Einkorn Flour?

What do you think of Einkorn flour (http://jovialfoods.com/einkorn/)? It is marketed as being the “original” wheat least or Screenshot 2015-10-02 11.11.10not processed. I personally find it much easier to digest — it is so delicious and light, but I wanted to double check with you.


Dear Divya: Eikorn flour is a great flour. It is very healthy, it is tasty, and I personally have adopted it in my diet. What’s even better is if you can get a grain grinder and pulverize the Eikorn into flour in your own home. You will taste the difference even better!



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  1. Dear Dr.Mishra,
    I find your blog has a lot of useful information on different aspects of health. I liked th one esp. about Vegan protein Powder. I do have a question regarding that. Could the protein powder, be used with say banana, if one has sweet tooth?



  2. If I would like to intern with you sir how would I approach you??I am very much interested in ayurveda

  3. Teri D. Covington says:

    To Dr.Mishra:
    Namaste to you and your family!
    Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise in this life-saving venture.
    I am just starting your SVA class with Divya at the Bhakti Center in New York. You had a wonderful “virtual” conference on Sun. Sept. 11, 2016. I was able to see and speak with you, but I was a bit tired, so this question did not come to me until today at work where I am typing this.
    You say there is prana (energy/life force) in the foods we eat and to preserve that energy, we should cook fresh every day and not have leftovers.I understand this concept and agree with it, but what I was truly wondering about is: how food can have energy or life if it has been removed from where it was growing. Isn’t food considered “dead” once it is plucked, picked, cut, etc. from the original plant, tree, bush, etc? I understand that there is some life there, because if food is kept long enough, it will spoil In addition, we would not be able to survive even though we are eating.
    But I was just wondering about this point, if food is truly still “alive”after being separated from its original growing place or is it considered “dead”. Thank you for your time and answer; it is greatly – big emphasis on “greatly” – appreciated! Your servant, Teri (NYC)

  4. Great question Teri. Yes, once you pluck or or pick a fruit or vegetable the process of depleting its prana starts. So the sooner you prepare those ingredients
    the more prana you have in your meal. There are of course great differences between different edible items – some lose their pranic charge right away, for example leave lettuce out and it wilts within a few hours in the heat, but leave carrots or apples out and it may take a few days for them to totally lose their pranic charge. Garden
    picked and consumed is best, otherwise as fresh as possible. Life is an ongoing process, nothing can exist in its perfect state at any time, this is the nature of transient life. It is not a bad thing, it is just how it is. And we do our best to get the pranic charge and definitely avoid left-over or old or pranically dead edibles. Hope this helps. Thank you.

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  6. Yes you can use the protein powder with bananas(try to eat only the small ones, they are better for health), or with any other fruits also they go great.

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