Ashwagandha for my 4 Year Old Daughter?


Now a days we don’t get raw milk in the supermarkets, its pasteurized and homogenized. Do you still suggest to add all the spices mentioned while boiling the milk? Also I wanted to ask can I add Ashwagandha along with other spices in the milk for my 4 year old daughter ?



Vaidya replies:ashwaganda-root

Dear Sheetal: I would not suggest using Ashwagandha for your 4 year old daughter. It is too pitta provoking and energizing for her. For your four year old girl, the milk with pods of green cardamom, add a tiny chunk of cinnamon stick. Cardamom will enhance the digestion of the protein molecules of the milk; and the cinnamon will enhance the digestion of sugar molecules of the milk. These two spices are very good for young children.

As to your other question, boiled raw milk is the best thing to consume; however, if you are not able to get it in your area, try to find organic milk that is only pasteurized but not homogenized – this is your next best option. There are several dairy companies who makes this available these days, nation-wide. One particular brand I can think of is called the Strauss Dairy Family Farms. Their pasteurized non-homogenized milk should be available in most health food stores and supermarkets nation wide. Try to get that one.



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