Missed Detox? Take A Bath! – your SV Ayurveda Newsletter May 4, 2023 – #17, Vol 12

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Morning showers or bedtime baths are reinvigorating as well as relaxing activity for us. Sure: hot water running down our back in the morning, or soaking in an aromatic bath are very soothing and calming activities, but you probably did not know that they can be an even more powerful detox tool than ingesting any herbal supplement or detox protocol you will ever adopt. Bathing does so much more than relax your tired muscles or calm your mind. Specially when you use ayurvedic herbal pouches that have a targeted effect on your entire physiology. Hot water, steam, where herbs’ essences have been infused, have been therapeutically used since antiquity. 

The Roman baths were famous for their therapeutic properties, coupled with elaborate detox protocols. Elaborate bathing rituals and therapies to heal and beautify were also common in ancient Greece. In Japan, traditionally, bathing has been part of ritual purification and the pursuit of spiritual purity. Turkish baths or “hamams” were a core element of daily rituals, and were combined with elaborate massage protocols. 

But nowhere are the therapeutic health benefits of bathing better documented than in the texts of the ancient rishis of Ayurveda. The health benefits of bathing are elaborated – why to bathe, how to bathe, when to bathe, what materials to use in bathing, what temperature of water to be used for whom, even directions on when ‘not to bathe.’ Ayurveda talks about natural clay mixes for bathing and uses herbs and flower petals in the bath along with natural foaming and cleansing agents, like soap nuts (reetha). 100% natural cleansing materials are selected for their power to cleanse, nurture, soothe, and detox – ALL without any synthetic scents, colors, binders, or emulsifying agents.  

Vaidya Mishra’s SVA ancestors – physicians to the royalty of India – further enhanced these bathing protocols to address the ailments of their royal patients. These secrets were passed down to him and he had the opportunity to adapt them to our contemporary bodies laden with stress, unhealthy lifestyles and diet, as well as high EMF exposure. This is why, Vaidya made an extensive line of herbal products, specially soaps for the body, hands, and face along with specific bath pouches to detox and rejuvenate the physiology from the outside-in. These are not just meant as external beautifying or relaxing products. They are part of the general SVA transdermal daily detox protocol.  

Here is what Bhav Prakash, one of Vaidya Mishra’s ancestors, had to say about the health benefits of bathing:

Bathing is: deepanam – increases metabolic and digestive fires; vrishyam: increases seven tissues especially reproductive tissue, or shukra; ayushyam: increases longevity; snanamojo: bath increases ojas; balapradam: increases stamina; kandumala: (takes away) itching and malas, toxic waste of the skin; shrama: removes fatigue; sweda: cleans sweat; tandra: removes drowsiness; tridda: makes strong; daha: burning takes away; papmanutam: cleanses physically and vibrationally, i.e. takes away bad karma!

So now you know: you have NO REASON NOT TO BATHE!

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“As many know I have been a health practitioner and “health investigator” for decades. I’ve learned so much, been trained in so many healing modalities and therapies, and garnered so much knowledge of how the body/mind functions. But it wasn’t until I met Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra and he initiated me into his lineage of healing knowledge in 2008 that did I see really powerful and sometimes remarkable health changes in people. This 5000-year-old system of healing the body/mind/spirit never ceases to amaze and fascinate me, and I look forward to sharing more of this ancient science along with some other useful vibrational and frequency healing tips!”

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Spring Detox 2023

We continue our Spring Detox with great joy – many of our participants report losing weight they’ve been trying to address in the past; chronic headaches have also subsided; and overall feeling of lightness and well-being is experienced. It’s all in the details – Vaidya Mishra’s protocols have always been almost too simple, but with great attention to detail, and we are all re-visiting this precious knowledge, and enjoying eachother’s company as we release old patterns of eating and being. We practice Samadhi Marma together every week, and then dive into the knowledge. If you did not sign up for Spring detox this year, we wish you were here with us. But no worries, there will be many more Springs in the future – namaste!

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