Dark Circles Around the Eyes Despite Yoga and SVA Diet

“I’m working too much on computer, I am a female, I am quite stressed out at work and nowadays I’m seeing I’m dark-circlesdeveloping dark circles around my eyes although I am on the SVA Diet and I do yoga regularly. Please let me know what to do for dark circles under my eyes?”

Cary T.

Vaidya replies:

If you have already check things out medically and there is no specific identifiable medical reason for your dark circle, then you can follow the following steps or tips which may help you.

Using the computer for long periods of time drains out the soma or cooling energy of the eyes, wemf-protection-warninghich the eyes need more of, because the eyes are a predominantly pitta fiery organ (agneya organ).  So when you stare at the computer screen, or any other electronic device (TV, cell-phone, tablet, etc) for long periods of time, you are using up and burning the lunar energy, or soma, of your eyes, your eyes are now left depleted, and the agni of your eyes, further aggravated not only by soma depletion but by overexposure to electronic synthetic agni, gets further aggravated, creating the dark circles around your eyes.

Another point related to this is the EMF charge of these electronic devices disrupts the flow of pranic energy of your eyes. Due to the lack of circulation, dark circles also emerge.

What can you do? The answer is to replenish the soma reservoirs of your eyes. You can try to do the following things:

Get a double layered piece of cheesecloth and cut it lengthwise to be able to cover your eyes – from temple to temple. Add a few drops of fresh water to the SVA Skin Clay Powder to make a thin but consistent paste. Take a spoonful of the paste 91qCMH1gREL._SL1500_and place on the cheesecloth strip. Lie down and place the cotton strip with the clay on top of your eyestsmith_100323_0474__61770__85225.1339638069.1280.1280 – the clay should be situated to fit the orb of your closed eyes. Make sure you do not get any clay into your eyes. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes – you can take off earlier if your eyes start to feel cold.

Then rinse your eyes and face with warm water, dry it, and apply SVA ALA cream – this cream is water (not lipid) based. You may feel a little thermogenesis and tingling around your eyelids or surrounding areas – this is a sign that circulation is improving. ALA (alpha lipoid acid) is highly effective for improving microcirculation without heating the area. You can do some research on the scientific findings about ALA. You can also use my SVA Triphala Ghee: apply it in the mornings, massage in and leave on. But ALA cream is the best product for this protocol and it will target your dark circles. Do this every night for 15 days. This protocol will also calm you down, you will feel very relaxed after a long day, it may even improve your sleep, and calm your mind. Screenshot 2015-10-02 10.33.28

600_Triphala_Ghee_1.5_oz__06149.1405391159.1280.1280A very important point is to go to bed by 10pm. You are certainly aware of the different energies that are at play during the day. Between 10pm and 2am, we have an agneya period. If we are awake during this time slot, our pitta dosha is prone to going out of balance. If our body is enjoying somagenic sleep during this time, then the pitta organs in our bodies get to do their job without further aggravating our pitta dosha. This is why many people who have been going to bed late at night for years without necessarily overexposing their eyes to EMF devices also get dark circles around their eyes. Staying up late throws off all the pitta sub-doshas, just like over-exposing the eyes to too many EMF devices does. So make sure you target a 9:30pm bedtime and are asleep by 10pm. Nature is your best healer


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