Moringa Leaves for detox and Nourishment

Moringa leaves come to us with a big profile!Moringa-Oleifera copy
7 times more Vit C than an orange
3 times more potassium than a banana
3 times the amount of iron found in almonds
25 times more iron than in spinach
4 times more calcium than what is in milk
2 times more protein than what is in milk
47 different antioxidants

Moringa has been dubbed the plant or tree that redefines superfood!

Superfoods are substances (fruits, berries, plants) packed with high doses of nutrition – vitamins and nutrients. Current research on Moringa is being conducted to see how it can help with: anemia, asthma, arthritis, constipation, cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, gastritis, intestinal ulcers, heart conditions, headaches, high blood pressure, inflammation, kidney stones, thyroid disorders, infections, sex drive, athlete’s foot, warts, dandruff, snake bites and gingivitis. Even for helping stimulate immunity and breast milk production.
But Vaidya Mishra reminds us that Moringa has been used in Indian culture for thousands of years! It is one of the healthiest vegetables because in addition to its nutritional content, it carries 2 essential properties: detoxification and nurturing.
In Sanskrit, moringa is known as shigru – arrow. This is because it has the intelligence to penetrate deep into the tissues and reach the bone tissue, traveling in and deep like an arrow, to mobilizing and pulling out toxins from the bone, and releasing them from the body. It thrives there where other plants and ingredients fail.
Although the plant’s many parts are used – leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit and even bark – in the Vedic tradition, the leaves are particularly favored in cooking, for daily nourishment and detoxification, alone or with some lentils (mung or masoor preferably).
SVA recommends using it daily for nourishment and detoxification because it is very effective in ridding the bone tissue of accumulated toxic waste. Since it targets the bone tissue, it is then also good for the blood and fat tissue – toxins travel through the blood, the muscle and then the fat before reaching the bone as one is built on the other. As a side-benefit, moringa also supports the detoxification of the liver.
There are also some additional benefits of consuming Moringa on a regular basis:
It is great for eyes, skin – it detoxifies the skin and nourishes the eyes
It can help lower cholesterol since it supports the liver and purifies the fat tissue
It can help with joint pain resulting from the local accumulation of toxins because its primary action is to detoxify tissues, particularly the fat tissue
Long-term use supports our immune system.
It is tridoshic – balancing for vata, pitta, and kappa – however, if you are a high pitta body type, make sure to always cook it with a pitta pacifying masala. Alternately, you can use the SVA Moringa Soup Mix which has been formulated to be balancing for all three doshas.

CONTRAINDICATION: do not consume any moringa items or products during pregnancy  as it may cause a miscarriage. If you are breastfeeding, you should also avoid Moringa, because of its detoxifying nature. In addition, it will make your milk very bitter and unpalatable for your infant.


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  1. Pavithra says

    Dear Sir,

    Can we give Moringa/ Moringa leaves to a 16 month old baby? Will it cause any ill effect?


  2. Dear Pavitra: even though Moringa is fully packed with nutrients and ingredients, it is at the same time highly detoxifying. For that reason, it is best not to give to babies. Infancy is primarily a time for nurturing, in SVA we believe babies should only be fed “somagenic” nurturing food such as squashes, oatmeal, rice, etc. We recommend to start introducing a normal adult diet at the age of 5 years and above.

  3. “Dear Vaidya,
    Is eating drumstick vegetable equal in benefit to the leaf?
    Thank you,
    Martin G.”

    “Dear Martin, yes, in some ways, it is.
    However, the Moringa leaf is more detoxifying than the stick. The stick carries more nutritional value. But both the stick and the leaves are nourishing and detoxifying in nature. The leaf has some added detoxifying power to it though. So depending on what protocol you are following, you may choose one or the other.”

  4. Pavithra says

    Dear sir,

    Thank you very much for your reply.


  5. Dear Vaidya,

    I’ve been using moringa for detox some time now, along with alfalfa, triphala/amla and guduchi (not all at once).
    Success is slowly manifesting, but as I get closer I’ve come to understand more about the specific problem areas.
    So I want to ask you about detoxing the small intestine or solar plexus area, I suppose the nerves there. Is there any good effective ayurvedic way/formula? I have access to many herbs.

    Thank you for your work, it has enabled me in a huge way.

  6. Dear Stephan: in my latest publication (April 2014) , the SVA Home Detox Manual, I have given detailed step-by-step instructions. I suggest you get a copy and follow the 7 week detox plan which is very simple but will give you a balanced effective detox protocol. Thank you. .

  7. frank mahoney says

    I have polycythemia vera-that is my bone marow produces too many red blood cells. My condition is under control with allopathihc medication (Hydrea) and one baby aspirin per day. I have read elsewhere that Moringa could be dangerous if one were taking a blood thinner (such as my aspirin regimin). Do you agree?
    If it were dangerous to take orally, would an external application such as a moringa wrap be benificial or not?

  8. Heather Rice says

    Dr. Mishra,

    Is Moringa safe to use for dogs? I have a dog who sadly , was recently diagnosed with bone cancer and I am wondering if this would help. If so, how much would be good to use for an 80 lb dog? Lastly, is moringa powder just as good as fresh moringa (I can’t seem to find any where I am located). Thank you for your time and insight!

  9. Jagdish Narain says

    Is Moringa can lower cholesterol ?.

  10. Priyanka C says

    Hello Dr. Mishra,
    What is more beneficial? Moringa dried leaves powder or fresh leaves?


  11. Yogendra Mlhotra says

    Dr Mishra

    I am suffering from Psoriasis. Can I take Moringa if yes then how shall I take. pl adise

  12. Please contact Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum at her SVA clinic and set up an initial ayurvedic evaluation. You can do so over the phone as well.
    She charges $4/minute. Her number is 1.856.786.3330. She will guide you as to whether you should take Moringa yet or not. Thanks.

  13. Dr Mishra:

    I have your Moringa Leaf Powder and Moringa Leaf soup powder. Do they have the same potency as original leaves. Also, how do I use the powder? and the soup packet has no recipe – how do I prepare the soup? Many thanks. Namaste. Please advice

  14. Hi Sir,
    I want to buy Moringa Powder. Can you please guide which brand I need to buy?

  15. Hello, we carry Moringa Powder (and other Moringa Products) in our online store: – SVA Customer Service Team

  16. Please consider scheduling a consultation with Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum: – SVA Customer Service Team

  17. Fresh is always preferable, but dried is ok too. We sell Moringa powder as well as many other Moringa products:

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