11 Attributes of Rose You Did Not Know! Detox: It’s A Community Thing! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 15, 2024, #5, Vol 13

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When we get to know the rose plant ayurvedically, a whole new world of wondrous experiences and awareness opens up! It is truly one of Mother Nature’s most exquisite creations, and best gifts for us. Not quite sure why and how Rose can be so literally wondrous? Read on to find out. Better yet: taste Vaidya’ s rose preserve to experience the ayurvedic knowledge…. 

1. Pacifies Vata and Pitta Dosha: In Ayurveda, Any dravya or plant item that has the unctuous – snigdha – unctuous and lubricating guna or property is known to pacify vata dosha. Vata dosha is the marker for air and space in the body, when it goes off, you can experience dryness in any area (skin, scalp, organs, etc), also sharp shooting pain. Rose is also sweet and has a cooling virya or potency, as well as bitter and astringent taste, it is pacifying for Pitta dosha. 

2. Enhances brain health: rose is medhya, it enhances dhi dritti smriti – the 3 primary functions of the brain, namely: the functions of registering, storing, and recalling knowledge and information. When dhi-dritti-smritti is operating in a balanced and coordinated manner, the brain is in a stress-free state of bliss. Rose can bring about this mental state through its medhya qualities: calming and cooling for the mind… 

3. Uplifts spiritually: Rose carries a unique property called “Soma Nasya Janana:” rose creates good coordination between the mind and Satwa, the “light of the soul” – in this sense, it’s an instant bliss generator. When the mind is attuned with the satwa, it is unscathed by mundane stressors and connected to its original blissful state. 

4. Strengthens the stomach: rose is balakarika: it strengthens the stomach, intestines, and liver organ systems. Bala means strength. In addition, due to its deepana properties, it balances appetite: whenever you experience excessive sharp hunger, despite having had a good nourishing meal, or whenever you experience excessive sweet cravings, have ½ to 1 teaspoon, to cool off pachak pitta and restrain your cravings. It can also help with heartburn and acidity by cooling off pitta and sharpening agni. It is also pachana – it enhances overall metabolism in the tissues of the body. 

5. Anulomana: Rose pacifies apana vata by maintaining the downward movement of apana – it is NOT a laxative, unless you consume excessively large quantities of rose. Another beautiful characteristic: when consumed in small but regular quantities as part of your diet, it also enhances the absorption of nutrients. 

6. Balances the metabolism: consuming rose petal products is particularly beneficial when people have high pitta and high vata imbalances. These imbalances are also usually associated with low agni (low metabolic fire) in the stomach and dhatu-s or tissues. Low agni results in toxic build-up, weight gain, body aches and pains, etc. Adding rose petals in tea, or rose powder, or having Vaidya’s Rose preserve regularly, will pacify these two doshas and help reset the physiology on its way to blissful balance. 

7. Helps with skin: Rose pacifies rakta pitta or the pitta responsible for healthy blood. It cools it off and thus can help clearing the skin of rashes or other impurities. 

8. Total Pitta Pacifier: Other specific ailments that Rose has been known to help with are amenorrhea (absence of menstrual flow) due to inflammation or trapped heat in the body; can help with red itchy, dry, inflamed eyes; dizziness or vertigo; headaches or migraines; even sore throat, or enlarged tonsils. In addition, it can help with anxiety; deep grief; dullness of the skin and acne caused by Rakta Pitta imbalances.

9. Nurtures and Supports Beautiful Skin: Whether ingested orally or applied transdermally on the skin, Rose is used in Ayurveda for individuals who experience heat or burning sensations in their limbs, or their body overall. This is one of the most important uses of rose, topically, for the skin. When taken internally, it purifies the sweat of hot acidic toxins that can cause harm on the surface of the skin when a person sweats. Regular transdermal use of rose either in poultices or cream formulas cleans the sweat externally, by neutralizing the pH of the sweat, so that when toxins are released through the skin, the skin is not irritated or impacted.

10. Helps with Heart Health: In Ayurveda, rose is also used as a remedy for the physical circulatory system. It is a known cardio-tonic, due to its hridya property.  

11. Enhances Romance: Rose is also known for being vajikarna, supports intimate conjugal bliss! We find many recipes in Ayurveda that recommend Rose to enhance romantic conjugal life. 

REMEMBER: Rose is great for vata and pitta doshas. Kapha body types may find they do not fare so well with too much rose! They can use less of it; however, some pitta-kapha body types DO need it just as much. Vaidya recommended for them to add some black peppercorns along with rose. Vaidya’s Rose Preserve is already balancing to Kapha because it carries the sour agneya taste in addition to being cool and sweet. If a high kapha individual wants to add more agni to the preserve, they can grate some fresh ginger and add it, or grind some black peppercorns and add before consuming either as is or in a glass of water. May all things turn up roses for you – now and always! 


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