Blissful SVA Conference Weekend Re-Cap

  Waves of SVA bliss rippled through the Warner Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, CA,  this past weekend! Students from all over the world – India, the Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Canada, and numerous states in the US – eager to complete their education in SVA pulse assessment – came together to celebrate the culmination […]

Why is Magnesium Necessary?

And why should you go the SVA Transdermal route? In a powerful enlightening talk, Dr. Teitelbaum presented her research at the SVA conference this past weekend – from helping with calcium levels in your body, to regulating your stress hormones and adrenal glands, magnesium plays a major role in our daily lives. Low levels of […]

Month One- Live lecture with Vaidya

From Sashoka to Ashoka : the Story of a Bliss-Giving Tree

 Long ago, once upon a time, there was a hard-hearted man who made his living by inflicting grief upon others and his environment: he robbed and killed for a living. His name was “sashoka” – “with grief” or “full of grief.”  One day, he set out on his daily path, and came to a rishi’s […]

More news about upcoming SVA Pulse and Marma Course

In response to popular requests, the monthly payment plan is back on. You may now choose to pay on a monthly basis instead of upfront if you want to join Vaidya’s e-course.  Since we are bringing back this option, we are  extending the registration date – at the rate of $1665 – until the end […]

Exciting News about Vaidya’s upcoming Global E-Pulse & Marma Course

please note there will be no SVA Cafe next Thursday July 17th, as Vaidya will be launching the Pulse and Marma Course on Friday morning July 18th, 2014 We are very excited to share that we have 50+ participants in Vaidya’s 9 month-long e-course on Pulse and Marma. Because we have participants from all over […]

SVA Pulse and Marma E-Course excerpts from chapter One:

FAQs about the Pulse and Marma E-Course

We have been receiving several questions about Vaidya’s upcoming course, here are some helpful answers. Question: what material does the course exactly entail? – upon registration, each course participant will receive the following: printed material, this is the unpublished textbook of SVA Pulse and Marma put together by Vaidya for the purpose of this course. […]

Global SVA Pulse and Marma E-Course with Concluding Practicum

Vaidya Mishra is Launching a 9-Month, In-Depth On-Line E-Course on SVA Pulse Assessment and Marma Techniques with a concluding in-person workshop “Pulse assessment is the very soul of Ayurveda.”  ~ Vaidya Mishra After much reflection, Vaidya Mishra has chosen to present an in-depth 9-month, on-line Pulse and Marma Course for those with dedication, faith and […]