Winter Body and Mind Care with Aromatherapy Soap Bars

Winter weather can be hard on our bodies and minds! Deep cold weather takes a toll on our skin, slow us down in general by shrinking our channels, but also ushers in the “winter blues” resulting from the gloom of grey skies and shorter days. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Keep a SVA diet and routine, with specific attention to your body type so as not to put-out agni; this is key to staying on top of your health. The SVA diet targets the health of your channels so you won’t put on or lose weight when you don’t need to.
  • Maintain a regular self-massage or abhyanga routine: this supports your winter-shrunk channels further but also keeps your skin moist and well lubricated, nourishing it transdermally
  • Use aromatherapy to chase away the winter blues!  Scientists are not yet quite sure how the chemistry of aromatherapy works, but none questions its effects! Vaidya has put together new soap bars that can help you stay on top of things through aromatherapy, even as they nourish and balance your skin with a rich creamy base of organic Shea butter.

You know our skin is the largest organ of our bodies. The skin is not just a barrier between us and the world, it is an intelligent portal, governed by different ayurvedic principles. Ayurveda offers a lot of insight about the proper care of your skin during the different seasons of the

year. Keeping your skin moist and lubricated with regular daily – or at least weekly – self-massage is utmost; using massage oils that contain herbal synergies or nutrients is even better! Using a good toxin-free moisturizer to keep things balanced is of course recommended, but even if you do not heed regular massages or use moisturizers, what gets your skin most is the use of commercial soap bars.

Did you know that regular soaps strip your skin of its natural oil balance not only drying it out but also depleting its friendly bacteria, and delivering synthetic toxic chemicals -preservatives,  and fragrances – transdermally to your entire physiology?
The majority of soaps on the market carry toxic foaming agents (SLS), or preservatives (Parabens), or many more coloring and aromatizing synthetic chemicals that reduce the natural lubrication of the skin. The skin is governed by 3 ayurvedic principles: shleshak kapha,vyana vata, and bhrajak pittaShleshak kapha helps maintain moisture levels and keeps the skin lubricated;Vyana vata keeps the balance of friendly bacteria and nutrients of the skin well distributed; and Bhrajak pittaprotects the skin by warding off unwanted particles and molecules from entering and going into the blood stream, while it invites and takes in all good molecules that are applied on the skin. When you use soaps and cleaning products with chemicals, you disrupt the balance established by these 3 ayurvedic principles one after another, and you can eventually develop chronic skin imbalances.

For example, regular soap bars dry your skin. This meansshleshak kapha goes off. When Shleshak kapha is off, thenvyana vata goes high, and this eventually brings downbhrajak pitta – the skin loses its intelligence as to what to absorb and what to reject. Using a drying
synthetic soap bar for prolonged periods of time will eventually bring in deeper imbalances.
Vaidya’s unique SVA aromatherapy soaps are made with the best organic Shea Butter, packed with the goodness of flower and plant essences, to achieve optimal therapeutic benefits.

What’s in the Aromatherapy Soaps 


-Nutmeg energizes and balances the body, it is also known to support the nervous and endocrine system. Its sweet and musky aroma brings encouragement and spontaneity. Nutmeg has antiseptic properties.

-Sweet orange is an uplifting aroma whose properties also include:  digestive, diuretic, expectorant, fungicidal, stimulant, stomachic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, carminative.


-Neroli properties range from being a gentle antidepressant, aphrodisiac to being a soothing sedative and tonic substance amongst many other benefits.

-Tangerine is rich in the powerful antioxidant d-limonene. It also helps to release stress and occasional nervous irritability!   Its fresh and citrus aroma is very calming to the mind and body.


-Cedar wood properties: Cedar wood Essential Oil has an earthy aroma that is soothing and grounding. It is a well documented oil, used by the Sumerians, Egyptians and Tibetans.

It is also a known to have been used as a tonic, astringent, diuretic, insecticidal, sedative and fungicidal substance. Cedar-wood oil contains the highest amount of sesquiterpenes.

Sesquiterpenes are a hydrocarbon group that is found in essential oils. They stimulate the limbic system of the brain which helps to elevate our mood and helps us relax (overcome stress), hence Cedar wood’s potential in relaxing and helping with focus.

-Ylang-Ylang provides relief from stress, anger, expression and anxiety it strengthens the nervous system and helps maintain healthy skin.



-Lavender can relieve nervous tension; it has been used to disinfect the scalp and skin,enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.
-Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds- these are thought to help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation. Laboratory studies have shown rosemary to be rich in antioxidants, which play an important role in neutralizing harmful particles called free radicals. It is also known to enhance memory and concentration.

This Winter, luxuriate in the bounty of Mother Nature through SVA flower essence blends – calm your mind and heart and nurture and hydrate your skin with Vaidya’s unique soap bars.

SVA Healing with Sound, Scent and golden Light…

Heal with Sound

Mana- mind

Yatra – there

Vidyate – already there (in existence)

Iti – that is

Mantraha – mantra

This is the literal meaning of each word, but what is the verse saying in plain english?! Vaidya explains: (a) mantra means/is that which already exists, that which is already there, present, in the mind. What does this mean?

If there were a sophisticated recording machine plugged in to register the budding vibrations at the cosmic dawn of time, it would record the sound OM, unfolding, according to the vedic puranas, and symbolizing the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. OM is the blueprint of all manifested life in the cosmos and of the cosmos itself because it vibrationally contains the cosmic impulses of silence and dynamism, the fabric of creation. Its creation is its own essence. OM is the primordial mantra, or vibrational sound.

From that primordial sound, all other sounds and mantras evolve. Within that original sound all sounds and all of creation resides. Everything we are, all that we seek, is already always within our reach and within us, as we are part of that creation that is still unfolding through time. This is why we can use mantra-s therapeutically.

Sound is therapeutic because deep down we are all made of vibrational frequencies. Dis-ease and optimal health are just the gross expression of sound frequencies that have either gone awry or are vibrating harmoniously.  Sound vibrations re-align our entire vibrational frequency when used properly. Mantras are packets of sound vibrations identified by the Vedic rishis, Different mantras have different purposes and benefits and qualities.


Heal with Scents

The scent of flowers or plants, their aroma, is defined as being

made up of micro-molecules, extremely small and sharp and fast-moving, that travel into our physiology and brain center to procure instant bliss.
Based on the properties of the flower, or the plant, the aroma can be balancing, soothing, grounding, or more. Science does not quite yet understand this aspect of subtle healing that can occur through aromatherapy. Ayurveda has been using the art and science of aromatherapy for thousands of years. Discover how you can transform your mind-set within seconds through Vaidya’s specific flower and plant aromatic synergies!

Heal with Golden Light

This is a verse that’s recited during ritual ceremonies or “yagya”-s in general. It reminds us of the importance of light, and fire, for survival, sustenance, and enlightenment!


Jyoti or light refers to that which emanates from the source, which is Agni or fire, and the ultimate source of Agni is Surya, or the sun. The sun is the life-giver. Science acknowledges how life began on earth when the sun’s rays reached our planet. Light, or the emanation of Agni, carries transformative, cleansing, life-giving power. In the Vedic tradition, light emanating from a ghee lamp is said to be particularly auspicious, because ghee itself carries so many healing and balancing properties. The golden light emanating from a ghee lamp is good for the eyes, as well as the eyes of the soul!


You can recite the above verse every time you light your ghee lamp!