A testimonial on Psoriasis

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This is an excellent case history on the wonderful work we are doing for all our psoriasis patients.  This particular patient had it so bad, his hands were weeping so he had to wrap them in bandages.  His fingers were so swollen he couldn’t even close his fists.  We saw him last winter –he was on prednisone the summer before, and once he finished his round of prednisone the psoriasis and joint swelling came back with a vengeance.  This is because the underlying cause of the psoriasis was not being addressed, only pushed down deeper temporarily with the prednisone.  We see this often with many conditions which get much worse once the patient goes off the prednisone.
So I had to figure out what was causing it:  the pulse diagnosis showed me a very hot liver and the hot ama visha and gar visha toxins in several of the tissues, but I had to “play detective” and figure out where the toxins were coming from.  Once we identified all the causes in his diet and daily routine, we had him stop doing those things (like drinking a half a gallon of tea a day, and skipping and delaying meals, among other problems) he began healing.
Once we changed his diet and the herbs started to kick in, we slowly started the cleansing process, making sure the whole time that the toxins we were pulling out didn’t aggravate his skin further.  He was very compliant and followed his diet and did all his spring cleanses every week.
And in no time, his skin was looking beautiful — the sores were gone, the itching of the skin and the swelling of the joints went down.
And we finally got his immune system to regain its intelligence and stop hyper-reacting.  We give these case histories to show others the good work we are capable of doing with the SVA diet, herbs and cleansing protocols.
Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum


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