Did you OD on Chocolate & Valentine’s Treats?! Detox: It’s A Community Thing! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 22, 2024, #6, Vol 13

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Did you overdose on chocolate and candy last week? Don’t feel guilty – you deserved it! You know what else? Trying to NOT eat sweets this time of year is like trying to hide from the sun at midday! When Winter slowly transitions into Spring, our shrotas start to release toxins and accumulated heat(pitta) from the body, and we naturally experience greater cravings not just for sweet soma-full foods, but also heavier meals. The down side is this is the worst time to indulge because our agni will not cooperate and we will make fresh ama (toxins) that will blend in with older toxins that are getting released, which may overwhelm our immune system and we will be prone to cough and colds… But here’s the good news: it CAN be a win-win situation for all of us where we can have our cake and eat it too, provided we bring ayurveda into the equation. Ayurveda, and specifically Shaka Vanshiya Ayurveda, provides us with tridoshic herbal preparations that can help us navigate the vicissitudes of any season and any craving. Note to self: this does not mean you should overdose willingly and knowingly, thinking: “I’ll eat 3 slices of chocolate cheesecake instead of just one and then drink a strong cup of Gymnema Brew” – LOL! Which, by the way, really does help metabolize sugar and fat in the body and take away the guilt of excessive indulgent eating… Have you tried it? If not, read below to find out how this might just be your favorite cup of tea this season. Hint: it’s also very delicious!

What’s in your cup of “Gymnema Brew” and Why?


Gymnema Brew is Vaidya Mishra’s delicious and energizing coffee substitute formulated with seven ingredients that work synergistically to support the organs involved in glucose metabolism. This drink assists the body’s own ability to transform sugar into energy needed by all the cells of the body. And it tastes great! In fact, it will “remind you of your favorite cup of coffee, but better” – a true quote by a happy customer! 

So what’s in it and how does it help you, in SVA terms?


Each ingredient serves its unique purpose and works in conjunction with the other ingredients of the herbal synergy. Here’s how:

Gymnema sylvestre: called “gurmar” in Hindi, literally translates into “sugar-killer.” It has been scientifically researched and found to help enhance the body’s cellular energy by improving sugar metabolism. 

Indian kino: another ayurvedic favorite – the inner hard wood of the tree called vijaya sar supplies prana to the pancreas, making it more efficient and thus supports sugar metabolism – modern science has also confirmed these ayurvedic statements. 

Jamun seed: this seed pacifies ranjak pitta, the governing factor of the liver and pancreas, through its cooling and astringent post-digestive properties. The cooling effect reduces pitta, and the astringent taste makes the pancreas “intelligent” by supporting the flow and distribution of insulin. 

Fenugreek: the bitter taste of fenugreek supports the liver and the pancreas, increasing their efficiency as well for sugar and fat metabolism, by facilitating the release of bile from the liver, which goes into the colon to digest mainly fat, but sugar molecules as well. 

Date Seed: nurtures the channels and pacifies ranjaka pitta, the governing factor of the liver and the pancreas.

Chicory: supports the physical channels and enhances overall physical and vibrational circulation, supporting detox and nurturing all organs and organ systems.

Sweet Cinnamon: increases raktagni – the metabolic factor of the blood. When raktagni is low, the glucose in the blood does not get converted into the energy need to fuel the muscles. Modern research shows that cinnamon increases the body’s ability to transform sugar into energy. 



This is strong formula which works great for all except if you tend to have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia): use with caution. This coffee substitute is best consumed before breakfast early in the morning. It will stimulate your appetite and assist in the transformation of glucose and fat. Alternately, you may drink it any time of the day, and specially after (heavy/rich) meals.

Directions: Boil one tsp. of Gymnema Brew for five minutes covered in eight ounces of spring water. Or, boil ½ tsp. in four ounces of spring water. Do not strain. Do Not use sugar. Almond milk may be added for flavor.

Love/want/need Gymnema but are not fond of the Gymnema Brew? Here are some other options for you to try!

Gluco-Balance Herbal-Memory Nectar: Gluco-Support Herbal-Memory Nectar contains a synergistic blend of herbs and spices traditionally used in Ayurveda for supporting the physiology’s own glucose metabolic systems. Added to spring water and sipped during the day, these natural ingredients are absorbed through the oral mucosa and immediately deliver their prabhava (specific ultimate effects) and sukshma bhag (subtle portion). This Advanced/Alternative Delivery System effectively bypasses the often-compromised digestive system and toxic livers prevalent in the Western world. 

Gluco-Balance Transdermal Cream: Gluco-Support Transdermal Cream contains a synergistic blend of herbs and other natural ingredients that gently support the physiology’s own glucose metabolic systems. Bypass the digestive system completely and get the results through transdermal delivery – 20 seconds is all it takes for the herbs to circulate through your channels!

Gluco-Support Capsules: Gluco-Support Tablets contain a synergistic blend of herbs and other natural ingredients that gently support the physiology’s own glucose metabolism systems.

Gymnema Herbal Memory Nectar: This form of gymnema bypasses the liver and digestive system (often compromised by toxins and modern diet/lifestyle) for fast, safer delivery to the deepest level of the cellular system through transmucosal absorption – add a drop to a glass of 10oz of water and sip slowly through the day. 

Gymnema Nasya Oil delivers this herb to the sinus cavities. Made with over a dozen herbs and spices, it helps reestablish a proper nasal environment and protects the sinus and nasal cavity from bacterial growth. It also lubricates the nasal channels. Very gentle for daily repeated use.

Any which way you decide to introduce and use Gymnema in your life, it will bring you great balancing benefits. Discover your favorite Gymenma product and let us know how it helped you! ~ Namaste.


It’s a Community Thing !

Some habits need to be broken asap (!) others are great to adopt and maintain “for ever”… Every year, for the past 6 years, our SVA educators have been coming together with a group of ladies (and gentlemen) who are ready to transform their lives by doing Vaidya Mishra’s Spring detox. Spring is the best time to adopt new healthy routine that you have been putting off… It’s the best time to start working towards the NEW YOU. Vaidya Mishra’s Spring Cleanse teaches you how to work in tandem with Nature to support your body’s natural detox. You will learn ayurvedic tools to “upgrade your life in all areas, by mastering the fundamentals of the SVA routine and diet; therewill be surprisingly easy to make yet delicious nourishing recipes, so you can experience the joy of sattvic eating; PLUS a full reset of body, mind and heart with the Samadhi Marma and Vibrational Massage technique. Join us! Make new friends and grow in a community of ayurvedic women (and men!). This Spring, you can blossom into the You you’ve always aspired to be…

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Rose Carol

Can’t Sleep? Feel Overwhelmed? Headaches? Inflammation? Experiencing Grief? Anxiety?

You might just need a SVA Marma Session!

Shaka Vansya Ayurveda Marma Therapy is based on techniques used over 2000 years ago to help open blocked energy channels to heal physical and emotional pain, doshic imbalances, inflammation. stress, and overwhelm. It also improves the complexion and appearance. This unique healing session involves gently applying SV Ayurveda herbal transdermal creams (formulated by the late Ayurvedic physician, Vaidya Mishra) to a variety of marma points along the spine, and on other points on the body has an immediate relaxing effect that can bring about immense healing and rejuvenation.

The body can heal itself once it becomes more self-referral, when the blocked prana starts to circulate throughout the body, a state of equilibrium is restored.

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About Rose Carol, MA LPC, SVA Practitioner

Rose has been an Ayurveda Health Practitioner since 1989 and studied Vedic Science at Maharishi International University and mentored with master Ayurvedic healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra for many years. She is also a licensed professional counselor with a master’s in clinical counseling that integrates Ayurveda and Psychology integrating mind, body and consciousness. To schedule text or call 847 636 2744 (same # whatsapp)

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