A few doubts on oral hygiene for kids, copper vessels, thai tamarind and more…

Dear Vaidya,
Please help me with few of my doubts as follows:
1)How to care for Oral Hygiene in small kids?
Vaidya: “I am in the process of formulating a full line of oral care products for children. Please look for the launch on www.chandika.com and through our newsletter. In general, however, avoid feeding them white sugar, candy, bleached flour, foods with additives. Teach them to rinse their mouths with fresh water after each meal and before sleep to help remove food residues.”
2)Is it safe to use cooper vessels for storing,cooking,drinking?
Vaidya: “No it is not. In SVA we do not recommend using any copper items. This was acceptable decades ago, but nowadays, due to acidic nature of the water available to us, copper develops a layer when it comes in contact with acidic water that you can actually see as a greenish layer/residue forming on the surface of the copper. This is copper sulfate, a highly toxic chemical when ingested. I recommend you do not use copper for anything in your home.”
3)I have always heard Tamarind is acidic but is it not the case with Thai Tamarind and what about using Kokam as a substitute for Tamarind?
Vaidya: “There are 2 kinds of tamarind, the sour and then he sweet one. Nowadays it is easy to buy fresh sweet thai tamarind. This is very good for health, it supports metabolism and elimination. For kokam, many parts of the plant are sold. Try to find and use on the white flower part in order to flavor your meals with its distinct tangy taste. All the other parts are no desirable. “
4)I usually have dinner early at work at around 18:00 by the time I am home 21:00/22:00 I am hungry and end ip eating biscuits or chikki I know it is not healthy to eat late is there any thing which I can eat and easily digestible?
Vaidya: “Make home-made almond milk – peel off the skin of soaked almonds (soak overnight in cool water or 1 hour in hot water) blend by adding some water and filter out the fibre. Make 6 oz. of almond milk. This will be a very nourishing thing to have before bedtime. Otherwise, if you are more hungry, make a light (thin) kicheri with mung dahl, a little quinoa, and you can peel and thrown in one zucchini squash. Boil everything and then finish off by sautéing some Mum’s Masala in some ghee and adding on, and then add a squirt of lime. Light and nourishing before bedtime. “
5)How is Peanut Prabhava in human body?
Vaidya: “Peanut has a very undesirable “prabhava” or subtle post-digestive effect. Long-term usage creates inflammation, irritation, and channel-blocking. It is considered a “tamasic” food in Ayurveda – it does not support an individual’s progress towards greater happiness and bliss.”
6) Difference between amla and wild amla. How to select amla one which are big or small?
Vaidya: “Wild alma is the generic amla fruit as described in the shastras or ayurvedic texts.  Non-wild alma is the genetically modified and hybridized version mass produced for consumption. The larger ones are not wild, they are the hybridized version that carry more pulp and less fibre for greater yield. The wild version has less yield and more fibre, but it is the best one to have. In SVA we do not use the generic amla fruit because it does not carry the great properties that the shastras describe it to have.”
7)Best time to drink milk?
Vaidya: “Best time to drink milk is at night before sleep, or in the morning for breakfast – make sure not to mix it with any other items. It should be a stand-alone item. I suggest you boil your milk with cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, black pepper. This will make it easier on digestion.
For one glass of milk add:
1 small stick of cinnamon,
4 crushed green cardamom pods,
2 thin slices of ginger,
6 crushed black peppercorns.
 Boil and filter, cool off to room temperature and consume. “
8)My 2.5 years son does poo every alternate days is it a concern?
Vaidya: “Yes, it could be, not a big one, but it is best to correct. I suggest you give him more cooked  veggies. Specially zucchini squash. Conceal/mix it in his food as a puree along with other vegetables (carrots or even apple puree) in case he does not like the flavor.”
9)Better sweetener Jaggery or brown sugar?
Vaidya: “Both are equally good but only if they are both organic!”
Thank you,