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From past few days I have been suffering with heart burning sensation, its getting severe after brushing in the morning, so immediately after brushing am unable to take anything. Even if I drink water its not coming down. And one more thing, when I eat burps are not coming when they are supposed to. After I finish my meal they are coming and that too with acid reflux. with this reflux my heart is burning like a fire. Please please please…suggest me a solution.
Thanks in advance
Shravan K.”
Dear Shravan K: based on the detail you give us, you should not delay consulting with a professional medical doctor at your earliest convenience, but there are a few ayurvedic tips you can try which may help you. Ayurveda identifies this problem of acid reflux and heart-burn, and calls it “amla-pitta” or “sour- pitta.” According to ayurvedic physiology, the stomach is the moe of “pachak pitta.” You can understand “pachak pitta” as being the “fuel” for “pachakagni, the flame in your stomach, which helps digest your food through cooking it. Due to different reasons depending on each individual, that pachak pitta becomes imbalance and highly acidic. Many factors can make packak pitta acidic: in addition to diet, stress can be a major factor in making the stomach sour. th
Stress increases “prana vata.” Prana vata mainly governs the mind. When Prana Vata  becomes aggravated, all other four vata subdosha-s may also get affected: udana (in the chest), samana (in the stomach), apana (in the lower abdomen), vyana vata (overal circulation).
When Prana vata gets aggravated, udana vata goes high and starts to flow too much upwards or goes downwards instead of going upwards – that’s when you may experience no burping after a meal.  Then this imbalances samana vata, which resides in the stomach. Samana Vata is a key vata subdosha that maintains the balance between udana vata and apana vata. When it gets imbalances, then both vata-s also go off. When samana vata is aggravated by prana-vata, acidic pitta crosses the barriers of its home and starts to flow up. That’s when one experiences the heartburn, the acidity in the oesophagus, in the upper area of the stomach.
In SV Ayurveda, the first thing we do is identify the “hetu,” or etiological factor, as the Charak Samitha teaches us: “hetu linga aushadi gyanam, swasthathur parayanam.” When we identify the root cause of an imbalance, instead of just trying to address or suppress the symptoms, then our treatment is already half way done. That’s why, in your case, we need to identify the root cause of your imbalance. In order to take care of the symptom of heartburn, we have to see what is causing it, what is the “hetu” or your problem. Here are some factors that could be at the root of your problem. You can take a look and see which ones apply to you.
Pachak pitta aggravating factors:
Skipping or delaying meals
Consuming acidic food and drink on empty stomach like coffee, sour cream, vinegar.
Consuming lots of acidic food (food that contains too much lemon, vinegar, or soy sauce, etc)
Eating too spicy food like red chillies, pickles, etc
Drinking alcohol
Going to bed late
Waking up late
Drinking soft drinks with your meals
Eating leftovers
Prana vata aggravating factors:
Eating dry food like chips, crackers, popcorn
Eating less protein
Eating less good fat in your diet
Going to bed late
Too much EMF exposure – too much TV or computers for extended hours
Lack or proper rest: not following a good rest and work routine
What you can do:
Among all these listed etiological factors, see which one(s) apply to you and try to avoid those hetu-s or root causes.
Then, to pacify pachak pitta, start eating your meals on time. Start your day with some stewed pears. Eat this as soon as you wake up. An hour or so later, you can make some quinoa flakes with homemade almond milk for breakfast. Have lunch – on time – around 12 o’clock. Make sure your lunch is all homemade. Choose a grain – rice, millet, quinoa. Have some small lentils (mung or masoor). Have some summer squashes (zucchini or yellow crookneck squash) cooked with SVA Pitta Masala. Loki will also be very good. Have some sweet protein between lunch and dinner, such as homemade paneer cooked with pitta masala, around 3 pm.
Then make a tea with ½ teaspoon of SVA Pitta Tea, boil it in 6 oz of water. Have this after lunch.
Or you can make your own tea with the following ingredients:
2 pinches of DGL powder (available at www.chandika.com)
2 Rose buds
½ teaspoon of dry toasted fennelrose-buds1
Make and have this tea twice a day. Make fresh batches daily. Do not make and store and drink overnight.  Also, carry some dry toasted fennel with you and chew after breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Apply DGL Transdermal cream (available at www.chandika.com ) on the abdominal area after lunch and dinner.
For prana vata pacification, apply Super-Sport roll-on or cream on the lower spine. This will open your “shushumna nadi” – the vibrational channels in your spine, and then the aggravated prana vata will receive more support to flow in and flow properly instead of getting blocked.  When prana vata is balanced, udana vata will also get balanced, and then samana will ground udana and apana, ensuring proper bowel movements as well. Otherwise, if apana is blocked nothing will work.
To support your bowel movement, “Triphala for High Pitta” will be your best choice. 1-2 capsules at night. Also, Pitta Massage Oil, which contains all pitta pacifying herbs, in addition to magnesium. This will cool-off the cellular pitta and open the whole body channels, pacifying as well the vyana vata.
As you can see, this is holistic protocol for amla pitta – you have to address your sour stomach from all possible ayurvedic angles. Refer to article on bowel movements (prakrit…) But again I would like to request for you to see a medical doctor as soon as possible. Sometimes, if alma pitta is too imbalanced and building up too much acidity, it burns off the balancing factor in the stomach, the “kledak kapha,” and that will create local inflammation, and potentially eventually ulcers. So you must see and check with a medical doctor who will be able to scan things out, and see what s/he tells you about the current state of your stomach, and follow their recommendations for immediate help. Then you can start to slowly incorporate ayurvedic changes in your diet and lifestyle by identifying the ones that apply to you. Hope this helps.


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  1. prabhakar kolekar says

    I require help on my problem – GERD (Acid reflux), grade 1 Esophagitis,, not able to sleep. I eat very good home cooked food (swastik ahar) . Night I eat at 8 pm, later i take some herbs (home remedy) still not able to sleep, sometimes I get sleep, many times I don’t.

    also My wife’s problem – Rheumatod Artiritis & Bronchitis – taking homeopathic medicine- need suggestions.
    Prabhakar kolekar

  2. Prabhakar Mishra says

    Vaidya ji

    I have been suffering from depression and sleep disturbance from last six months. The causative factor was fear of illness due to wrong diagnosis.

    The stress has affected my digestion and I get stomach bloating, gas and pain in the lower right abdomen and left chest.

    Please suggest some effective way to cure this condition

  3. Please consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum: http://drmteitelbaum.com – SVA Customer Service Team

  4. Please consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum: http://drmteitelbaum.com – SVA Customer Service Team

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