A video testimonial: Interstitial Cystitis Patient

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This case history showcases our wonderful work with the many women we see with Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or Painful Bladder Syndrome.

IC is a chronic bladder condition with symptoms of pain, pressure, urinary frequency and an urge to urinate. The symptoms range from mild to severe and intermittent to constant. In the past, IC was a rare disease, but is fairly prevalent in modern society, with over-use of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals which destroy the lining of the bladder and the friendly bacteria in the gut. An acid-based diet high in processed foods with its myriad chemicals, colorings and preservatives contributes as well.

Researchers believe IC is caused by one or more of the following: (1) a weakness in the cells lining the bladder (epithelial cells). These epithelial cells prevent irritating substances in the urine to penetrate into the bladder;(2) inflammation,(3) the body’s immune system attacks the bladder.

In almost every case of IC I have treated, the patient has a history of repeated bladder infections. Doctors routinely prescribe powerful antibiotics to treat urinary tract infections (UTI’s). These antibiotics push the patient into a vicious cycle: the antibiotic depletes the friendly bacteria, setting the stage for another infection and another round of antibiotics, and on and on and on.

These repeated rounds of antibiotics not only destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut, but the lining of the gut in which the friendly bacteria grow.   Then the patient suffers from depletion of the wall of the bladder from all the potent chemicals emptying through it and chronic inflammation from the repeated infections.

Once the friendly bacteria die, the stability of the immune system is lost, creating an auto-immune response, such as seen in these cases.

So what we do is to: (1) regrow the friendly bacteria, (2) heal the lining of the gut and the bladder, (3) alkalinize the diet which will alkalinize the urine.

We occasionally have to use our antihistamine herbs when there is a histamine response associated with the IC symptoms, as well as our herbs to heal the nerve damage that can also occur. We even have herbs to prevent nerve pain associated with this condition.

The standard medical treatment for this condition is to use oral medications which have serious side effects such as nausea, diahrrea, gastric distress and hair loss. Other treatments include injecting medicine directly into the bladder which can be painful.

So here we are presenting an option for patients who have been diagnosed with this extremely painful condition and show them we have powerful treatments that address all the issues that may occur with Interstial Cystitis.


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  1. I read all the way to the end but you didn’t provide any answers. My ex-girlfriend suffers from IC, what medicines do you recommend?

  2. Please consider a phone consultation with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum for specific suggestions.

  3. Please consider a consultation with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum for specific recommendations: https://drmteitelbaum.com

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