Kulthi and Weight Loss


I just want to know about kulthi. Does it help you to lose weight? How long does it take to lose weight? How much can you lose weight in a month? Do you know anyone who lost weight by eating kulthi? Any information will be greatly appreciatedsvakulthi__86145__53922.1405391430.1280.1280
Many Thanks
Dear Alia: weight gain is a symptom which can originate in many etiological factors. Kulthi can help with weigh loss if somebody’s physical channels are not doing good, they are clogged or narrowed, etc, and due to that reason, the individual is experiencing metabolic disturbance – not able to fully breakdown and digest meals – and is thus gaining weight. For that person, kulthi will help.
Otherwise, kulthi is a dietary recommendation for weight loss programs when an individual follows a specific protocol for weight loss, tailored for their own hetu or own etiological factor. In that condition as well, kulthi is a big help.
Another reason, in general, kulthi is a good addition to diet for weight loss, is that it carries a very low glycemic index, very low glycemic load, and very few calories. It is also, in ayurvedic terms, very agneya, or fiery in nature – this means it supports and enhances the digestive fire or pachak agni, as well as the metabolic fires, or dhatu-agni-s, making sure that no ama or semi-digested material is left over from a meal, that can result in weight gain or other imbalances.
Kulthi grows in very sunny areas, so it inherently carries a lot of the energy of the sun. It also grows on rocky areas, and is endowed with the ability to break the macro-molecules of amavisha and garavisha, helping clean and clear the circulatory channels and resulting in overall good health.
Let me give you a specific recipe for kulthi which may help you in losing weight:
Kulthi with Garcinia Masala:
I have formulated three kinds of garcinia masala: for vata, pitta and kapha. Usually in weight gain situations, shleshak kapha can go high, but sometimes due to channel blockage, vyana vata can also go high, and due to a hot liver and hot stomach, pitta can go high too. That’s why we have three kinds of garcinia masala (available atwww.chandika.com), and you can choose accordingly the vata, pitta or kapha one.ffgarciniavata__37108.1406231839.1280.1280
2 oz. of kulthi soak overnight in hot water
Next morning rinse and filter
Add 4 pinches of turmeric
1/2 teaspoon of your choice of SVA Garcinia Masala
 – Do not add salt ahead of time –
Assemble all above ingredients in a pot, cover and cook for 20 minutes
At the end: add salt and ghee
Sometimes kulthi takes lots of time to cook because of its hard rocky nature. In order to remedy this, add the kulthi in a coffee grinder and break it down and then soak it overnight and then cook. Have this kulthi dahl 2 or 3 times a week.