SVA Pulse and Marma E-Course excerpts from chapter One:

“It is true that learning Ayurvedic pulse assessment is not necessarily an easy task; it is very subtle. (…)

But based on the great success of professionals who have diligently applied themselves to master this ancient skill] Vaidya has recently given a great deal of thought as to how to teach this course in a more step-by-step, in-depth fashion. His goal is to provide the opportunity whereby students could learn the foundation of his lineage’s SV Ayurveda directly from the sutras, learn the principles of pulse assessment and marma therapy which they could then practice at home with friends and family, as well as to provide them with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss their experiences in detail. In this way, the course could be presented over a longer time period, allowing for each student to read the lesson, watch it on the web or DVD, study at his or her own pace, digest the material, ask questions on the on-line forum, discuss the material, listen to Vaidya’s one-hour monthly lecture of the subject matter – and be able to do this within the timeframe that he or she has available. (…)

“SVA differs in many ways from contemporary Ayurveda, which many of us may have studied previously. Vaidya wants to ensure everyone taking this course understands the foundations of Ayurveda in the same way, so now we are going to delve into some of the basic principles from his lineage of SV Ayurveda. We will learn basic theory directly from the shastras and then we will practice based upon those principles which we have learned. (…)

(…) The meaning of “doshas,” is “always out of balance,” or “in the process of maintaining the body.” They are always in action within the body, so they create imbalance. The doshas have to manage the body and mind, and in that process of managing, it is impossible to keep all of the three doshas in balance. A simple example of this, is when we are stressed; our prana vata has to go out of balance, in order to increase the heart rate, so that it can supply more blood to the brain to meet its demands in this situation. Thus, in the process of managing the body and mind, it becomes necessary for the doshas to go out of balance. Why is that? (…)

This is part of a cycle, which in SV Ayurveda is called the Samprapti Chakra, or cycle of pathogenesis. We will use this example of hunger, and the resulting imbalance of pachaka pitta, to illustrate this model of pathogenesis. (…)

Contemporary Ayurveda does not teach much about the nadis, because it does not emphasize the importance of the prana. However, for us it is very important to understand the nadis, because they are the vibrational channels through which prana is received, carried and delivered throughout the body where it is needed. Nadis are very powerful, because they are run by the element of space, the seed element. (…)

Bhava Mishra is a Mishra from the SVA lineage from the 16th century, who compiled the Bhava Prakash, a text of Ayurvedic knowledge based upon the Charaka Samhita, and his own experience. In this verse, he is describing marma from the SVA lineage perspective: marmani tesu tisthanti pranah khalul: meaning that, “in the marmas, prana lives; prana is established in the marmas.”


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    This is the second time I am writing to you. I signed up for the pulse course and you have taken money out of my account for the first month. I have NOT received any information online or otherwise about the course- No materials at this point. Please contact me and get materials to me ASAP with clear directions about the course. This is not a very auspicious start to the course. If I do not receive said materials shortly, I will withdraw from the course and demand that my funds be immediately returned to me. Call me at 770-448-0319 if you need to speak to me.

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