Your SVA Kitchen: Ayurvedic Ketchup!

Kicking old habits are the hardest. Even when we know they may be harming us. So if someone comes along and tells you: you can keep your habit and gain health benefits from it too, wouldn’t you be ecstatically happy? I mean, honestly speaking: was there ever a better invention than fries with ketchup since […]

Coconut Matters! Scrumptuous Coconut Chips

It’s time to do something with the coconut you have been storing in your fridge/freezer after making the probiotic coconut recipe for the past week. Of course, if you are not up to eating the coconut at this point (if you have a cold, or the weather where you are is really cold and you […]

Your SVA Kitchen: Guilt-free Scrumptious SVA Chocolate Quinoa Laddus!

The origin of the word “laddu” is unknown. In Sanskrit, laddus are called “Modak.” In general, modak is a small ball made of flour, ghee, sugar, and some spices. Most common recipe for laddus includes besan (black small chickpea flour) combined with sugar, cooked in ghee and molded into a ball shape. The Carak Samhita […]