SVA Healing with Sound, Scent and golden Light…

Heal with Sound

Mana- mind

Yatra – there

Vidyate – already there (in existence)

Iti – that is

Mantraha – mantra

This is the literal meaning of each word, but what is the verse saying in plain english?! Vaidya explains: (a) mantra means/is that which already exists, that which is already there, present, in the mind. What does this mean?

If there were a sophisticated recording machine plugged in to register the budding vibrations at the cosmic dawn of time, it would record the sound OM, unfolding, according to the vedic puranas, and symbolizing the eternal cycle of creation and destruction. OM is the blueprint of all manifested life in the cosmos and of the cosmos itself because it vibrationally contains the cosmic impulses of silence and dynamism, the fabric of creation. Its creation is its own essence. OM is the primordial mantra, or vibrational sound.

From that primordial sound, all other sounds and mantras evolve. Within that original sound all sounds and all of creation resides. Everything we are, all that we seek, is already always within our reach and within us, as we are part of that creation that is still unfolding through time. This is why we can use mantra-s therapeutically.

Sound is therapeutic because deep down we are all made of vibrational frequencies. Dis-ease and optimal health are just the gross expression of sound frequencies that have either gone awry or are vibrating harmoniously.  Sound vibrations re-align our entire vibrational frequency when used properly. Mantras are packets of sound vibrations identified by the Vedic rishis, Different mantras have different purposes and benefits and qualities.


Heal with Scents

The scent of flowers or plants, their aroma, is defined as being

made up of micro-molecules, extremely small and sharp and fast-moving, that travel into our physiology and brain center to procure instant bliss.
Based on the properties of the flower, or the plant, the aroma can be balancing, soothing, grounding, or more. Science does not quite yet understand this aspect of subtle healing that can occur through aromatherapy. Ayurveda has been using the art and science of aromatherapy for thousands of years. Discover how you can transform your mind-set within seconds through Vaidya’s specific flower and plant aromatic synergies!

Heal with Golden Light

This is a verse that’s recited during ritual ceremonies or “yagya”-s in general. It reminds us of the importance of light, and fire, for survival, sustenance, and enlightenment!


Jyoti or light refers to that which emanates from the source, which is Agni or fire, and the ultimate source of Agni is Surya, or the sun. The sun is the life-giver. Science acknowledges how life began on earth when the sun’s rays reached our planet. Light, or the emanation of Agni, carries transformative, cleansing, life-giving power. In the Vedic tradition, light emanating from a ghee lamp is said to be particularly auspicious, because ghee itself carries so many healing and balancing properties. The golden light emanating from a ghee lamp is good for the eyes, as well as the eyes of the soul!


You can recite the above verse every time you light your ghee lamp!