconut or fresh, ground
1 -2 tsp ghee dates
¼ tsp. or less fresh ground organic cardamom seeds to taste
Small pinch mineral salt
Pinch of saffron
Organic lime juice to taste

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Soak dates in water overnight with the saffron; remove pits
  2. Blend dates until nearly liquefied
  3. Grind cardamom seeds
  4. Heat ghee, add blended date mixture, and then add all other ingredients except lime juice
  5. Cook for 10-15 minutes on low or medium heat
  6. Add lime juice (to taste) and mix when somewhat cool


Do you have a recipe or recipe ideas, or questions about food ingredients or items? Send them to us at: livingtradition@prana-center.com, Vaidya will be happy to review them and we can share them with the SVA community at large.


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