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Why Bathe in Winter? April 13: CELEBRATING Vaidya & SVA; Dr Teitelbaum’s Upcoming Book – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter Feb 21, 2019, #6, Vol 9

Unique Herbal Bath Pouches and Luxurious Hydrating Soaps – on SALE this week at 20% Off! Did you Know that Bathing Increases Ojas, Nourishes your Tissues, & Sharpens your Digestive Fire? Our morning showers or bedtime baths are a relaxing activity for us. Sure, hot water running down our back in the morning, or soaking […]

Why It’s Great to Bathe at the Seasonal Junctures

“Snan Ke Gun” or the ayurvedic attributes of bathing for Seasonal Health and Detox Detoxing at the seasonal junctures is highly recommended by Ayurveda. And we now understand why. Our body is not frozen in time or space, it is always interacting with the environment it is part of, and nowhere is this more visible than […]

Bathe to Detox!

The SVA tradition capitalizes on the importance of gentle daily detox through bathing. Vaidya Mishra’s ancestors – physicians to royalty – developed meticulous specific detox bathing protocols – always in line with the  ayurvedic shastras – but addressing the current ailments of their royal patients. These secrets have been passed down to Vaidya Mishra who […]

Autism & SVA Protocols; Images & News from Memorial Weekend & NAMA; Vaidya Mishra’s Newlsetter #17, May 3, 2018, Vol 8

Detox as your Relax with Vaidya's Bath Pouches; Moisturize with Shea Butter Herbalized Soaps – ON SALE THIS WEEK! Images from our Memorial Weekend Celebration April 13-15, 2018 If you missed attending NAMA, here is a synopsis of Dr. Teitelbaum’s talk Addressing the Autism Pandemic through SV Ayurveda by Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum On Saturday April […]

Why You should not Diet in Winter

If your new year’s resolution involved dieting, you might want to wait. The Winter season is NOT the best time to diet according to Ayurveda. Which means: if you do start a diet, the likelihood of losing weight is slim; and/or of discontinuing your diet and giving up on your new year’s resolutions is also […]

Cellulite Management Transdermally and from the Inside-Out: an SV Ayurveda Course – from Sutra to Science

I am very happy to announce my new cellulite course. An in-depth study of the why and the how to get rid of cellulite course with SVA understanding, tools, and formulations. You can join me and my team of SVA experts from anywhere in the world via live global streaming. Read the course description and the […]

Chronic Pain Management with SVA Protocols and SVA Herbal Synergies

Chronic pain is a modern pandemic – in the United States, we are looking at an estimated annual costs of management – including healthcare expenses, lost income, and lost productivity – of more than a $100 billion! Chronic pain interferes with our daily lives and happiness, hampering our productivity. The American Academy of Pain Medicine […]

Part 2 of “To PK or not to PK”

Do-it-yourself SVA PK: The 7-Tissue, 7-Week Home Detox Plan Two weeks ago, in our SVA Newsletter (June 24, 2016 No. 24, Vol. 6), I discussed the numerous pros and cons of panchakarma (PK) as traditionally practiced in India and nowadays in PK centers all over the world.  If you missed that issue, you can find […]

To PK or not to PK?! – Part 1 & Part 2

Do-it-yourself-SVA-PK: 7-Tissue 7 Week Detox Plan for SVA Home PK