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Renu N.

I am a Vedic Astrologer and have also studied Ayurveda with Dr. David Frawley. I would like to start using your products in my practice.
The first product I would like to ask about is Femi Ojas.  I would like to use it with clients who are Ojas deficient, from the Jyotish perspective Sade Sati (seven and half years of Saturn) really depletes Ojas, as Saturn transits the natal Moon.
1) Can I use this product for young females ages 16-24?
2) The directions for use do not describe usage for menopausal women who are no longer menstruating. use best 5 days after full moon until 5 days before full moon
Thank you.”

Vaidya replies:

“Dear Renu:

1- Yes, the Femi Ojas cream and drops can be used for young females from ages 16-24
2- I have written at greater length about using this cream in the Femi Ojas article (May 1st 2014, This cream is for both women who are still menstruating as  well as women who are in menopause. I recommend resuming its use 5 days after the full moon, up-till 5 days before the next full moon. Thank you. “



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  1. Dear Vaidya ji,

    Thank you very much for educating all of us with the immense knowledge of life (Ayurveda). Since last one year I am trying to follow ayurvedic life style and came across you and I am very much happy to know about you and getting ayurvedic knowledge from you.
    1. I had read from your web site regarding the organic ghee, that ghee should not be stored in glass container, however in your web site it looks like its in the glass container, I might be wrong, So once it’s delivered one should transfer the ghee into ceramic or coloured glass container or any other container to keep away from sunlight.
    2. How much organic ghee one (adult & kids) should consume in a day and how it should be consumed for example is it good to use it as tempering or add it on top of the hot food or drink with the hot milk.
    3. I am a vegetarian and I have deficiency of vitamin B-12, I am taking supplement for B-12, however can you please recommend me any natural source for vitamin B-12.

    Thank you again vaidya ji


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