Garcinia – one for all

Hailed as the “holy grail of weight loss,” Garcinia cambogia, or Garcinia indica, has actually been a known remedy for different imbalances for thousands of years in India. In Sanskrit, Garcinia cambogia is called “vrikshamla.” It is mentioned in the ayurvedic “nighantu”-s (or glossaries) as a vata and kapha dosha pacifying dravya or food ingredient. garcinia
Regardless of your body type, adding garcinia to your diet will help you enhance absorption of your nutrients – this is due to its unique thermogenic potency. Garcinia will sharpen your taste buds, clearing away ama or toxic build-up in your oral cavity.
Taste has confirmed therapeutic balancing properties in Ayurveda and Garcinia’s distinct subtle sour taste is known to enhance the metabolic rate of the muscle and fat tissues. In addition, Garcinia carries the following 3 rasa-s or tastes:
amla (sour),  katu (pungent) and kashai (astringent).
These 3 rasa-s  are known to enhance metabolism in general. More specifically, the amla rasa or sour taste specifically enhances and supports protein metabolism because it enhances agni in the mamsa dhatu or muscle tissue. All 3 rasa-s taken together help clear and unclog the channels optimizing circulation in general.
Vaidya Mishra has put together delicious Garcinia blends to help you introduce this balancing plant intogarciniavata your diet. Even though Garcinia has been introduced as a weight loss ingredient, Vaidya Mishra explains that it is actually for those who want to “regulate their weight” – whether to lose or to gain, it enhances the intelligence of the tissues so your physiology adjusts based on its own needs to maintain optimal balance. Find out how each masala can help address imbalances related to a specific dosha, or just enjoy a cup of SVA Garcinia tea, twice daily, to keep things smooth and balanced regardless of your body type or season.

Femi Ojas – New Formula!

Breathe the Goodness In!

SVA Aromatherapy Inhalers
All the goodness of flowers, herbs, and more, put together synergistically to help support different aspects of your physiology.

Aromatherapy in Ayurveda can be used in several ways for several purposes. Inhalers are a handy and easy way to use because the aromatic molecules readily travel to the nervous system through the nostrils – directly yet gently. Vaidya’s new SVA Aromatherpay Inhalers are easy to carry with no spill or stain risks. Vaidya’s inhalers contain all organic essential oils where available and contain absolutely no synthetic or artificial ingredients or fixatives.

Choose from 4 different flavors or optionsBTGI-img1

BTGI-img2Sinus, Cough’n Cold: made with organic Camphor, Peppermint,  Ajwain, and Holy Basil, this inhaler will help unblock the nasal cavity and lung channels, traveling through the sinus pathways without irritating them, and support the cavities to help resist cold. This inhaler will also support the chest area when there is a mild cough. Price: $8.50

BITG-img3Calm Temples: stress induced headaches are common nowadays. When stress creates toxins and clogs the micro-and macro- mental channels, this aromatherapy inhaler can gently dilate the channels to help ease and release accumulated toxin and give relief from stress-induced headaches. Price: $8.50

BTGI-img4Jasmine Mind Bliss: when worry takes over our minds we lost track of before and after, forgetting and misplacing things. It feels like our minds are working in overtime mode, yet our mental creativity is  diminished. The herbal synergy in this inhaler will help restore your mental bliss by re-establishing the connection between “dhi, dritti,” and “smritti”: the power of your brain to gather, store and recollect information.  Price: $14.50

BTGI-img5Rose Heart Bliss: when unexpected stressful situations shut down our heart lotus, we may feel we lose the courage and readiness to act in  order to overcome the trouble that has come our way. Let the herbal synergy in this SVA inhaler gently re-set your heart lotus and lift away your sadness so you can take on whatever may come your way. Price: $14.50

New Arrival: Baby Skin Care

For your Blissful Baby!

Vaidya’s finest pranic formulations

 all orders $99 and above ship ground for free in the USA (for Canada: $199 and above gives you free ground USPS shipping)


Blissful Baby Nurturing Lotion Blissful Baby Diaper Rash Lotion
Blissful Baby Soap - Moon Blissful Baby Soap - Sun
Blissful Baby
Nurturing Lotion
Reg: $14.50
On Sale: $13.60
Blissful Baby
Diaper Rash Lotion
Reg: $14.50
On Sale: $13.60
Blissful Baby Soap
Reg: $4.50
On Sale: $3.60



Blissful Baby Body Massage Oil - Bal Blissful Baby Body Massage Oil - Shishu Blissful Baby Shampoo
Blissful Baby
Massage Oil – Bal
Reg: $9.50
On Sale: $7.60
Age 1-5
Blissful Baby
Massage Oil – Shishu Reg: $9.50
On Sale: $7.60
Age 0-1
Blissful Baby
Reg: $9.50
On Sale: $7.60





New Arrival: Balm for your lips

New Arrivals at 

Shield – Hydrate – Replenish SVA Balms for your lips

choose from Real Rose or Fresh Mint
600 Lip Balm Fresh Mint 600 Lip Balm Real Rose
Price: $5.50 
It’s rich, smooth, and hydrating, plus it’s got a kick! The SVA Fresh Mint balm will refresh you while it replenishes your lips. You will come back for more!