Monk Fruit or not?

Monk fruit sweetener: Do you approve of it? dfd14980ef60

Divya A.

Vaidya replies:

Dear Divya:  Many of my SVA followers have been asking me about Monk fruit sweetener so I got a chance to look into it. I bought some. And did some research. I have not found a single brand that simply contains the monk fruit. All I could come across are different brands that had the monk fruit extract in addition to either: Dextrose; Maltodextrine; or Erythritol. This tells me one thing for sure: that the Monk fruit itself is not sweet enough to be able to stand on its own. It actually has somewhat of a subtle bitter aftertaste that’s being masked by the additives. I know it is the big rage now because it’s promoted as a zero calorie sugar substitute that you can use exactly as regular cane sugar for your drinks, baking, etc, that will also not affect the health of those who may be type 1 or type 2 diabetics. But I suspect in a little while we are going to hear of new research that lists the side-effects of consuming the Dextrose, or Erythritol on a daily basis like that. Screenshot 2015-10-02 09.24.21

I have been giving a lot of thought to sweeteners, as they are such an important aspect of our diet, and crucial for helping us maintain physical and emotional health. And I am very happy to say that I have finally put together a truly great sweetener that will contain ZERO additives of any sort and is made purely from natural plants and ingredients, it can be used for all your daily consumption or baking needs safely, it is 100% alcohol free and totally absorb-able and digestible by the body with no residue. I will be launching it in 2 weeks. Stay tuned for more!


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