MRSA: Infection of the skin

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This is a 27-year-old female who presented to our office with MRSA infection of the entire body.

MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) infection is caused by a strain of staph bacteria that has become resistant to the antibiotics commonly used to treat staph infections, which are the most common infections on the skin.
She had the infection for 11 months before seeing us and was treating it with different types of of antibiotics. This is a very serious (and sometimes deadly) infection of the skin and in her case was even worse because she had it throughout her whole body, as opposed to just one small outbreak. She even tried some holistic remedies which failed as well.
Luckily, since studying with Vaidya Mishra for the past 15 years, I learned how to treat all skin conditions easily and effectively, even something as resistant as MRSA.
Most people know that the gut contains strains of friendly bacteria which prevent the growth of harmful pathogens, but few people realize that the skin also has a protective layer of probiotics on the surface of the skin. Like in the gut, they prevent infections from growing on the skin. So, when someone has any skin infection, the first thing we do is to regrow the friendly bacteria in the gut, then teach them how to regrow the friendly bacteria on the skin (as well as a few other things which I will mention here).
There is a whole new wave recently in the field of dermatology to possibly start treating skin infections such as these with PROBIOTICS instead of ANTIBIOTICS which will only destroy more of the friendly bacteria and create these new strains of antibiotic-resistant infections.
However, this is easier said than done. Companies around the world are trying desperately to figure out how to make probiotic creams — it is difficult to do since these friendly bacteria are very delicate and can die easily when processed into a skin-care product
Dr. Mishra’s family lineage of Shaka Vansiya Ayurveda (SVA) always treated skin conditions for the past 5,000 years — they even treated Lord Krishna’s son for leprosy! Thus, he comes from a long line of Vaidyas who knew how to correctly and effectively treat any kind of skin condition. His father always used prebiotic and probiotics on the skin. And about 5 years ago, Vaidya Mishra launched his line of prebiotics and probiotics for the skin.
So, in this case, we replenished the friendly bacteria in the gut and on the skin. We cooled down the heat in the liver, cleansed the blood, supported her overall immune system outside of the gut, used the special Yasad Bhasma (bhasma of zinc) to help kill the infection along with the probiotic, and used our great new Abhyanga oil which has turmeric in it to also help immunity in the skin (as well as daruharidra to stop histamine skin reactions).
And the results were fantastic! Within one month the infection started going down and now one year later, the infection is almost entirely gone!
I am so pleased to share this wonderful case history and hope that if other people out there are fighting with this potentially deadly infection, that they know they can seek out alternative help if their regimen of antibiotics are not working for them.
Thank you Vaidya Mishra and your family lineage of divine doctors who knew intuitively how to treat so many conditions so effectively.

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum
Cinnaminson, New Jersey



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