Wake Up to a Mom’s Chai Cup! Spring Detox: Flow with Nature; Study Ayurveda with Maharani; and more! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter March 7, 2024, #8, Vol 13

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Are your mornings sluggish and on the low-end? Do you need something to perk you up but dread the side-effects of caffeine? A sip of Mom’s Chai might just be what you need… This blend was made to enhance circulation in the physical and vibrational channels, and to supply more oxygenation overall to all the organs and organ-systems. This tridoshic chai blend will awaken your physiology from its nocturnal slumber and ready it for the activities of the day ahead – without wreaking havoc!

Here’s another wonderful detail: if you wish to add black or green or white tea leaves to it for an additional boost, this blend will buffer the side-effects of the caffeine in the tea leaves. With its ayurvedic properties, your body will be able to easily and smoothly handle the caffeine without going into a shock! Here is a list of those ayurvedic properties:

  • This spice blend, because of its synergistic ratio, will open the srotas (physical channels) of the stomach, liver, heart, and mind, WITHOUT heating them up
  • This tea blend also unclogs the burners of the “dehagni” – cellular metabolism – without aggravating/over-activating them

This tea blend is TRIDOSHIC: suitable for ALL body types, specially great for high pitta types who need a boost but can’t handle chai!

The key is you can make it in different strengths to suit your needs: add 1 a little more or less depending on how you are feeling and how much of a “pick-me-up” you need…

4 SIMPLE INGREDIENTS and what they do:

  1. Nutmeg: pacifies and resets the mind, sharpens it through calming down prana vata, to ready it for the day;
  2. Cinnamon: energizes you by enhancing and supporting sugar metabolism;
  3. Ginger: when ayurvedically prepared, supplies metabolic warmth to burn off ama (toxic build-up) from the night;
  4. Cardamom: awakens the metabolic system, opening and clearing the channels in the nasal and oral cavities.


Add ½ tsp (less or more depending on preferences – it’s gentle but strong so watch out!) to 10 oz water and bring to a boil. Alternately you may also add it to a cup of already hot water, cover, and infuse for 8-10 minutes.

You can add a creamer: cow’s milk or almond milk. Add and boil along with the chai mix, or add to the infused cup of chai. You can also add the sweetener of your choice: sugar-free, honey, or raw sugar.


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