Blissful SVA Conference Weekend Re-Cap

Waves of SVA bliss rippled through the Warner Marriott Hotel in Woodland Hills, CA,  this past weekend! Students from all over theScreenshot 2015-05-14 14.46.03 world – India, the Philippines, Japan, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Canada, and numerous states in the US – eager to complete their education in SVA pulse assessment – came together to celebrate the culmination of Vaidya Mishra’s  9-month long Global Pulse and Marma E-Course.
The conference began Friday evening, May 8th, with mantras and a transcendent performance with Aditya Prakash, Sheela Bhringi, and Neelamjit Dhillon. After a group initiation into the SVA Healing Mantras with Vaidya Mishra on Saturday morning,  Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum delivered a powerful talk on the benefits of SVA Transdermal Magnesium detox and supplementation. The afternoon highlight was a highly informative talk by Sanskritist, Dr. Chris Minkowski, on historical and cultural origins of the Maga Brahmins, the Shaka island, in the context of the SVA Lineage. After an exquisite SVA gala dinner prepared by Chef Tony,  the Shakti Dance Company under the expert  artistic guidance of Mrs. Viji Prakash, delighted the audience with a  “Dance of the Pulse” – an original choreography where traditional Bharatanatyam vocabulary was interwoven with modern expressions of “abhinaya” = or narration, bringing alive the tissues of the body pulsating with Prana, the flow of life, and enacting the drama of strife between the mind, “manas,” the heart lotus or “hrit pundareek,” and the senses or the “indriyas.” The dancers concluded their performance to standing ovation with a celebratory piece enacting the blissful joy that flows from a totally healthy body, displaying total alignment between senses, heart lotus, mind, and body.Screenshot 2015-05-14 14.46.18
The Saturday evening festivities would not have been complete without the launch of Vaidya Mishra’s much anticipated cookbook! Rick Talcott guided us through the “making of an ayurvedic cookbook.” Weekend participants were a
able to have a first look at the sample cookbook on display. The cookbook will be available for purchase in a few weeks.
 On Sunday students broke up into practice groups to read eachother’s pulse. Dr. Mark Vinick also guided the audience into allocating and confirming the location of SVA marma points. Vaidya Mishra gave insights and more knowledge about pulse assessment, sharing additional tips and secrets.
The weekend came to an end with a beautiful ceremony, honoring the students and bestowing upon them the title of “pranavid” and “pranavidusi”-s, “knowers of Prana.” The conference then moved on to take a look at a work in progress, a short movie detailing the life of Vaidya Mishra from his village in Vaidyachak, India, to his travels in Europe and Asia, and his tours and courses in the US.
Rhadika Bhukory concluded the conference with her beautiful voice and songs of “Janani,” the Mother of the World, in celebration of this Mother’s Day weekend and the SVA conference.
Thank you to all who were able to attend and make and share this wonderful experience with Vaidya Mishra and his team. If you missed it, we will have the video recordings of the entire conference available shortly.
Also: all pictures of the conference will be posted and available for download and sharing. Stay tuned!

From Sashoka to Ashoka : the Story of a Bliss-Giving Tree

 Long ago, once upon a time, there was a hard-hearted man who made his living by inflicting grief upon imagesothers and his environment: he robbed and killed for a living. His name was “sashoka” – “with grief” or “full of grief.”

 One day, he set out on his daily path, and came to a rishi’s hut. He walked straight in thinking to go about his usual criminal business. The rishi was in deep meditation and did not come out of his meditative trance. It was the very first time Sashoka was witnessing the sight of deep meditative trance. The rishi did not heed him at all and stood still glowing in his silent bliss. Sashoka stood there, intrigued, drawn by the peace surrounding the rishi.
When the rishi finally opened his eyes, Sashoka was a changed man. He said to the rishi: “I want to be in peace like you. . Give me that peace that can take away my mental torment, the memory of my sins, and my sins.”
The rishi taught him how to meditate but cautioned him: “I do not have the power to get rid of your sins. However, keep meditating. In your next life, you will be reborn as a tree. You will be the tree under which Ravan will come to keep Sita hostage. Sita will be in deep grief, away from her beloved Ram. You will shelter Sita and help relieve her pain. When the monkey God Hanuman finally finds her and comes to give her the news of her imminent release from Ravan’s abduction, he will climb your branches, and through the contact of his body you will gain liberation from your sins.  And then, you will be known as the tree “a-shoka:” the one without grief and that removes grief.”
This is the time-old story of the origin of the ashoka tree as told in the Bhavishya Puran.
But there are other beautiful stories about this powerful plant. In the vedic tradition, the ashoka tree is known as a powerful grief-reliever and bliss-giver. The shastras say that one of the arrows of kamdeva, the god of love, was made from ashoka flowers! Buddhists hold that the birth of the buddha happened under the ashoka tree in Lumbini. There is also a ritual in West Bengal that occurs in the Spring, when young girls and women dance around the tree to propitiate a fortunate love-life.
The Ashoka tree is a bliss-giving tree. But did you know that science has found it to have proven properties, such as:
antipyretic    – and so many more….
Ashoka can be particularly helpful for women. Find out more, join Vaidya Mishra at his 5th SVA Cafe dedicated to this wondrous plant – from sutra to science!