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I have a very dry condition and seems that hardly any product works for my constipation and I was wondering how effective the Triphala is for pitta?

imagesVaidya replies:

Dear Mark: in conditions of extreme constipation, there are extreme remedial measures, such as “senna” (SENNA OBTUSIFOLIA). But such measures are for single time emergency use, because they are very harsh on the colon and, worst of all, they are habit-forming. In SVA, we believe that there is no replacement for a good diet rich in fibre, as well as a daily dose of friendly bacteria from fresh yoghurt to support the colon and its intelligence.

Bowel movement involves and depends on many factors.

Try to correct your diet if it needs to: add fiber such as leafy green vegetables, broccoli, all well cooked with proper balancing spices such as Mum’s Masala, Pitta Masala. Add Soma Salt to your food.

Making sure to add a glass of buttermilk (20% fresh homemade yoghurt blended with 80% water) with lunch only. After mixing, warm some ghee in a pan, add some dry fenugreek leaves, sauté and add to your buttermilk.

Do not skip meals – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plan ahead.

When you eat, don’t engage your mind in anything else – reading, watching TV, listening to music, talking over the phone. Chew long and well.

Squeeze the juice of one lime over your lunch and dinner meals.

Try to go for a walk after dinner.

Daytime is a pitta time so I recommend 1 tablet of High Pitta Triphala be taken in the daytime, after lunch. This will be a first step, in addition to diet, towards helping your colon as well as pacifying pitta dosha. tsmith_100408_0686__89464__66341.1405389248.1280.1280

At night, take one tablet of SVA Prakrit – this will support your colon detox, reestablishing its intelligence slowly and gently;

Transdermally delivered Magnesium with Pitta pacifying herbs (Pitta Massage oil with Magnesium) applied on the lower abdomen – below your stomach, below your navel area – will give your colon the energy to pacify Apan Vata or the downward movement that supports bowel evacuation. Apply this every night before bed. Warm the oil and apply a handful, gently massaging it.

Start with these things, and keep doing for 2-3 weeks. It may take some time as this is a gentle yet sure way of resetting your physiology. This is a true holistic approach that will support your colon without any long-term ill effects.


Note: If one capsule of High Pitta Triphala and 1 tablet of Prakrit are not enough for you , you can double the dose and let us know how you feel after 15 days.


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  1. Namaste Vaidyaji,


    I wanted to know what are the characteristics of a high pitta person, so I can decide whether I should get the High Pitta Triphala or the regular Triphala. Also, it is safe to give to my 15 year old son as he complains of constipation sometimes?

  2. Hello, Can you let me know what you think of K2 and if it is really needed when you are vitamin d deficient. I heard of incorporating Magnesium but on a vitamin d group they are saying it is imperative to incorporate K2-to distribute calcium –any thoughts on this? Or foods that it may contain.

  3. Ajay Shandal says

    Vaidya ji, I have multiple lipomas in my upper body mainly in the torso. The number has been increasing with age. Is there a cure for lipomas in Ayurveda? Please let me know.


  4. Purnima Chaudhari says

    Namaste Vaidya Mishraji!
    I was wondering if any of the transdermal creams could help treat shingles or even reduce the burning and discomfort. Also, can you make some suggestions regarding diet- which foods to avoid and which ones to favour for a person suffering from shingles.
    Thank you.

  5. Namaste,

    I live in India and wish to buy your SVA rose petal preserve.. Could you please tell where I can buy this in India?

    Please give some suggestions for weight loss after a hysterectomy

  6. Respected sir,
    I am 38/F/5’2″, wt. 44 kg, mother of two kids, having lean and thin body. Facing problem of cracking sound in bones. I have vitamin D and magnesium deficiency. Tried Ashwagandha and shatavari for 2 weeks but got acne on forehead and chin. Please suggest how to gain good fat and strengthen bone.
    Thanks in advance

  7. Dear Aanya: try to incorporate and follow the SVA Diet which consists of all only homemade food cooked with Mum’s ghee and Soma Salt. Make sure you get the Green Protein recipe on our SVA youtube channel () You can make the SVA Green Protein in either in its vegetarian version with homemade cheese, or the non-vegetarian version with chicken. Otherwise, here are some general tips to help ground your body type:
    Do a self-massage with Vata Oil with Vitamin D and Magnesium every other day.
    Use the Vitamin D Transdermal cream – apply on the lower back and on the pulse twice daily.
    Incorporate some gentle pranayam or breathing exercise into your daily routine.
    Take at least a 15-20 minute exposure to sunlight everyday.
    Do the Samadhi set before meditation, or prayer.
    Balance your rest and activity schedule so that you get some down time after every 2 hours of activity.
    Make milk-date shake and drink it every night before bed. Boil milk with a couple cardamom pods, a stick of cinnamon; take off from heat, pour into a blender and add 1-2 pitted medjool dates and blend. Drink warm When prepared correctly and consumed regularly it will nourish and support your physiology in many ways.
    Apply Super-Sport roll-on or Transdermal Cream followed by Bone Herb Transdermal cream wherever you experience cracking bones.
    Add Soma Cal capsules do your diet: one in the morning and one in the afternoon after lunch.

    The whole logic here is that when Vyana vata goes out of balance, then we experience cracking bones. When Vyana vata is high – Vyana vata supports cellular circulation all over the body – then shleshak kapha goes low. Shleshak kapha lubricates the cellular system, as well as our joints, large and small joints all over the body. Doing massage with Vata pacifying verbalized oil will pacify Vyana vata, or your cellular vata. The Vitamin D in the oil will nurture the shleshak kapham, and the transdermal magnesium you will absorb from the oil will help you metabolize and use the calcium from the Soma Cal capsules more efficiently. This will help the Vyana vata aggravation of your joints, and the popping sound will go away, because magnesium will enhance the absorption of Vitamin D and Calcium.
    Adding and eating extra protein and ghee in your diet will help pacify Vyana vata further, and support shleshak kapha.
    Remember: doing too much physical activity without enough rest is aggravating to vyana vata and burns off shleshak kapha unduly. For your body type, you need to do gentle physical activity, and definitely adopt a gentle kind of yoga exercise.
    So you see, you have to address your issue from all possible angles: diet, activity, nutritional supplementation, then only, eventually, specific ayurvedic herbs, such as the Bone Herb (Cissus quadrangularis), which has a specific effect on nurturing and supporting the health of the bone tissues and the joints, then only will it truly help you. This is the holistic SVA approach. This will not only address your imbalance but will make you feel more energetic and blissful overall. Thank you.

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