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Celebrate WOMAN with Sofia! April 13: SVA Legacy with Dr Teitelbaum; SVA@Conscious Life Expo; and sooooo much more! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 8, 2019, #8, Vol 9

Become the Goddess that you are with LALITA's full spectrum Facial formulations – on sale this week at 20% off We celebrate International Women’s Day by featuring an extraordinary woman, SVA educator, SVA marma expert, and compassionate “entrepreneuse.” Sofia was recently interviewed by “Voyage LA” (scroll down). Sofia Ianovskaia is a professional Reflexologist and Certified […]

How much do we love SVA – And why?! 5 Quick Questions!

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Nasya ALL the time ANYtime! April 13: CELEBRATING Vaidya & SVA; Dr Teitelbaum’s Upcoming Book – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 28, 2019, #7, Vol 9

Choose your Nasya! on SALE this week at 20% Off! why do Nasya – anytime, ALL the time?! What is Nasya-? Simply put in Vaidya’s words, “nasya is that which is good for your nose!” Vaidya further explained – drawing on Maharishi Sushruta’s text – that nasya is “the herbal preparation (or herbalized oil) applied […]

Why Bathe in Winter? April 13: CELEBRATING Vaidya & SVA; Dr Teitelbaum’s Upcoming Book – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 21, 2019, #6, Vol 9

Unique Herbal Bath Pouches and Luxurious Hydrating Soaps – on SALE this week at 20% Off! Did you Know that Bathing Increases Ojas, Nourishes your Tissues, & Sharpens your Digestive Fire? Our morning showers or bedtime baths are a relaxing activity for us. Sure, hot water running down our back in the morning, or soaking […]

“Dry Itchy Winter Skin? – Take 2!” – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 14, 2019, #5, Vol 9

Free Winter Soap + Unique Massage oil to Support Circulation, Thermogenesis, & Hydration – on sale this week! Why do we get dry itchy skin in the winter? Vaidya taught us well! He explained that even extreme harsh weather conditions can bring some gift for our physiology! No matter the season, it’s always a great […]

Pre & Pro- Biotics Inside Out with Dr T – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 7, 2019, #4, Vol 9

Pamper your Valentine! Our Storewide Sale IS STILL ON! plus free domestic shipping & gift-wrapping PRE & PROBIOTICS Inside and Out for Total Health SV Ayurveda has always been aware of the fact that the gut is loaded with little “yoginis,” the term Vaidya’s father used to refer to the friendly bacteria. These friendly bacteria are […]

SVA with Maharani – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Jan 24, 2019, #3, Vol 9

Valentine's Storewide Sale plus free domestic shipping: Love is in the air! SVA Treatments, Training, and more with Corinna Maharani in Santa Barbara Born and raised in Germany, a long-time practitioner of Ayurveda, and a star disciple of Vaidya Mishra and SVA (Shaka Vanshiya Ayurveda), Corinna knows that – in her own words – “successful […]

Warm up Your Winter! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Jan 24, 2019, #2, Vol 9

Thermogenesis from the Inside-Out with Vaidya's Unique Thermogenic Formulations on Sale this Week! Did you know that cold weather not only gives you dry, itchy, flaky skin, but it actually ages your skin by depleting its friendly bacteria? With seasonal changes, our doshic imbalances shift to reflect the new temperature conditions. For our skin, this […]

Auspicious Beginnings! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Jan 17, 2019, #1, Vol 9

Lotus Mala – BACK IN STOCK! plus new puja and silver gift items – on sale this week at 20% off Happy New Year!  Did you know that – as per the Vedic calendar – January 14th is the actual new year day? Dedicated to the Sun God – Surya, it marks the beginning of […]

Holiday Hours at the Prana Center; Affiliate & Wholesale Programs Now Available – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Dec 20, 2018, # 49, Vol 8

Free Shipping Free Gift Wrapping – PLUS Storewide Sale 20%off! Ho! Ho! Ho! Your new year SVA resolutions start here & now! become an affiliate or open a wholesale account (must qualify) to spread healing knowledge & pranic formulations – as easy as 1, 2, 3 – Click here to sign up and become an […]