A testimonial on Iritis

This case history is a wonderful example of how our protocols can work — even in tough cases which doctors have had no success.
This woman came into our office in March 2014 with recurring iritis.  Iritis is inflammation that affects the eye’s iris, the colored ring surrounding the pupil.  The iris is part of the middle layer of the eye (uvea) — so this condition is also sometimes called anterior uveitis.  Doctors aren’t really sure what causes it although they suspect it may result from an underlying systemic condition.
Iritis is a serious condition which left untreated could lead to glaucoma or vision loss.  However, the use of steroid drops in the eyes, which is the standard treatment for this condition, can also cause glaucoma.  This patient was treated 7 times, 7 months in a row, with steroid drops in her eyes.  It would clear up the condition, but then it would come right back, because the underlying cause of the inflammation (which was systemic — in her whole body not just the eyes) was being ignored.
Once we fixed the heat coming from the liver and the infection in her gut, two factors which were driving her inflammation, and we gave Dr. Mishra’s two great new remedies for the eyes — locally applying them around the eyes, the inflammation went down and immediately and has never come back.
I don’t want to mention the names of the remedies we used, because I don’t want anyone suffering from this condition to self-medicate — if you have this condition you should be under the care of one of the SVA doctors or Vaidya himself, because you want it treated correctly.  But I did want you to see the vast array of conditions we are able to treat thanks to the diligence of Vaidya Mishra and his staff giving us doctors in the field so many remedies to heal most of the things that walk into our busy practices.  Thank you again Vaidya for sharing your family tradition with all of us and helping us to heal so many people — so easily!


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Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum