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I have a very dry condition and seems that hardly any product works for my constipation and I was wondering how effective the Triphala is for pitta?

imagesVaidya replies:

Dear Mark: in conditions of extreme constipation, there are extreme remedial measures, such as “senna” (SENNA OBTUSIFOLIA). But such measures are for single time emergency use, because they are very harsh on the colon and, worst of all, they are habit-forming. In SVA, we believe that there is no replacement for a good diet rich in fibre, as well as a daily dose of friendly bacteria from fresh yoghurt to support the colon and its intelligence.

Bowel movement involves and depends on many factors.

Try to correct your diet if it needs to: add fiber such as leafy green vegetables, broccoli, all well cooked with proper balancing spices such as Mum’s Masala, Pitta Masala. Add Soma Salt to your food.

Making sure to add a glass of buttermilk (20% fresh homemade yoghurt blended with 80% water) with lunch only. After mixing, warm some ghee in a pan, add some dry fenugreek leaves, sauté and add to your buttermilk.

Do not skip meals – breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Plan ahead.

When you eat, don’t engage your mind in anything else – reading, watching TV, listening to music, talking over the phone. Chew long and well.

Squeeze the juice of one lime over your lunch and dinner meals.

Try to go for a walk after dinner.

Daytime is a pitta time so I recommend 1 tablet of High Pitta Triphala be taken in the daytime, after lunch. This will be a first step, in addition to diet, towards helping your colon as well as pacifying pitta dosha. tsmith_100408_0686__89464__66341.1405389248.1280.1280

At night, take one tablet of SVA Prakrit – this will support your colon detox, reestablishing its intelligence slowly and gently;

Transdermally delivered Magnesium with Pitta pacifying herbs (Pitta Massage oil with Magnesium) applied on the lower abdomen – below your stomach, below your navel area – will give your colon the energy to pacify Apan Vata or the downward movement that supports bowel evacuation. Apply this every night before bed. Warm the oil and apply a handful, gently massaging it.

Start with these things, and keep doing for 2-3 weeks. It may take some time as this is a gentle yet sure way of resetting your physiology. This is a true holistic approach that will support your colon without any long-term ill effects.


Note: If one capsule of High Pitta Triphala and 1 tablet of Prakrit are not enough for you , you can double the dose and let us know how you feel after 15 days.