It’s a New Dawn! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 8, 2024, #4, Vol 13

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It’s a New Dawn …

On February 14th, we celebrate Vasant pañcamī वसन्तपञ्चमी: - the first day of Spring. This cosmic energy of rebirth is embodied by Mata Saraswati. On this day, it is great to initiate new beginnings – in India, families conduct “Vidya Arambha” – Saraswati Puja is done at home and young children are encouraged to write their first words with their fingers; some initiate their study in arts or music on this day.

Also: flying kites, wearing white and yellow dresses

offering mustard and marigold flowers to Goddess Saraswati. Starting new ventures – especially inaugurating educational institutes and colleges.

This is the best time to initiate studies or adopt new routine that you have been putting off… It’s time for a NEW YOU. What could be more transformative than an ayurvedic Spring Cleanse when Nature supports your body’s natural detox? Upgrade your life by learning the fundamentals of SVA routine and diet with delicious nourishing sattvic recipes, experience a full reset of body, mind and heart with the Samadhi Marma and Vibrational Massage; make new friends and grow in a community of ayurvedic women. Blossom into the You you’ve always aspired to be…

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Why Our



Vaidya Mishra’s

Pranic Formulations

Ayurvedic Sacred Bodywork

A Training for

Professional Healers



Embark on a profound journey of transformation, as we unveil the timeless practices of Ayurvedic Bodywork in our immersive program designed for healers of all modalities. The knowledge and the principles of Ayurveda can be applied in any practices and in all aspects of life. Ayurvedic therapies belong the fastest growing healthcare services offered today, and are featured at spas, wellness centers, and clinics around the world. Yet, it always starts with your own inner journey, as you discover the healer within along the path. 

As you journey through our accredited program, endorsed by NAMA and AABC, you’ll discover how to elevate your life and practice to new heights of effectiveness and enchantment. You will discover the depth and power of Ayurveda by studying this ancient science through the lens of a living lineage (SVA). This one-of-a kind training bridges the wisdom of the ancient lineage (SVA) with the practical, clinical application of Ayurveda in modern life. 

The journey begins here, with our dynamic online classes, where live sessions (Saturday’s 9-11am PST) are complemented weekly by recorded content, a comprehensive training manual, and a vibrant student forum. Our live online classes launch March 16th, 2024!! (Content is always recorded for later viewing).

Ready to deepen your knowledge, expand your business, and infuse your offerings with soulful wisdom? Enroll now and enjoy a special 10% discount until February 14th with code: SVAFRIENDS. 

Join us in this sacred journey of healing and growth. Sign up today at Maharani Academy.

Have questions or seeking clarity? Join our free student orientation on Saturday, February 10th, from 9-10am PST, link below, where we’ll delve into the essence of our program and answer any queries you may have, or call (805) 322-8556.

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Rose Carol

Can’t Sleep? Feel Overwhelmed? Headaches? Inflammation? Experiencing Grief? Anxiety?

You might just need a SVA Marma Session!

Shaka Vansya Ayurveda Marma Therapy is based on techniques used over 2000 years ago to help open blocked energy channels to heal physical and emotional pain, doshic imbalances, inflammation. stress, and overwhelm. It also improves the complexion and appearance. This unique healing session involves gently applying SV Ayurveda herbal transdermal creams (formulated by the late Ayurvedic physician, Vaidya Mishra) to a variety of marma points along the spine, and on other points on the body has an immediate relaxing effect that can bring about immense healing and rejuvenation.

The body can heal itself once it becomes more self-referral, when the blocked prana starts to circulate throughout the body, a state of equilibrium is restored.

Where and Scheduling – To schedule text or phone 847 636 2744 same # Whatsapp

Evanston, Il until Feb 17th and then full time again starting April 204

Madison Wisconsin, Feb 18-19

Austin TX from Feb 24th to March 1st

San Miguel de Allende Mexico from March 2 to March 23rd

Where and When: Scheduling

To schedule please text or phone: 847-636-2744

(You can Whatsapp me on the same number)

  • Evanston, Illinois – until Feb 17th and then full time again starting April 20th.
  • Madison Wisconsin, Feb 18-19
  • Austin TX from Feb 24th to March 1st
  • San Miguel de Allende (Mexico): March 2 to March 23rd


About Rose Carol, MA LPC, SVA Practitioner

Rose has been an Ayurveda Health Practitioner since 1989 and studied Vedic Science at Maharishi International University and mentored with master Ayurvedic healer, Vaidya Ramakant Mishra for many years. She is also a licensed professional counselor with a master’s in clinical counseling that integrates Ayurveda and Psychology integrating mind, body and consciousness. To schedule text or call 847 636 2744 (same # whatsapp)

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