Ease your way into Autumn with turmeric


In the SVA tradition, the channels play a central role in “ritu sandhi” – the junction between two seasons. Addressing the channels will not only make you feel better as the temperatures drop, but it will make sure you can get the most benefit out of your new seasonal diet, routine, or any herbal and spice additinos and supplements you may be introducing to stay in synch with the new season.
 In the Summer time, with the heat, our physical channels, or srota-s, get fully dilated, allowing toxins to flow out freely. As temperatures drop, channels shrink slowly but surely, giving less easy passage to toxins.
 It is important to nourish and keep the channels intelligent in the Fall, to support their health, so that when they shrink further in the winter time, we do not experience an overload of toxic build-up that will inevitably get stored.
In the Summer time, the pitta organs such as the liver, the spleen, the stomach, and pancreas accumulate more heat. The first thing to do as the seasons transition from Summer to Fall, is to cool off these organs and release their seasonally accumulated heat.
In order to ease your physiology into the autumnal detox, it is important to prep it. What are some things you can do?
1) Add turmeric to your diet: do not swallow turmeric capsules! Adding turmeric to your food is always the best way to do it.   Here is a video with Vaidya Mishra on how to use Turmeric.
2) If you’ve been slacking off on your daily body massage, now is the time to get back on track. Daily warm oil massage pacifies Vata and will help ease the transition into Autumn. With Vaidya Mishra’s unique SVA formulations you can get the benefit of transdermal turmeric. This will help the physical channels immediately as the turmeric gets absorbed seconds after application.
3) Favor less raw fruits and sweet items, to help support your immunity. Start incorporating more warm and warming food items and spice into your diet. Vaidya Mishra’s Shroto Shudhi Masala and Tea are ideal at this point in time. Shroto Shudhi Masala was

designed to support the intelligence of the channels. When combined with turmeric, you will not only keep the detox process ongoing, but you will also give a boost to your immunity. The proper use of turmeric in the diet supports the liver and its functions, and the liver is the primary detox organ. When your liver is detoxing as it should, your cellular system detox will also be optimal, then fighting against seasonal colds, the flu, or other infections becomes very easy.


Click to watch Vaidya Mishra’s videos on turmeric:

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