Sweet Summer Juice Blend

It’s too tempting not to have a drink, or two specially in the hot days of summer! How long can you steer clear of the sweet, juicy, refreshing experience of a smoothy or a juice blend?  But you have to beware. Smoothies and juices can dilute your digestive agni within minutes, giving you the feeling […]

SVA Summer care tips

Summer is splendid – beautiful long sunny days out at the beach or in the woods as Nature displays its full glory in fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Don’t let the heat take you down. It is easy to keep yourself cool and calm with these simple tips and recommendations from the Carak Samhita Sutrasthana (verses […]

Recipe for daily detox with Moringa leaves

  Spring and summer are the season for fresh Moringa leaves. Asian grocery stores carry them on a regular basis, as these are also part of the asian diet. They sell them in big bunches wrapped in plastic.  One bunch will contain many branches with plenty of leaves that can easily last you 2-3 weeks. […]

Pomegranate Chutney

Now that we know a little about pomegranate, you can guess that this is not just a tasty sweet and sour chutney with zing in it, but is excellent for helping with problems of digestion, elimination, gas, stomach acid and/or overheating. It is also very nourishing, especially for the physical and emotional heart. Ingredients: 2 […]

Roti-s: Plain and Simple!

Sometimes the simplest things in life are hardest to make. Indian flatbreads or Roti-s are made from wheat flour and water, rolled out and then baked on a cast iron skillet (tava), then made to puff over an open flame. But we have all failed miserably at this many times over. However, it can be […]

Pumpkin your Pie!

Ingredients: Filling: Carrots – 6 oz. (cooked/boiled in water) Sweet yam – 8 oz. (cooked/boiled in water) Soma salt – 1/2 tsp. Raw sugar – 1  1/2 cup Arrow root – 1 Tbsp. Kid’s Masala no.2 – 2 tsp (may replace with a pinch of vanilla powser or omit if unavailable) Nutmeg powder – 1/4 […]

Your SVA Kitchen

This week we show you a classic recipe: homemade fresh cheese or paneer. It is so easy to make you will be surprised! And it is so delicious that you will not crave packaged aged cheeses again! Once you learn how to make the fresh paneer, you can make innumerable savory and sweet dishes out […]

Thanksgiving Meal Misgivings!

Celebratory holidays are a social ritual where we come together as a group to mark an event. Most of the time they involve food. Eating is an important part of celebrating not just anniversary events but of celebrating life! In the ancient vedic shastras, eating was considered a yayga – an supreme act of purification. […]

Karela Tapenade Over the Top!

Karela is a very bitter vegetable that is loaded with healing properties for the human physiology as it is Tikt (bitter), Katu (pungent), Kashai (astringent – has a lot of Marut or space element). Due to these properties it helps counteract the heavy, clogging and ama-genic properties of sugar or high carb foods. But it […]

Chocolate Quinoa Laddus for Valentine